How To Transfer Vodafone Airtime 2022 Latest Update

Last Updated on June 3, 2022

Looking for a quick way to share Vodafone airtime with another Vodafone line? Do you have extra airtime to share with other Vodafone users? If so, we will share with you this important guide on how you can transfer Vodafone airtime to other Vodafone users. Stay with us.

How To Transfer Vodafone Airtime

Are you a Vodafone subscriber? Do you have extra airtime you want to share with another Vodafone line and don’t know how to go about it? Vodafone Network has provided an opportunity for its users to share credit, buy airtime, and transfer airtime from one user to another.

How To Transfer Vodafone Airtime

How to transfer credit from Vodafone to Vodafone

There are only 2 methods that can make you answer your question on how to transfer credit on Vodafone, which are using the Cedi value only or the Cedi & Pesewa value. Both ways deduct a small transaction fee and they are very simple to use. Keep in mind that you can only transfer credit from your Vodafone account to another prepaid customer of Vodafone. This means that if your friend, relative, or that recipient you want to transfer credit on is a prepaid customer of Vodafone your goal will be successful; follow the few steps below.

How to transfer credit to another phone using Cedi value

For you to succeed in your Vodafone mobile credit transfer, you need to have the recipient number, default password, and the transaction fee in your account. The transaction fee is 5Gp and you can only transfer a minimum of 20GHp and not more than GHc50.

  • The short code for transfer Vodafone credit is *516# and what you need is to enter the short code, the recipient number, the amount you want to send, the password, and lastly you send.
  • For instance, if your recipient number is 0225899922 and you want to transfer GHc40; you will enter Vodafone Ghana credit transfer code that is *516*0225899922*40*1234# then click send. It is that simple and it will definitely be successful if your account can cutter for the transaction fee.

Another important detail, you can change your default password. It is vital to secure your password because you are the only one with the right to access your phone account and decide when to transfer Vodafone credit to another phone. As told earlier, the default password is always 1234. How do you go about it? Well, you will need to enter a short code *117#, the default pin, your new pin, and repeat to confirm your new pin. For instance, if your new pin is 2500, then you will enter *117*1234*2500*2500#. You will have successfully changed your password.

How to transfer Vodafone credit using this value is very simple as long as you have the transaction fee, the recipient number, credit in new Ghana cedi, Credit in new Ghana pesewa, your password, and then click send.

For instance, if Vodafone credit transfer number is 0225899922 and you want to transfer 40Gp to him or her. How do you go about it? Well, follow the few steps and successfully accomplish your goal.

  1. Enter code to transfer Vodafone credit that is *516*0225899922*0*40*1234# and press “send.”
  2. Wait for an instant confirmation message of your credit transfer asking you to confirm or cancel your request. Press 1 if you are sure you want to transfer or press 2 if you did a mistake; maybe entering a wrong recipient number.
  3. If you confirm your request on Vodafone credit transfer, you will receive a message telling you that the transaction fee has been deducted and how much is your balance.

Continue enjoying Vodafone services like their bundle offer, credit transfer and if you get stuck at anytime, you just have to contact the Vodafone customer service. This is because they are always there to serve you.

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