Top 100 Unique Boy Names With Meaning You Will Love

Last Updated on November 14, 2022

Unique Boy Names

Nobody wants a boring name. We all already know, Mathew, John, and Moses. While these are tried and true names, it is always more fun to find a unique baby boy name that shows how special your wonderful baby will be. But thinking about unique names for boys that also match your child’s personality and appearance can be a fine line to balance.

How do you know that the unique baby boy name you’ve come up with is actually unique? Even when parents find an uncommon boy name that they’re sure is totally original and that just feels right, they may soon discover that someone else in the family had the same genius idea (How could you, Sharon!). Every parent is looking for something a little bit different in their baby name search, but all have an incredibly big job. Baby names aren’t as easy as they sound.

Luckily, the Social Security Administration publishes annual lists of the most popular names each year dating back to the 1800s. Parents considering a boy name like Noah, Elijah, Mason, or Logan should know that their baby boy will be in good company, as those names are some of the top 10 most popular boy names. But the Social Security lists also tell us which baby boy names are uncommon. If you’re looking for original or unusual boy names — ones that will set your kid apart from the Jakes/Jacks/Bens in his class and keep things interesting, we’ve got you covered. This list of 100 unique baby boy names with meaning just might include the name you’ve been searching for.

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Unique Boy Names With Meaning

  1. Leo: Lion.
  2. Ace: Because your cool little boy is number one!
  3. Asher: Happy.
  4. Kit: Bearing Christ.
  5. Sullivan: Dark eyes.
  6. Kian: Ancient.
  7. Tucker: All heart, fabric pleater.
  8. Reed: Red-haired.
  9. Brody: Muddy place.
  10. Tristan: Bold, riot.
  11. Owen: Young warrior, noble.
  12. Ashish: Blessing from God.
  13. Ross: Headland, horse.
  14. Duke: The leader.
  15. Charlie: Free man.
  16. Romeo: Roman person.
  17. Maverick: Nonconformist.
  18. Gustavo: Royal staff.
  19. Beck: Brook, stream.
  20. Miles: Soldier.
  21. Trevor: Homestead, ambitious.
  22. Brett: From Britain.
  23. Maddox: Fortunate, mad.
  24. Archer: Bowman.
  25. Ravi: Sun. ☀
  26. Jett: Jet black, stone, airplane.
  27. Karl: Free man, strong man.
  28. Bruce: The willowlands.
  29. Hans: God is gracious.
  30. Jack: Healthy, strong, full of energy.
  31. Connor: Lover of wolves.
  32. Terrance: Heart. 💖
  33. Jamin: Son of the right hand.
  34. Maxwell: Max’s spring or stream.
  35. Abishek: Bathing to God, shower of milk.
  36. Oscar: Friend of deer.
  37. Griffin: Strong lord, mythical creature.
  38. West: Western stream.
  39. Marlon: Little warlike one.
  40. Wyatt: Brave at war.
  41. Casimir: Bringer of peace.
  42. Arlo: Fortified hill.
  43. Gian: God is gracious.
  44. Iggy: Fiery. 🔥
  45. Selma: Beautiful view.
  46. Banks: Lives by the riverbank.
  47. Zaire: River that swallows all rivers.
  48. Elio: Sun.
  49. Branch: Paw, extension, path.
  50. Evander: Strong man.
  51. Bridger: Lives near a bridge.
  52. Colter: One who looks after horses.
  53. Amiri: Princely, east wind.
  54. Khai: Royalty.
  55. Jiraiya: Young thunder.
  56. Palmer: He who holds the palm.
  57. Onyx: Black gemstone.
  58. Harrison: Son of Harry.
  59. Cillian: Bright-headed.
  60. Wylder: Untamed.
  61. Lennox: With many elm trees.
  62. Kiley: Curved, boomerang.
  63. Lance: Servant.
  64. Jonas: Dove. 🕊️
  65. Koen: Brave, bold.
  66. Ozzy: Divine power, deer lover, champion warrior.
  67. Eliam: People of God.
  68. Loyal: Enough said!
  69. Camilo: Priest-helper.
  70. Bear: Just plain cool.
  71. Edmar: Wealthy sea.
  72. Montana: Mountain.
  73. Niko: Victory of the people.
  74. Zane: God is gracious.
  75. Curtis: Polite, courteous.
  76. Zephyr: West wind.
  77. Jonah: Dove, pigeon.
  78. Jay: Win, victory. 🏆
  79. Micah: Who is like God.
  80. Emilio: Rival, trying to excel.
  81. Quinn: Counsel.
  82. Rex: King.
  83. Ajani: The victor.
  84. Grayson: Son of the gray one.
  85. Jameson: Son of James.
  86. Sherlock: Bright hair.
  87. Cash: Like the legendary singer, Johnny Cash.
  88. Luca: Light, sacred wood.
  89. Everett: Brave, strong boar. 🐗
  90. Ethan: Strong and firm.
  91. Landon: Long hill.
  92. Mitchell: Who is like God.
  93. Nowell: Christmas, birth.
  94. Augustine: To increase.
  95. Reece: Enthusiasm.
  96. Jake: Supplanter.
  97. Tashi: Good fortune, auspicious.
  98. Devin: Fawn, poet.
  99. Jackson: Son of Jack.
  100. Zubin: Something that touches the sky.

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