Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Ghana 2023

Last Updated on February 3, 2023

Looking for the highest paying jobs in Ghana? You’re in the right place. Knowing the current high paying jobs in Ghana can help motivate you to work hard, sacrifice, and exercise, as well as guide your career path.

Highest Paying Jobs in Ghana

While most high paying jobs in Ghana might seem out of reach, it pays to learn everything you need to know about them. By knowing about these jobs, you will be able to prepare yourself to meet the minimum requirements needed to land any one of them.

That said, here are the top 10 highest paying jobs in Ghana in 2023.

Highest Paying Jobs in Ghana

Shipping Supervisor

Are you ready to make money in the shortest time in you life, Here is this work that could make you rich within a seconds. Employment in this part of working has decreased due to the global pandemic we are in now. Shipping requires people to oversee transactions that are going on and are paid well because of their maintenance schedules, they know when ships leave the ports and arrives to the port for delivery of items to their customers. Workers in this sector are paid almost an amount of GHC 108000 every year.

Account Manager

Account managers are ones who bring on board customers to a particular company guide to as how to go about things and take care of whatever customers come to do in the company. A company without an account manager isn’t a complete entity. They are paid additional money which serves as an encouragement of developing good business relationships with their customers. Account managers are paid amount of GHC 73000 yearly.

Project Manager

This has being one of the greatest money sector in a life of an individual. They plan on how to design working ethics to keep the company moving. The moment ideas are brought up by the project managers, it is passed to the operations manager to take into consideration and work on it to keep the copy moving in the interest of every one. Ghanaian project managers stand the pay of amount of GHC 70000.

Teaching Professors

A lot of people think teaching is spell casted on an individual not knowing it is one of the most paid occupations in Ghana. Its true and known to every individual the teaching in the tertiary levels is more appreciative than at the basic levels. Some subject tutors for example English toturs are paid an amount of GHC 60000. Being a bad teacher isn’t bad but just that you have to put your all into it to bring out the good in our children.

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Operations Manager

They are people the make sure that manufacturing of goods on well and services are offered to enhance the smooth movement of the company. Operation managers see to male sure there is high efficiency rate in the production of goods and services that are assigned to them. They are paid an amount of about GHC 48000.

Medical Doctors

Being a citizen of Ghana it is known to be that being a doctor earns one more money and respect. Taking into consideration their training period from 6 to 7 years, doctors really have to be paid such an amount.  It is said the wealth is health so we need to appreciate our doctors. Doctors in the health sectors for a longer period of time are paid close to an amount of GHC 5000 every year.


Among the works known worldwide, engineering has become one the most respected jobs ever know in the universe. An example of engineering is the petroleum engineering jobs in Ghana. Which is well known to be a better paid job? They are monthly in the ranges of GHC 5000 above. Engineering is in so many ways, examples are Mechanical, Aerospace, and Electrical/Electronic which are also another highest paid work ever known to be in existence.

Business Analyst

Business analysts a bigger work that should be a high paid work. They are said to be intermediators between companies and the shareholders of the company. They creates analysis and presents to stakeholders. They also create detailed business analysis and provide outlining problems of the company and solutions for for the dorm as well. They are paid an amount for about GHC 24000.

IT Consultants

IT consultants are important in today’s world which is internet savvy. So brands need the services of an IT consultant in order to have a good internet presence. Most times you would require a bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, or IT certifications.

IT experts earn more from not only working with their skills, but they also consult for various brands in relation to the IT world, they could also earn from teaching others who have an interest in learning IT-related content.

With artificial intelligence becoming the new thing, many IT consultants also work on AI recruiting softwares that are in big demand nowadays.

Media Personalities

Media personalities enjoy a wonderful career either on-screen or on-air. What this means is on-screen media personalities are those you can see from your television, while the on-air media personalities (OAPs) are those that work with radio stations.

Because they are involved in giving information to people, over time they become very popular amongst people. This is good for them as it makes them also be considered for endorsement deals.

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