How to Apply for Stanford University Scholarships in 2021 for International Students

Last Updated on January 10, 2021

Are you looking to apply for Stanford University Scholarships in 2021 for international students? If so, then, you would need to know about the processes involved in applying for scholarships. This article aims to provide a candid response to how you can apply for Stanford University Scholarships in 2021 for your study abroad.

Studying abroad is undoubtedly a great way to develop additional social, academic and language skills, while adding unparalleled depth to your university experience. Study overseas can improve your university years as well as ultimately give you a competitive edge when it comes to your job search as recruiters are looking for those who have actively used various ways to expand their experience.

While it is true that some students would prefer to apply for scholarships to study abroad at California Institute of Technology. Studying at Stanford University offers a variety of unforgettable experiences.

Founded in 1885, Stanford University is a world-renowned, private research university that aims to promote research, student-faculty interaction, interdisciplinary work, and academic excellence.

Stanford University has gained its prestige when Silicon Valley started to boom. When all the technological giants such as Facebook, Apple, Yahoo, Google, and IBM started to form in the Silicon Valley, Stanford University was benefited because of its close proximity to that location.

The graduates from Stanford started to join these big companies or became entrepreneurs to make a fortune. Also, these tech companies donated huge sums of money to Stanford University, enabling it to become one of the well-funded universities in the world.

Stanford offers great value and helps students who need financial aid. Stanford recently placed in the top five for U.S. News and World Report’s latest list of the Top Value Colleges — a ranking that combines schools’ affordability and education quality.

Applying for Stanford University Scholarships for International Students

The Stanford University recognizes student excellence, diversity, and achievement through an array of scholarship opportunities. These scholarships have been developed with international students in mind.

Stanford University offers scholarships for undergraduate students. The two types of Stanford University scholarships for undergraduate students are athletic scholarships and need-based scholarships. The maximum amount is fully-funded which means that they will cover tuition, room, and board for you to attend Stanford University.

If you are excellent at a sport, you can apply for Stanford University athletic scholarships. Stanford Athletics states that the university has 36 varsity sports that students can participate in. There are approximately 900 students who play varsity sports in Stanford and approximately 300 athletic scholarships are available for students.

Stanford offers only need-based aid and not merit-based aid. Need-based aid is determined solely on the financial circumstances of the applicant’s family, and merit-based aid is determined by the applicant’s academic strength.

Also, International Stanford Scholarships Page states that international students are eligible to receive need-based financial aid. However, the need-based aid is limited, so international students would be competing for limited funds.

You need to fill out several documents to be eligible Stanford University Scholarships for international students. First, you need to fill out the Common Application to apply for admissions. Stanford University requires supplementary essays to apply. You can view the questions here.

Second, you need to fill out the financial aid documents for financial aid. You need to fill out the CSS Profile and ISCOF. Also, to see these required documents for international students, visit International Students’ International Required Documents Page.

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