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Last Updated on November 8, 2022

TNMC Online Registration

Ready to register Nursing License in Tanzania? Tanzania Nursing and Midwifery Council is a professional regulatory authority established under the Nursing and Midwifery Act, 2010 to ensure that services provided by nurses and midwives in Tanzania are of acceptable standard and safe to their clients. Only those with the right conduct and qualifications can practice as a nurse or midwife.


  • We ensure that Register and Roll of nurses and midwives are kept, maintained and updated in prescribed manner.
  • We prescribe standards of proficiency necessary to be admitted to different parts of the Register or Roll.
  • We issue, renew, replace and cancel nursing and midwifery practicing licenses
  • We develop, conduct, and regulate nursing and midwifery licensing examinations
  • We grant licenses for establishing private nursing and midwifery services
  • We set standards of nursing and midwifery training and education and evaluate quality of education.
  • We conduct disciplinary proceedings for malpractice, negligence or professional misconduct to licensed nurses and midwife and take disciplinary decision.


Nurses and Midwives who have graduated from a recognized institution with a certificate, diploma or degree in nursing and midwifery are required to sit and pass a licensing examination conducted by TNMC.


This application is for Nurses and Midwives Students who need to apply for indexing.

We regulated nursing education and training through verification of the admitted students in the Nursing and Midwifery schools/program to ensure their eligibility to enter the professional

We also aiming to maintain quality and standards of training by keeping database of students pursuing Nursing and Midwifery training at all level from certificate to PhD levels in the approved and recognized training institutions

Through indexing we provide data on the students enrollments in the training institutions/program and able to forecasting for both training and professional needs within and outside Tanzania

The indexing details are to track your progress during and after training and determine your eligibility to sit the Council’s licensure examination.

TNMC will not recognize any students in the study who has not registered in the preliminary stage and will not be able to sit for the licensure examination or practice

It is essential for planning, distribution, allocation of examination number and centers for licensure examination to the eligible candidates.


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