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Last Updated on June 14, 2022

This page contains information on how to access the University of Florida, UF Canvas Login – login.ufl.edu.

UF Canvas Login

UF Canvas also called the UF eLearning system is an Open, intuitive cloud-based learning management system developed for the students of the University of Florida.

Using Canvas UF, you can create & manage profiles, view their current courses on the dashboard, import content from a previous semester’s Canvas course can submit peer-review assignments & many more in Canvas.

Canvas UF helps students finding the Course content and also helps to find links to video lectures, assignments quizzes discussions, and grades. You can join a meeting both through ufl.zoom.us and through your Canvas course in e-Learning.

How to Log Into UF Canvas

To log into UF canvas eLearning platform,

  1. Visit login.ufl.edu to access the login page of UF Canvas.
  2. This prompts you to log in with your username & password.
  3. Enter your GatorLink username.
  4. Enter your password.
  5. After logging into Canvas, you will be taken to your “User Dashboard,” where you can access the course(s) and/or project site(s) in which you are enrolled.
  6. You will find them listed under ‘Courses & Groups’ at the top of the screen.

Why don’t I see my course in e-Learning?

There could be a couple of reasons why you don’t see your course in e-Learning.

  • Have you checked the “All Courses” section of UF e-Learning? You can get there by clicking on “Courses” on the left and then going to “All Courses.
  • Your Instructor hasn’t released it yet. Your Instructor publishes the course when she/he is ready.
  • If there is a problem with your Registration. The Registrar will drop you from classes if you have issues that need to be dealt with, such as fees, vaccination certificates, etc.
  • It is also possible that there is not an online component for your course. Not all courses at the University of Florida use e-Learning.
  • To change your password go to account.it.ufl.educlick on “Change Your Password” and then log in with your GatorLink username and current password.

How to Log Into UF Zoom

UF Zoom is an easy-to-use video conferencing service available to all UF students, faculty, and staff that allows for meetings of up to 300 participants. Zoom is also available in UF Canvas for instructors to use in their courses.

To join zoom;

  1. Go to ufl.zoom.us/
  2. Click on “Sign In” to view your Zoom profile or;
  3. Click on “Host a Meeting” or “Join a Meeting” to start using Zoom.
  4. For first-time users, the web browser client will download automatically when you start or join your first Zoom meeting, and is also available for manual download by visiting ufl.zoom.us/download

Student Benefits of UF Canvas Instructure

  • Access courses from anywhere & anytime
  • UF Canvas learning makes it easy for students
  • A proactive approach to group work, sharing documents, and hosting discussions all within the LMS
  • Course Access and Grade Reporting
  • Modern education system
  • The calendar helps students stay organized, displaying assignments and due dates across all active courses.
  • Student ability to use UF Canvas instructure on a smartphone or tablet was a significant advantage.
  • View notification badges based on course updates and school announcements.

How to Access UF Canvas from your Mobile Device

Canvas is built on open web standards and uses minimal instances of Flash, so most features are supported on mobile devices.

To access uf canvas instructure on your mobile device

  • Download the Citrix Receiver from your device’s app store (Apple Store, Google Play).
  • Open the Citrix Receiver and tap “Set up my enterprise apps” or “Add Account” depending on your device type.
  • Use your Gatorlink credentials for the username and password fields.
  • If asked for a domain, enter “UFAD
  • That’s done, now you can access canvas dashboard with all futures.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t open Canvas UF or have any difficulties in logging into Canvas through UF, check the helpful FAQs below.

Is my course in e-Learning?

Your instructor will notify you if your course is available in e-Learning in Canvas. You can access your course directly through ufl.instructure.com, or you can log in from the e-Learning Page.

How do I change my display name in UF canvas?

UF Canvas uses the “Display Name” as you set in myUFL. The Display Name is what you want people to see in the UF Directory, such as “Ally” instead of “Allison.”

To update your display name, go to one.ufl.edu, click on the dropdown at the top right, and select “Directory Profile.” Click “Edit” on the right of the name panel, uncheck “Use my legal name” under “Display Name,” update how you wish your name to be displayed, and click “Submit” at the bottom.

This change may take up to 24 hours to appear in Canvas instructure.

What do I do if I encounter problems while taking a quiz?

If you have a problem while taking an Assessment, log out and log back in as quickly as possible. If the assessment is timed, the timer will continue to run while you are logged out.

If you still encounter difficulties, take a screenshot of the problem so the Help Desk can investigate and you will have proof of the problem for your Instructor. Call the UF Computing Help Desk (352-392-4357) immediately for UF Canvas support.

It is recommended that you take online assessments during UF Canvas Help Desk hours whenever possible.

Where do I go for help with using UF e-Learning?

If you don’t find the answer to your question in these FAQs, call the UF Computing Help Desk at 352-392-4357 anytime during UF Computing Help Desk hours, or email helpdesk@ufl.edu.

If you use UF email, write from your gatorlink@ufl.edu email address, or include your UFID and/or GatorLink username (NOT your password!) in the body of the email.

What if I drop/add a course?

Your UF Canvas courses will be automatically updated with the change, but it doesn’t happen instantaneously. It could take several hours to see the change.

How to view your grades

The Grades page in a course displays all current grades for all course assignments. You can also view scoring details, comments, and rubrics. If your instructor is using multiple grading periods, you can also filter grades by grading period.

If you have any courses that have concluded and are able to access their content, you can view those grades from any active course. You can also view concluded course grades from the Global Navigation Menu

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