UCT Mastercard Foundation Scholarships 2024 Application Form

Last Updated on June 12, 2023

UCT Mastercard Foundation Scholarships 2024

The Mastercard Foundation has partnered with the University of Cape Town (UCT) to oversee the implementation of financial, academic, social and post-graduation support to awarded candidates under the scholarship titled The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at the University of Cape Town. The vision of the Program is to transition promising young people from beneficiaries to benefactors, preparing them with the necessary values, knowledge, skills, and leadership to fuel economic and social progress across Africa. The Program targets academically qualified undergraduate and postgraduate candidates who are economically disadvantaged young people with leadership potential from Africa.

Aim and Benefits of Mastercard Foundation Scholarship Program

The Program will provide scholarships to academically talented young Africans to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate studies at UCT. Students enrolled on the Program will receive mentoring, leadership development, academic and life skills support. Academic support will include tutoring, language training, writing circles and guidance counseling.

Requirements for Mastercard Foundation Scholarship Program Qualification

 To be eligible for this scholarship, applicants must;

  • Be a citizen of an African country
  • Be willing to study in the Engineering and the Built Environment, Commerce, Health Sciences, Humanities, Law, or Sciences faculties at UCT
  • Be from an economically disadvantaged background, demonstrate financial need, and leadership potential
  • Applicants who intend to register for a second Masters postgraduate degree at the same level are ineligible to apply for this scholarship
  • Applicants who have previously registered for Masters postgraduate degree at any higher learning institution are ineligible to apply for this scholarship

Application Deadline: July 31, 2023

How to Apply

In order to apply for The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program, applicants must first apply to the University of  Cape  Town  for  academic  study  and  placement.  Only applicants, who have applied for academic study and placement to UCT, can submit an application for a Mastercard Foundation scholarship. The admission requirements for postgraduate study vary from one programme to another. Consult the faculty concerned directly in order to find out what is required for the course or degree that you want to take. Please refer to the 2024 Directions for Postgraduate Applicants and faculties for the relevant closing dates and information on courses at UCT, how to apply to the University, as well as support structures available for postgraduate students at the University.

Part 1

  • Step 1: Academic application
  • Step 2: Collate the necessary supporting documents to strengthen your academic application
  • Step 3: Apply online for academic study and placement

Part 2

  • Step 1: Visit the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at the University of Cape Town website
  • Step 2: Create a profile on the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program site
  • Step 3: Complete the eligibility quiz
  • Step 4: Complete the Mastercard Foundation Masters Scholarship application form
  • Step 5: Upload certified copies of identity document, passport or refugee papers, proof of address, current and previous post-secondary transcripts as well as proof for complete/current degree, curriculum vitae, essay, declaration and signatures and affidavit declaration
  • Step 6: Identify two recommenders

For more details, visit Mastercard Foundation website

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