List of Tuition Free Universities in Australia 2022/2023

Last Updated on September 12, 2022

Are you planning to study abroad in Australia, and you are worried about the high cost of studying at Australian universities? It might interest you to go through this article as you will learn about some of the best tuition free universities in Australia. Read further for more details.

Tuition Free Universities in Australia

Australia is home to some of the world’s leading universities and this has made several students come to the country to enroll in either undergraduate or postgraduate courses. There are various free universities in Australia where education is sponsored by the government or individuals. The university is attracting students to come over and enroll in any course of their choice.

Australian universities have made it easier for international students to gain access to their institutions. When it comes to international scholarships, they are very liberal in offering heavy tuition fees and living money. For instance, universities located in metropolitan regions such as Queensland, and Western Australia also offers high-quality education for students from various parts of the world. We’ve compiled a list of the free universities in Australia.

Free Tuition Universities in Australia

1. Australian National University:

This is among the fastest-growing universities that offer free tuition fees for international students. There are numerous courses such as Management, Literature, Finance, Science, and many others. Australia National University gives a scholarship for both local and international students who want to get enroll in a course.

2. Charles Darwin University

This is one of the free universities in Australia that is fully equipped with basic facilities and other accommodations for international students. Most international students are looking for ways to study in this institution. The sad thing is there are limited spaces for students who want to gain admission, and this has made it highly competitive for international students.

3. University of Melbourne

It is shocking to know that every year; the University of Melbourne offers 150 tuition fee remission scholarships to students every year. The primary thing that is important is to be intelligent and perform well. The scholarship is being awarded by the Australian government. In addition to it, students who are being awarded scholarships are given money to take care of their living expenses.

4. Australian Catholic University

It was founded in the year 1991 and has gained massive recognition in terms of growth and expansion. There are seven campuses in Australia and other extra campuses globally. The University of Melbourne can also be found in Rome, Italy. It is among the few schools that have a campus in Rome. Currently, there are 32,000 undergraduates from over 160 countries. It is part of the free universities in Australia.

5. University of New England

This is one of the free universities in Australia, and it is situated in New South Wales. It has over 22,000 students who have enrolled in various subject areas. Students in the institution can benefit from the research grants that the institution offers. Some of the research grants the school offers enable students to gain access to different course materials.

6. Southern Cross University

This is an outstanding public university with more than 15,000 students. The students offer different courses on campuses such as Coffs, and Lismore. Ever since it was founded in the year 1994, it has grown into one of the Australian universities you can get free education.

7. Western Sydney University

This is one of the vast campuses in Australia. The various campuses are Black town, Banks town, and other thrilling locations. The institution has increased the student population which keeps going up every year. They have great lecturers who are versatile in different courses, and it is one of the free universities in Australia.

Why Study in the Tuition Free Universities in Australia?

Australia has over 40 Universities, most offer low tuition fees, and a few others offer Tuition-Free Programs. Also, you get to study in some of the most recognized Universities in the World, in a safe environment, and also earn Certificates that are widely accepted.

Australia is also popularly known for its high standard of living, excellent education system, and Top quality Universities.

Generally, Australia is a very safe and welcoming place to live and study, consistently ranking among the best study countries in the World.

Can you work while studying in the Tuition Free Universities in Australia?

Yes. International Students can work part-time while on a Student Visa.

International Students can work 40 hours every two weeks during the school period, and as much as they want during holidays.

Australia is a highly developed country with the World’s twelfth-largest economy. Also, Australia is the World’s tenth-highest per capita income. As a result, you also get to work in a high-income economy.

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