Apply for Southern Africa Climate Change Youth Envoy 2022

Last Updated on September 17, 2022

Southern Africa Climate Change Youth Envoy

The Southern African Youth Forum (SAYoF) invites interested youth to apply for the opportunity to next become Southern Africa Climate Change Youth Envoy.

The call follows the hosting of the 4th SADC Youth Forum in Johannesburg, South Africa attended by young people from sixteen Southern African countries, government representatives, international organizations, civil society representatives, and academia among other stakeholders. The Forum which was focusing on the theme, “SADC Youth Call for Climate Action: Promoting Peace and Good Governance for Sustainable Environment’’, through the 4th SADC Youth Forum Declaration Forum deliberated and recommended among other things the institutionalization of the Southern Africa Climate Change Youth Envoy.

Realizing the agent need for young people in Southern Africa to take action, complement governments, and proffer solutions towards climate justice.
The call for the appointment of the Southern Africa Climate Change Youth Envoy is a vehicle to show young people’s commitment to protecting their environment, inclusion in climate discussion, negotiations, solutions, fighting climate change, and championing sustainable development issues.

The three pillars of the Envoy’s office will be promoting youth participation in the climate action agenda, advocacy for progressive climate policies in SADC and building partnerships for climate action with stakeholders at different levels of society.


The summarized mission of the Southern Africa Climate Change Youth Envoy are:

  • Enhance the voices of Southern Africa Youth on climate change and environmental issues.
  • She/He is the spokesperson for climate change and the environment in regional and international meetings and engagements.
  • Complement the Member States in building awareness of existing frameworks on climate change
  • Engage the SADC Member States in the implementation of regional and international instruments on climate and environment
  • Work closely with young people in the region to advocate for a sustainable youth framework and inclusion in climate change guided by the outcomes of the SADC Youth Forum, and regional and international instruments.
  • Work with other youth led-organizations to ensure youth inclusion in decision-making processes and promote Pan-African values as a strategy to mitigate climate change.


  • Open to youth between ages of 18 to 33.
  • Citizen of a SADC member state.
  • Resident in a SADC country and intention to remain resident in SADC for the duration of the term in office.
  • Relevant experience in climate change issues in communities, NGOs, private sector and/or government.


As part of the application process you will be required to submit a letter of recommendation from a reputable individual or organization that attests to your character and climate change work. This letter must appear on an official letter head of the organization it is being issued by and signed by the relevant referee.

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For more information, visit SAYoF.

Deadline: October 8, 2022

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