Top 10 Study Abroad Agencies In Nigeria And Contact Information

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Last Updated on July 19, 2021

Study Abroad Agencies in Nigeria – Are you a Nigerian student hoping to take your higher studies to the next level by studying abroad? Would you would need assistance with admission application, study visa processing or scholarship application? Is your answer affirmative, then this review of the Top 10 Study Abroad Agencies In Nigeria will guide you through.

Their numerous services include but not limited to SAT, IELTS or TOEFL preparatory classes, GMAT training classes, study visa and admission processing, resident permit processing, scholarships application, mentoring and lots more.

Study Abroad Agencies In Nigeria

Study Abroad Agencies In Nigeria

These agencies have a reputation of guiding and being there for their student clients from start to finish. Most of them have a direct link with international universities to be recruiting students for them yearly. They can even help you source for accommodation ahead of time before you leave for studies.

The reviewed organizations have alumni of many international schools as their founders and they have been in operation for many years. This conveys a message of expertise with experience.

Top 10 Study Abroad Agencies in Nigeria and their Contacts

IMPORTANT! Please we are not trying to tell you it is 100% convenient for you to do business with any of the study abroad consultants we are about reviewing; do your own homework and determine which one best suits your financial status and proximity to dwelling place. Find out which of them offers the service(s) you need.

1. Avail International Consult

This is undoubtedly one of the best education consultants in Nigeria. They can help you process admission into universities in various countries, like United Kingdom. They do handle other countries too, but they major in UK admission.

They can help you out irrespective of the type of school you are interested in the UK, be it college, university or boarding school. They will help to find the right school for you and also help you with the admission process. You can link up with them at

2. Emion Placement Resources Limited

If you are seeking for admission into foreign universities located in countries like Russia, Finland, Sweden, India, Cyprus, Netherlands, UK, Malaysia and so on, you can hook up with this outlet and they will help you with the processing.

They will take the burden on their shoulders and you will never have to worry about the registration process. One thing that sets them apart is their credibility. You will not have to pay through the nose for their services. You can get more information about them on

3. Diptot International Consult

You will never regret dealing with this outlet. They provide some of the most reliable and professional education consultancy services in Nigeria. They can help students seeking admission into several foreign universities.

Nigerians seeking admission into universities in countries like Russia, Ukraine, Finland, Germany and Canada can link up with them to benefit from their professional touch. You can visit them at for more details about their services.

4. Morgan Consultancy Services

Anyone seeking admission into universities in Canada can link up with this organization. This is their major area. They are experts when it comes to processing Canada-related university admissions.

They have professionals in their employment that are experts in this area. These professionals have been handling Canada-related admission processes for years and they have become real experts in this area.

You can hook up with them today if you are seeking admission into any university in Canada. Their website is at Check the website for more information.

5. Mainbrain International Global Education

If you are looking for an outlet to cast your foreign admission worries on, this is the perfect outlet to consider. They can help you with all the processes involved in the admission registration and processing. They provide airport pick up services, air ticketing services, visa procurement, and admission processing. They are very available to help you secure admission into a host of foreign universities in countries like United Kingdom, Russia, Ukraine, Cyprus, Canada, Belgium and so on. Their website is at

6. Imperial Educational Services

This is yet another highly reliable education services outlet in Nigeria. They can help you secure admission into various foreign universities in countries like Ukraine, China, Hungary, Georgia, Dubai, Lithuania, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Cyprus and lots more.

Just link up with them today and they will help get the whole processing done. They can help you handle all aspects of the admission processing. You can rely on them for airport pick up, ticketing, travel, visa support, admission processing, application documentation and so on.  Their website is at

7.  Student Travel International

The company arose from Student Travel Centre and it has proved itself to be among the best.  They are in partnership with a host of foreign universities in countries like Canada, UK, Ireland, Malaysia, South Africa, United States and Dubai.

You can get further information about them on their website at They have been in this industry for a very long time now and they have proved to be among the most reliable educational agencies around. You will not regret dealing with them.

8. E-Global International Education

This is also a leading education service provider in Nigeria. They have been providing assistance to Nigerian students seeking admission into foreign universities for some years now. Presently, they are in partnership with up to 150 universities.

They have link with universities in countries like Canada, Australia, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, UK, New Zealand, Singapore and Spain. You can visit their website at to learn more about them and their services. Reliability is their watchword and you will never regret dealing with them.

9. Chelis Education Consult

This firm is based in Lagos State and they are among the leaders in foreign education services. They are partners with universities in a number of countries, like United States, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, and United Kingdom.

They offer highly affordable education consultancy services and they are ever attentive to details. They never delay with what needs to be done at any time. You can visit their website at to learn more about them and their various education consultancy services.

10. Bowell Educational Services Limited

This is another top class education consultancy services provider in Nigeria. They have been around for quite a while and are reliable service provider. The company is located at Ilupeju, Lagos State.

They can help process admission into various foreign universities in countries like United States, Georgia, Russia, Malaysia, Cyprus, China, Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania, Canada, Ukraine, Singapore, UK and Moldova. Their website is at

Hope you found this information on Study Abroad Agencies in Nigeria interesting and useful. If you have comments, questions or just want to discuss, do not hesitate to leave a comment.

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