Top 20 Call Center Companies in Brazil 2022 You Should Consider

Last Updated on April 10, 2022

If you are looking for the best call center companies in Brazil, you have come to the right place. This article highlights the top 20 call center companies in Brazil 2022 you should consider.

Top 20 Call Center Companies in Brazil

Are you thinking about what kind of career you will pursue? You may want to consider working in a call center. Call center companies in Brazil offer flexible working hours and often have remote work options.

Learning about the different telecommunications employers throughout the country can help you decide where you might want to work. In this article, we list the top 20 call center companies in Brazil, discuss where their headquarters are, look at their average sizes and explain some of their employee benefits.

The Top 20 Call Center Companies in Brazil 2022

Here’s a list of the top BPO Call Center Companies in Brazil;

1. Aidey

Aidey is a BPO company that offers flexible and cost-effective outsourcing solutions to businesses. They also assist their clients in managing their operations more efficiently.

Different brands use Aidey’s various services like customer service, technical service, customer success, and back-office functions.

2. Growth.Lat

Growth.Lat works with a variety of clients on a project-by-project basis. They teach and fill at least two partners about your demands after creating project criteria. Global tech businesses use Growth.Lat to hack their way into Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, and the rest of Latin America.

3. Conduent

With industry-leading capabilities in transaction processing, automation, analytics, and constituent experience, Conduent is the largest provider of various business process services globally.

The firm assists government and commercial clients in providing high-quality services to the people they serve. For a significant section of the US healthcare system, Conduent also oversees patient and insured relationships.

Neobpo is a company that combines CX, UX, and Design Thinking consultancy to provide solutions, technology, and BPO services. The organization assists its clients with digital transformation and the establishment of new service days, reinventing how consumers and businesses interact while also lowering expenses.

4. Neobpo

5. Central 24 Horas

Central 24 Horas believes that how a firm connects with the market is essential in determining its success. Central 24 Horas has assembled a portfolio that considers the best in the convergence of Information Technology and Communications to meet critical qualities such as speed, flexibility, integration capacity, and innovation (ICT).

In addition, they blend various hardware and software components to solve problems or develop new capabilities.

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6. JobHome

The goal of JobHome was to improve the quality of your client service. They use cloud technology to monitor our full-time operators, acquiring control of all actions taken in the service position and their surroundings.

JobHome operators can work from home anywhere in Brazil and save spending hours caught in traffic.

7. Comunix

Comunix is a modern corporation that focuses on agility, efficiency, and communication control to meet the demands of its customers, whether they are in businesses, offices, or homes.

8. i9 Contact Center

i9 Contact Center invests in human resources with extensive industry experience and assembles a strategic team to deliver effective services, partnerships, and business opportunities.

The company is set to break into the Call Center and Telemarketing markets with one-of-a-kind initiatives that share each firm’s investment risk while focusing on qualitative and quantitative outcomes.

9. Amaro Group

Amaro has been in business since 1999, providing practical solutions for developing projects that benefit its customers. With the Contact Center concept, the corporation hopes to integrate its relationship with the end consumer by leveraging many simultaneous and immediate communication channels.

Additionally, Amaro developed its training system for its personnel, guaranteeing that we make the most of every interaction and that our customers are delighted.

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10. BlueLab

BlueLab is a service automation firm that employs voice and chat bots. It provides comprehensive service to its customers, including robot persona development, installation, and technical support, as well as an ongoing knowledge base, IT infrastructure, and integrations, at no additional cost.

11. Bizpro Processos de Negócios

BizPRO comprises partners, directors, managers, employees, and business partners. All of them are interdependent at the same time. They form a group primarily concerned with joy, contentment, pride, pleasure, interest, taste for what we do, the results we produce, and our contribution to society.

12. GEP

GEP assists multinational corporations in being more efficient and effective, gaining a competitive advantage, increasing profitability, and increasing company and shareholder value. GEP develops and implements unified business solutions with unrivaled scale, strength, and efficiency.

13. TerNet Conectividade

TerNet is a software development company that also provides BPO services. They were founded in 2002 and serve the health sector. They have a decade of experience producing organizational web access alternatives such as Data Center, VOIP, VPN, Website Hosting Firewall, Email, Data Communication, and Dedicated IP.

TerNet’s team comprises professionals with diverse backgrounds in hospitals, clinics, laboratories, health insurance, and pharmacies.

14. Ubiminds

Ubiminds offers a white-glove solution that focuses on cultural fit and personnel expertise to help you deliver on your product vision while saving time and money. The client is at the center of our best practices because of this creative and intelligent approach.

15. CSG Inbound Communication

CSG has simplified business by providing cutting-edge customer experience solutions that assist organizations in attracting, monetizing, engaging, and retaining customers. CSG manages billions of crucial customer interactions every year across more than 120 countries.

Further, its award-winning software and services assist companies in dozens of industries in tackling their biggest business difficulties.

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16. Grupo Meta RH

Grupo Meta RH, formed in 1983, has been serving its clients for over 25 years. The firm preserves long-term and effective collaborations and contributes to its legacy of quality services, credibility, reputation, and partnerships.

17. Geosoft

Geosoft creates software that aids in the discovery of the Earth’s interior. The company specialized in research and earth sciences, providing services and technological solutions for desktop, server, and Online mediums.

18. Ayty Tech

Ayty is a group of IT professionals who have worked in call centers daily, know and understand the industry’s actual needs. The company focuses on the relationship market between businesses and consumers, with solutions applied in various industries.

19. Tempo Soluções BPO

Tempo Solutions BPO, situated in Rio de Janeiro, was founded in 2008 and had projects throughout Brazil. Information management specialists were the focus of the company’s services. They also track their clients’ data to streamline procedures, increase quality, and lower risk and costs.

20. V. Office

V.Office Networks and Telecommunications has been in business since 1996. They generate new concepts and assist the client in their deployment with the help of highly skilled specialists.

The company hires experienced and certified individuals and forms innovative partnerships to provide the market with the most powerful technology available.

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