Different Types of Nurses in South Africa and their Salaries

Last Updated on March 2, 2023

Types of Nurses in South Africa

There are different types of nurses in South Africa that specialize in a wide range of nursing fields. These nurses specialize in providing care and assistance to patients, and some of them also assist doctors and surgeons in surgical procedures, among other roles. If you are looking for information about the different types of nurses employed in South Africa, as well as the amount of money they earn annually (average salary), you have come to the right place.

Types of Nurses in South Africa

1. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CNRA)

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist Salary: r1,800,000

Anesthetist certified registered nurses earn the most money in the nursing field. Registered nurses with extensive training in anesthesia work closely with medical specialists to provide anesthesia-related therapies.

In order to properly prepare patients for surgical procedures, nurse anesthetists work closely with other medical experts, including surgeons, dentists, anesthesiologists, and other specialists.

2. Neonatal Nurse Practitioner

Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Salary: r1,250,000

There is a consistent high need for registered nurses with expertise in neonatal care. Care for newborns and infants up to the age of 28 days is included in the duties of this highly paid specialty.

Nurses that specialize in this area are trained to provide ill or preterm newborn infants in the NICU with oxygen, medicine, and several other NICU procedures.

3. Cardiac Nurse Practitioner

Cardiac Nurse Practitioner Salary: r1,140,000

Cardiac nurses are the type of nurse in South Africa that do in-depth cardiovascular examinations on patients suffering from heart-related conditions.

4. Orthopedic Nurse Practitioner

Orthopedic Nurse Practitioner Salary: r1,130,000

Patients who have injuries or conditions affecting their musculoskeletal systems can receive treatment from orthopedic nurse practitioners.

In conjunction with medical professionals, they provide patients with assistance in recuperating from surgery, rehabbing after suffering an injury, and regaining full mobility.

5. Oncology Nurse Practitioner

Oncology Nurse Practitioner Salary: r1,113,000

The oncology nurse collaborates with other medical professionals, including physicians and surgeons, to provide assistance to cancer patients undergoing treatment.

They give care, information, and support to the patients as well as the persons who are taking care of them while they are receiving treatment.

6. General Nurse Practitioner

General Nurse Practitioner Salary: r1,112,000

By providing their patients with fundamental preventative care, general nurse practitioners have the opportunity to develop long-lasting connections with their patients.

They often work in family practices; however, they are also able to work in adult practices, women’s health, pediatrics, and a variety of other healthcare settings, which makes this a highly adaptable area of expertise.

7. Family Nurse Practitioner

Family Nurse Practitioner Salary: r1,110,000

Family nurse practitioners are a type of registered nurses in South Africa who have received specialized education to work in clinical and family practice settings with patients of all ages, including children.

8. Clinical Nurse Specialist

Clinical Nurse Specialist Salary: r1,108,000

Clinical nursing specialists (CNS), who are also commonly known as intensive care unit (ICU) nurses, are required to be able to think clearly and act decisively even when they are under a lot of strain.

Clinical nurse specialists assess patients and provide diagnosis as well as treatment for a variety of conditions, including diseases, illnesses, and injuries.

9. Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Salary: r1,107,000

Nurses that specialize in this sector typically work in correctional institutions or mental health facilities, where they treat patients suffering from a wide range of psychiatric and mental health conditions.

They provide physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual support on a daily basis to their patients, which may significantly improve the quality of their lives.

Because it requires both the provision of medical care and the provision of counseling in order to soothe patients, this profession is not only financially profitable but also emotionally satisfying.

10. Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Salary: r1,105,000 per year

Pediatric nurses have the gratifying responsibility of treating children while also contributing in the progression and development of the patients they care for.

Pediatric nurses have the opportunity to find employment in a wide variety of settings, including schools, urgent care clinics, and critical care units.

Pediatric nurses need to be able to communicate clearly not just with the young kids they care for but also with the adults who care for them.

11. Nurse Midwife

Nurse Midwife Salary: r1,102,000

In spite of the widespread belief that women are the only ones who may work as midwife nurses, a significant number of males are considering entering this industry.

During the most formative years of their patients’ lives, certified nurse-midwives form a special connection with their patients that lasts a lifetime.

Midwives are there to support women as they go through the ups and downs of pregnancy, labor, and childbirth.

12. Pain Management Nurse

Pain Management Nurse Salary: r1,094,000

Pain Management Oncology units, hospice programs, and palliative care are all places that employ nurses in various capacities.

They lend a hand in establishing what is causing a patient’s discomfort and in offering care for the individual who is in pain. In addition to that, they offer the patient instruction about medications and the treatment of pain.

13. Nurse Researcher

Nurse Researcher Salary: r1,092,000

This role is open to registered nurses who have conducted research on a broad range of topics related to health, sickness, and healthcare.

Because they are able to conduct research and studies that help enhance the quality of care provided to patients and the results of treatment, nurse researchers are an essential component of the nursing profession.

14. Nurse Administrator

Nurse Administrator Salary: r1,090,000

Members of the management team who are in charge of nursing employees are typically called nurse administrators.

They provide assistance in the formulation of policies and procedures, the management of human resources, and the administration of budgets, in addition to assisting in the coordination of nurses and other departments.

15. Gerontological Nurse Practitioner (GNP)

Gerontological Nurse Practitioner Salary: r1,080,000

Those who have a great desire to assist the elderly can consider specializing in gerontological nursing.

Gerontological nurse practitioners, often known as GNPs, hold advanced degrees in geriatrics and are educated to aid in the care of patients who suffer from chronic or debilitating conditions.

GNPs, like other registered nurses, are required to have a holistic approach to nursing, with a primary concentration on developing a reassuring bedside manner for their older patients.

16. Nurse Educator

Nurse Educator Salary: r1,070,000

Within the context of the healthcare industry, nurse educators are accountable for the training of nursing practitioners through the utilization of training curricula that they have developed on their own.

In a clinical context, they are also responsible for providing supervision to newly licensed nurses as well as nursing students.

The many types of nurses that can be found in South Africa as well as the salaries they earn can be seen above.

It is important to note that the Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist is the nurse in South Africa that earns the highest salary, and the reason for this is because their job is quite difficult.

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