TRA Vehicle Registration in Tanzania | How to Register My New Car

Last Updated on April 21, 2022

TRA Vehicle Registration in Tanzania

Sometimes information on how to register vehicles or get license plates is not readily accessible or available. So we decided to write an article about it. All vehicles must be registered before they are allowed to travel on the roads. It is very dangerous to drive a car that is not registered. It is against traffic rules and regulations in Tanzania and involves penalties.

TRA Vehicle Registration in Tanzania

Vehicle Registration in Tanzania is the legal way to connect you to the car you own. This is a process of allocating of a unique identification number to a particular motor vehicle. This applies to vehicles imported into and within Tanzania.

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By registering your vehicle with the department of motor vehicles or transportation agency, you have legal rights over that car, and you can drive it without violating the law. As a rule, the registration is an official document that you carry in the car while driving.

Registration procedure

The registration requires a person to be 18 years and above in order to be registered owner of a motor vehicle, and 14 years and above to be registered as motorcycle owner. Furthermore the registration is only for sound mind persons.

The following documents must be submitted to the TRA office:

  • Application for motor vehicle registration form (MV 10) properly filled by the applicant
  • Customs declaration: Tanzania Single Administrative Document (TANSAD) and release order
  • Bank Pay in Slip to prove duty paid.
  • A copy of your TIN certificate.
  • Cancellation certificate or registration card (used vehicles)
  • Interpol letter (if the vehicle is imported from a SADC member country)
  • Tax invoice (if vehicle is purchased from local car dealer)

Lost motor vehicle registration cards

Procedures to follow when you have lost your Motor vehicle registration Cards: –

1. To publish the loss Advertisement in a newspaper concerning the loss of motor vehicle Registration Card and mention the MV registration number and the place of lost.

2. Write a letter to the TRA Regional Manager to apply a duplicate Motor vehicle registration card.

3. You are required to fill a form MV 40 with the following attachments: –

 (i) Photocopy of the advertisement published in the newspaper

(ii) Police Loss report

(iii) Motor Vehicle inspection report

(iv) The true copy of identity cards, either Driving license, voter’s registration card, National ID, or Passport.

(v) Bring affidavit to verify the ownership of motor vehicle registration number

(vi) Motor vehicle is supposed to be brought to TRA office for verification by TRA officer

(vii) Recent Passport size photograph of the owner

(viii) Owner’s mobile phone number

(ix) Photocopy of the lost Motor Vehicle Card

(x) If TRA will not receive any objection after 30 days from the day it was advertised in a newspaper on the loss of motor vehicle registration Card, the owner will be informed and be required to pay TSH. 50,000 for the duplicate motor vehicle registration card.

Motor Vehicle Registration Fees

 Motor Vehicle First Registration tax based on Cubic capacity(cc)

Cubic Capacity (cc)Fee
501-1500 ccTshs  200,000/=
1501-2500 ccTshs  250,000/=
2501 and aboveTshs  300,000/=
Motor cycle Registration taxTshs  95.000/=
Personalized Registration NumberTshs  5,000,000/= for 3 years
Tax on Special Registration Number in addition to the registration taxTshs  500,000/=

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