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Sportpesa Login

Looking for how to login Sportpesa Account? This article is for you. In this article you will learn how to not only login Sportpesa account but also learn how to do Sportpesa online registration, placing Sportpesa multibet using sportpesa app, and Sportpesa games today among other tips.

What is SportPesa?

SportsPesa is one of the leading betting website.  As they say, it enables you to “Get in the Game” by placing a bet on any match-up.

And centrally to what many people think, you can place bets even on cricket, rugby, basketball, and tennis- played anywhere around the globe.

Of course, for many people, football betting is the real deal.

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Services Offered by SportsPesa

Sportpesa get in the game has plenty of betting and support services for gamers/ betting enthusiasts.

Here is a roundup of everything you can get from the website:

Live Game Betting

Here you get a chance to place a bet for a live match. You will access a list of live games, choose the one that interests you and get down to betting.Services Offered by SportsPesa.

Sometimes you can have tens of simultaneous live matches so you are not short of opportunities.


According to SportsPesa, in JengaBet you get a chance of betting on a number of options to boost your chances of winning.In JengaBet, you can bet on choices such as:

  • Who will scoreSportspesa JengaBet
  • Who will get red/yellow carded
  • The number of corners
  • The number of booking points
  • And whether both the teams will score
  • The number of team goals
  • By how many goals will a team win
  • What else could happen to a team
  • What will be the final score
  • Who wins
  • Which player scores first
  • How will a certain player score

I like to call it a freestyle bet because you can customize your bet simply by making multiple predictions.

For example, in an upcoming game between Everton and Swansea, you can forecast that Everton will win, both teams will score, there will be over 2.5 goals scored, and that Wayne Rooney will score first in the match.


Here you play the normal jackpot or the Mega jackpot.

The sportpesa jackpot amount varies amount week on week but typically, the ordinary jackpot tend to be anything between tens to hundreds of millions.

As of now, the usual jackpot has 13 matches while the mega sportpesa kenya login jackpot has 17 games. jackpot or the Mega jackpot.

The Mega Jackpot winner prize money starts at Kshs 100,000,000 and it keeps increasing each week until a winner emerges.Sportspesa jackpotBoth jackpots are played only on weekends when there are many matches around the World.

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Live Scores

This is simple screen which keeps an update of real time scores of ongoing matches.

You can also get a detailed description of important events as they happen during a match.Sportpesa Live Scores.


If you want to become a serial winner, you must know how to analyses available statistics.

SportPesa strives to avail indepth statistical information on almost all past games on each of the sports they cover- tennis, cricket, rugby, soccer, and basketball.

This data is available sportpesa login Kenya statistics portal.SportPesa game Statistics.


Whether you are on the main website or the sportpesa login mobile, you will access the final results for all matches easily form the results portal.

And I mean all the results- sometimes in their hundreds.

So you don’t have to scramble looking for newspapers or Google to get the final scores. Your sportpesa login statistics will hook you up with a detailed compilation of the final results.


This is one of the most crucial semi-portals on the website. You get up to date news on what’s happening around the sports scene.

You see it’s easier to place a sure bet if you are familiar with trends and the form of the various teams in the most recent competitions , injuries, odds, and such information.

All that information comes to you conveniently from the News portal on News.

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SportsPesa App

An easier way to bet and analyze stuff on sportsPesa is by downloading and installing the App.

The sportpesa app has everything about what you need to play and requires Android 4.1.1 or higher.

It’s very secure not to mention that it consumes very minimal bundles compared to when you are playing from the main website.SportsPesa App.

Types of Bets

On, you can place different types of bets.

Single bet

The title says it clearly. You will be placing predictions for 1 game.

Multi bet

In this case, you will place bets for several games. SportPesa jackpots are great examples of a sportpesa multibet.

Live bet

As I had mentioned, here you bet in real time. That is as the game progresses.

Jenga Bet

We had also seen this one. You have a plethora of options to pick from.


Obviously, this is a multibet worth tens and/or hundreds of millions.

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Sportpesa Registration

Let’s now look at how to register Sportpesa.

You can opt for Sportpesa online registration or follow the SMS method. Another option is the SportPesa App.

Registering From the Sportpesa Website

Step 1: Visit the website here and you will be taken to this screen where you’ll click at login on the left bottom side of the screen.Sportpesa Registration.

Step 2: This takes you hereSportpesa Registration through the website enter your mobile phone number then create a password and re-enter it to confirm. Also, check the box next to the terms and conditions to agree.

Then click get registration code.

Remember you will soon receive a registration code from SportPesa via SMS.

Step 4: Verify your registration

Check your phone for an SMS then go back to the computer and enter the code in the following screen.Verify your registration.

Then click complete.

You should get this final confirmation Complete your registration.

Step 5: Check out for an SMS from 79079 welcoming you to SportPesa, your username (phone number), and the secret PIN.

Registering For Sportpesa from Your Smartphone

  1. Visit and ensure you go through the T & C (terms and conditions).
  2. Proceed with the above steps from the phone browser. Otherwise, if you want to save your bundles close your mobile browser and move to step 3.
  3. Compose a new SMS with the word ACCEPT and send it to SportPesa’s SMS number 79079 confirming that you fully agree with the terms.
  4. Shortly thereafter, you should receive a new SMS from SportPesa- this time with your confirmed log-in details. These should be the Username, PIN, and other sometimes such as how to stop notifications from sportpesa.

That’s all as far as registering for sportpesa account login is concerned.

Sportpesa Account Login

To access sportpesa games today and place a bet, you will need to access your newly minted account.

The best bit is that the steps are super-easy- both on mobile or on the leading website.

Alternative 1: Log in from the Main Website.

Step 1: visit the website here

As usual, you’ll be directed to homepage.

On the left bottom side of the website, choose login.

Type in your username and the PIN (password). The system should open up and login you successfully.

Alternative 2: Log In From Your Smartphone

Option 1: Go to your mobile browser and type then follow the steps as we have narrated them when logging in via the main website.

Option 2: Go to the SportPesa App. That you’ve already installed on your phone and click login option on the home screen.

Side note:

Even though Your Sportpesa dashboard on your Mobile may not display all the information you usually have on the main website, it’s still a nice place to play from because you’ll still be able to place bets.

You can also access your betting history, active bets, and other useful details.

Option 3:

What if you forgot your SportPesa Password?

In case you can’t recall your login details, Sportpesa offers you an easy way out by enabling you to easily reset your PIN.SportPesa Password.

On the above screen (down there), click already using Sport-pesa via SMS…forgot your password?

This brings you to the password reset screen.SportPesa Password.

Simply enter your mobile telephone number then request for password retrieval by clicking get reset code.

Now go back to your phone and check for the recently sent reset code and enter it in the provided screen. You will also need to create a new PIN which must be a combination of small and capital letters plus some numbers (best).

That’s all.

You can now log in as soon as you get this confirmation.

You are now ready to get into the game.

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