The Top 5 Real Estate Asset Management Software Providers (Reviewed)

Last Updated on December 24, 2020

Are you looking for the best real estate asset management solutions? Having a real estate asset management software can help your business grow significantly.

Real estate asset management software enables residential and commercial investors, managers and owners to maximize the value of properties and the return on investment of the properties that make up their portfolios. These solutions include tools designed for key real estate investing functions including revenue forecasting, market research, and data analysis.

Real estate asset management software allows users to receive and maintain a complete and comprehensive view of their properties with the ultimate goal of improving the overall performance of a real estate portfolio and maximizing both property values and investment returns. Real estate asset managers use this software to more effectively reduce risk and liability, streamline market research and asset analysis, and reduce expenditures. Generally, real estate asset management software integrates easily with property management software.

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Real estate asset management software market has grown rapidly in recent years, with dozens of options to choose from, making it difficult to find the right solution for your business. To help you choose the best real estate asset management software solution for your business, we have researched and analyzed over 20 providers. Below is our pick of the Top 5 real estate asset management software providers.

The Top 5 Real Estate Asset Management Software Providers


ARCHIBUS Enterprise reduces complexity through native business intelligence. ARCHIBUS turns BIM, GIS and Mobile into powerhouses that accelerate understanding of your real estate portfolio, workspaces, and operations, and speeds business processes.

2. One by SMS Assist

SMS Assist is revolutionizing the property maintenance industry by delivering our fully managed business solution to our client locations throughout the United States.

3. Dealpath

Dealpath is the real estate industry’s leading cloud-based deal management platform. Investment and development firms leverage Dealpath as their command center for smart pipeline tracking, powerful deal analytics, and collaborative workflows. Founded in 2014, Dealpath now supports over $6 trillion in transactions globally with leading institutions across the world.

4. SARRA Software Suite

The SARRA software suite, from GES Technologies, facilitates the development of strategic maintenance and renovation costs of housing stock assets. With a unique and cutting-edge design, SARRA allows you to list and manage your assets. It also allows you to know and track the status of your real estate park.

5. Buildium

This is a software tool that is specially built for real estate business. Buildium automates the activities required in this enterprise. As such, you have more time to perform management on the ground. This software can perform accounting tasks such as keeping track of payments by vendors, provision of rent details and budget management.

Buildium can also provide you with financial reports every quarter. For real estate business, the software can manage bank accounts in a secure way and also accept rent payments. It can also track and present business and personal expenses on an easily legible dashboard. An interesting feature is that it accepts and records online payments as well. This software is available for free through a demo account.

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