Top 15 Best Civil Engineering Companies In The UK

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Last Updated on October 5, 2022

Top 15 Best Civil Engineering Companies In The UK

Civil engineering has become an interesting and crucial part of the society we live in today. With the world in the midst of a construction boom pioneered by major projects of civil engineering. The UK is in the midst of a construction boom that is supported by major civil engineering projects such as HS2. If you desire to work in one of the largest construction companies in UK, you have come to the right place as there are plenty of opportunities in various renowned engineering companies where you can pursue a career as a civil engineer in the UK.

 In this article, we shall look into the 15 best civil engineering companies in the UK. However, we shall briefly consider what civil engineering is, who is a civil engineer? Skills required becoming a civil engineer, and the responsibilities of civil engineers. Keep reading to unravel more information.

What is Civil Engineering?

Civil engineering is a professional career in engineering field that deals with the designing, constructing, and the maintenance of both physical and naturally developed environment, with public works such as roads, canals, airports, bridges, dams, pipelines, sewage and drainage systems, of railways and buildings.

Who is a Civil Engineer?

A civil engineer is an expert who practices civil engineering through the application of scientific knowledge to carry out specific tasks such as planning, designing, constructing, maintaining, and operating infrastructure while protecting the public and environmental health, including the remolding existing infrastructure and public services that may have been neglected with the aim of meeting human needs.

Skills required in becoming a Civil Engineer

Engineering happens to be one of the most exciting career paths for young persons. Aside being a highly technical industry with complex principles,  having complicated systems, and  demanding career in terms of skill and knowledge requirement which are key for success in this industry, engineering is still a highly sought after profession. Civil Engineers are expected to possess certain essential skills to be able to communicate and discuss ideas in a clear and comprehensive term with various audiences such as fellow engineers and scientists as well as ordinary people for easy comprehension. These skills may include the following:

Technical Skills

The knowledge of physics and mathematics is required by a good engineer especially when identifying and solving engineering problems. Civil engineers are trained to be skilled in techniques such as designing, drawing, modeling and working with maps. It also requires a more adequate knowledge in computer aided design software and also predicts possible problems or situations in the future and also be able to provide means of solving them.

Project Management

When work related issues arise, engineers are usually looked up to provide guidance and solution to rectify any issue that may have occurred. It is essential that the civil engineer step up to the task and coordinate a diverse team of professionals. Civil engineers see also in charge of overseeing and evaluating the work of others and confirming that is done according to the laid down laws, regulations and standard of their profession.

Critical Thinking

Oftentimes civil engineers are faced with complex problems of which they are required to proper efficient solution or way out. Since the profession encompasses and deal with problem solving and almost every task requires to be tackled with an analytical perspective or view. The solution provided however, must be precise to achieve all the requirements and at minimal risks during the process of construction. Civil engineer are also required to be sound and when making economical decisions.

Creativity and flexibility

Part of the essential skills that is required for an engineer to thrive in the field of engineering is creative and flexibility skills. Certain level of creativity is required when applying engineering principles in developing solutions in a built environment. While working with limitations such as consumer’s desires, laws of nature, and local statutes, civil engineers requires creative and flexibility skills to function effectively when creating elegant solutions.

Communication Skills

Communication is an effective means of expression and avoiding any form of confusion and vagueness. Due to the complex principles, complicated systems that are associated with the engineering industry, civil engineer should therefore be able to listen and take into account ideas from other people and also clearly discuss ideas and possible solutions when dealing with various audiences which include fellow engineers’ scientists and also clients as well.

Civil Engineer Responsibilities

The following are the responsibilities or jobs description for civil engineers:

  • Civil engineers are responsible for developing detailed designs.
  • They perform feasibility assessments and site inspections.
  • Civil engineers are also responsible for preparing and implementing project plans.
  • They carry out research and provide estimates for projects.
  • Reviewing government regulations and ordinances is also part of their job responsibility.
  • They oversee and optimize safety procedures, production processes, and regulatory compliance.
  • Civil engineers make recommendations and also present alternative solutions to problems.
  • Confidently liaising with clients and other professional subcontractors.
  • They also perform project management duties such as managing budgets, resources, and deadlines.

Basic Requirements for becoming a Civil Engineer

Before you get certified as a civil engineer you need to attain the following requirement which include:

  • Acquiring a Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering or related field, accredited by the Institution of Civil Engineers.
  • Get registered or licensed as a professional engineer.
  • A minimum of 5 years of industry knowledge may be strongly desired.
  • Get familiar with design software, such as Autodesk, AutoCAD Civil 3D, and MicroStation.
  • Have a thorough knowledge of map creation software and photo imaging software.
  • A firm analytical and critical thinking skill, with a high level of accuracy in calculations and design is required.
  • An efficient time management skill is also required to ensure project deadlines are met.
  • Leadership skills to effectively manage a diverse group of professionals working on one project.
  • Ability to coordinate more than one project at a time.

With that been said, let’s now dive into the list of the best civil engineering companies in UK.

Top 15 Best Civil Engineering Companies In UK

1. Andrew Scott Ltd

Andrew Scott Ltd which was established in 1872 is also one of the oldest and largest civil engineering companies in UK, which has slowly however consistently attained a respectable name in the civil engineering and construction market. Usually, they work for clients in both private and public sectors in the form of civil engineering projects. For the past 150 years, they are also are the forefront in developing the UK environment by carrying out innovative, high-quality, and sustainable projects.

2. Bowmer & Kirkland Ltd

One of the most successful private and largest construction companies established in UK is Bowmer & Kirkland Ltd. It is also a British civil engineering construction and safety service company. The company is an association between carpenter Alfred Bowmer and bricklayer Robert William Kirkland. This is one of the 15 best civil engineering companies in UK.

3. Devon Contractors Ltd

As a civil engineer, you probably should have heard of Devon Contractors Company. Devon has built a long-standing reputation for rendering high-value and top-notch buildings which is based on your time and strictly on budget. An exceptional feature of this company is that utilize local labor, subcontractors, and suppliers when possible which they believe assists the local economy thus providing jobs for them and helps reduce the impact of construction activities on the environment.

4. Dyer & Butler

If you desire to work as a site engineer, Dyer & Butler will definitely be a great choice of civil engineering companies to start a career in engineering profession. Usually, they offer apprenticeship and allow you to work on their site and also sponsor you to go to college which provides you the opportunity to lay hands on experience in civil engineering. The company is also one of the largest construction companies on the list of civil engineering consulting firms in UK. In addition, the company is skilled in a lot of areas, which includes Dyer & Butler Electrical, Airports, Buildings, Energy, Highways, Mechanical & Electrical, Public Realm, Rail, River & Marine, and Waste.

5. Farrans Construction

Farrans Construction is one of the biggest civil engineering companies and also one of the very few construction firms that come to mind if you’re looking for one of the civil engineering consultants in UK. They basically work on two strategic decisions which are construction and civil engineering. They have a long-standing reputation and a well-defined sense of social responsibility. Also they are sincere about the consequences of their activities and always ensure to maximize positive opportunities and minimize negative impacts.

6. Heron Bros. Ltd

Heron Bros Limited base on testimonies of many is one of the best in companies for civil engineering, which have a strong firm foundation in family ethics, integrity, quality, partnership, value for money, and an exceptional commitment in providing customers with desired satisfaction. It is a private and also one of the oldest civil engineering contractors in Ireland, which offers several civil engineering jobs like designing, construction, and real estate services across Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, Scotland, England, and Poland.

7. Kier Group plc

Kier Group is also one of the 15 best civil engineering companies in UK with good reputation for providing an exceptional quality of work. The company has worked hard in ensuring quality is a vital concern for all employees at all times by focusing on the quality of the finished product and also uphold quality principles in their pattern of working, their dealings with one another, and the way they deal with people outside their organization.

8. PJ Dyke Paving and Ground Works

This civil engineering contractor company in London concentrates majorly on driveways, landscaping, earthworks, as well as other small civil works. The teams which include experts and architects are responsible for executing all their works. With a track record also, of working with companies, schools, developers, and private clients with regular road works due to the fact that they are NRSWA accredited.

9. RJ McLeod

RJ McLeod is one of the private largest civil engineering and construction companies in Scotland, UK that has been in existence for the past 60 years. Over the years, their outstanding teamwork approach alongside their experience, expertise, and resources have made them to create a track record in civil engineering and construction infrastructure in Britain. However, they accept applications from all aspects of civil engineering and are always on the lookout for top-notch agents, engineers, general foremen, and surveyors.

10. Scott White and Hookins

This company which was founded in 1963 is one of the top 15 best civil engineering companies in UK. This is a limited liability company that provides a full range of specialized advisory services to both public and private sectors. Scott White and Hookins have offices in London, Bedford, Sutton, and Winchester. It has a well defined size and structure that allows it to provide personalized, consistent, and friendly services and at the same time capable to run large and complex projects.

11. Seymour Civil Engineering

The company has built a reputation for excellence and has attained awards in recognition of its work and service rendered. Due to its ability in offering a wide range of civil engineering and construction services which includes main drainage, clean water rehabilitation, wastewater rehabilitation, urban renewal projects, environmental improvement and historic restoration services, development and infrastructure, Ports, harbors and sea defense works, and other minor works inclusive. All of this amounts to its justification for being one of the largest construction companies in UK.

12. Stepnell

In the UK, Stepnell happens to be one of the largest established and mature companies which is well equipped with needed the resources and infrastructures that are essential to carry out larger and more difficult projects worth up to £30 million. It is also one of the construction companies that has an end-to-end project prove of life cycle experience. At Stepnell, ensuring that customer’s expectations are met is a top priority.

13. R H Irving Construction Ltd

R H Irving Construction Ltd is also one of the 15 best civil engineering companies in UK which basically specialize on civil engineering and has remained a trusted contractor and firm on a wide variety of UK construction projects. Some of Cumbria’s most important construction and engineering projects over the years have been executed by this company as well as large housing estates, urban renewal projects, expansion of national roads, cycle paths, construction projects, strengthen the bridges and stabilize the banks. More than 80 employees and contractors today work on projects in north of England and southwest Scotland from their headquarters in Long town.

14. Sir Robert McAlpine

This is one of the top best civil engineering companies in the UK. They offer jobs on design, planning, acquisition, project management, and programming. They also extend towards oil and gas, power generation, pharmaceutical, nuclear, defense, and water/mining industries.

15. The Clancy Group PLC

Clancy is one of the largest private construction companies in the UK that focuses on rail maintenance services. For over 60 years the company has worked hard to acquire a sustainable reputation of which their groups are treated for delivering quality values with respect to the amount of money you pay. Base on employees, the company is known to be perfect in encouraging balance work life. At Clancy, civil engineers work on a daily basis to provide, identify, develop, update, maintain and implement innovative solutions to meet the country’s infrastructure requirements.


Civil engineering is an interesting and a crucial profession in our society today of which UK has lots of opportunities to thrive in this field. You can never go wrong by casing a career in the UK as a civil engineer in one of the 15 best civil engineering companies in UK listed above. Hope the list considered in this article assist you in making the most suitable choice.

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