Top 10 Recruitment Agencies in Johannesburg 2022

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This article contains information on the top 10 recruitment agencies in Johannesburg 2022.

Top 10 Recruitment Agencies in Johannesburg

Thinking of hiring? Then you know that you need a recruitment agency. Finding a recruitment agency is a critical step in hiring, but knowing the right agency is even more critical. In this case, you need to know how to find the best recruitment agencies in Johannesburg.

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We all know that recruitment can be a drag. You have to think about the ideal candidate for the role you’re hiring, write a job description, find a good job site to put up the job ad, monitor the ad, accept CVs, vet the CV to choose the best candidates out of thousands, invite them for an interview; which can go on for days and continue if you don’t find the right candidates. 

The recruitment process can be tiring, especially if you have your hands full with a company to run or don’t have the time to do all these things to get an employee that fits the role you are hiring for. And since you are really busy how you are supposed to hire someone now?  Easy, get a recruitment agency to do it for you.

Top 10 Recruitment Agencies in Johannesburg

  1. MyJobMag
  2. Kontak
  3. Measured Ability South Africa (MASA)
  4. Greys Recruitment Agency
  5. IOS Africa
  6. Workforce Staffing
  7. Fempower Personnel
  8. Armstrong Appointments
  9. Emporium Human Capital
  10. Sheli Placements


MyJobMag is a company with a vision to connect great candidates to great companies and aims “to solve fundamental employment challenge in Africa which cuts across employer-employee quality and discovery”.

Six years + solid experience in the recruitment and hiring industry, currently serving 10,000 + employers, MyJobMag offers outstanding recruitment and outsourcing services and provides helpful resources for employers.

We diligently handle your company’s recruitment process from advertising your job on our platform which has thousands of candidates logging into it every day, to actually providing you with the best candidates fit to work in every imaginable job sector. Yes, we do know where all the talent is.

2. Kontak

For employers, Kontak finds the right fit for your job, and assists with the full recruitment process, and placement of personnel on all career levels.

This recruitment agency takes off the stress of recruitment from you, by offering excellent handling of job specification writing, advertising, and response handling through to offer and acceptance of employment stage inclusive of an after placement service with a three-month guarantee.

Kontak also performs a background screening of candidates, so that you can rest assured that you are getting the best and purest form of talent from various career levels to work in your company. They are one of the safest recruitment agencies in Johannesburg you can use.

3. Measured Ability South Africa

Being of the best recruitment agencies in Johannesburg, Measured Ability South Africa (MASA) recruitment agency specialises in a number of services which immensely benefits employers both in South Africa and internationally.

A few of these services include blue-collar recruitment, labour outsourcing, temporary employment services, international recruitment, and a whole lot of other services guaranteed to make your jaw drop by the time you check out their website.

One impressive thing, amidst others to note about MASA is that it has other recruitment agencies under it like Greys Recruitment, Independent Offshore Services, Johnsons Cleaning, etc to offer specialised services like cleaning, white collar/ blue collar/ temporary and permanent recruitment services, hospital services provider, which makes up its branches to serve various types of recruiters by helping them employ specific type of workers.

4. Greys Recruitment Agency

A division of Measured Ability South Africa, Grey Recruitment is a White-collar Temporary and Permanent Recruitment Agency.

Being a subsidiary of MASA, Greys Recruitment upholds the same values and practices as its parent company and solves your business challenges, by sourcing the best people with the right mix of skills, experience and attitude.

Greys Recruitment Agency specialises in offering recruitment services in various industries like accounting, banking, catering, communication, environmental,  health care, IT, human resources, insurance, legal, marketing, pharmaceutical, etc.

5. IOS Africa

IOS (Independent Offshore Services) Africa is another recruitment division of Measured Ability South Africa. Although, IOS is an international recruitment agency for the oil and gas, engineering and mining industries in Africa and the Middle East.

The recruitment services offered by IOS is only restricted to the industries mentioned above, so if you wish to employ the services of an expert to hire candidates in this sector, IOS is a great choice.

6. Workforce Staffing

Workforce Staffing speeds up recruitment for you, by simply providing you with a list of industries you wish to hire from, making it easier for you to find and hire professionals from those industries.

They have people in industries like Aviation, Print Media, Waste Management, Office Support, Power, Oil, and Gas, and they are ready to provide you with the best of these people upon request.

7. Fempower Personnel

Talent shortage is a huge problem faced by recruiters and the companies they hire for as well.

However, this won’t affect you if you use a recruitment agency like Fempower Personnel which knows how to pick out and manage the best talents in various industries, who are rich in human capital from the long list of job applicants.

Note that Fempower Personnel is a subsidiary of Workforce Staffing and as such it upholds the hiring principles and processes of its parent company.

Note: Check out Fempower Personnel’s recruitment website in the above link.

8. Armstrong Appointments

Looking to hire top talented developers, project managers, programmers or any other type of IT and Digital professional? Then you should use Armstrong Appointments, which specialises in recruiting the best of such personnel for your company.

In addition to hiring specifically professionals in the IT industry, they also hire candidates in various industries as well.

9. Emporium Human Capital

EHC provides sustainable, flexible and cost-effective hiring solutions to companies of every size and in from any industry.

EHC consultants have years of experience, and when they handle your recruitment process, you can be sure that you’re getting productive employees who are rich in human capital, positive attitude, can nicely blend in with your existing workers, and adapt to the company’s culture.

10. Sheli Placements

Sheli Placements offers fast, affordable and stress-free recruitment services and assists you in the hiring of medium to high-level candidates.

They are also one of the safest recruitment agencies you could ever use, as they perform background checks on candidates before hiring them for your company.

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