South African Secret Service Recruitment 2023 | How To Join

Last Updated on February 15, 2023

South African Secret Service Recruitment

About the South African Secret Service

The South African Secret Service was the previous name of a South African intelligence agency. Currently, it is known as the Foreign Branch of the State Security Agency. It is responsible for all non-military foreign intelligence and for counterintelligence within the Service itself.

What does a secret service agent do?

Secret service agents are members of the secret service federal law enforcement agency and perform a number of duties. The most common responsibilities of a secret service agent may include investigating and preventing financial crimes, analyzing and averting computer-based threats and providing protection for high-profile government officials.

As a secret service agent, you may:

  • Provide security for government figures such as the President, Vice President and former presidents as well as their families
  • Protect buildings or act as security at events that require a national level of protection
  • Investigate crimes that include identity theft, counterfeit and financial fraud
  • Investigate computer hacking attempts that take place on national telecommunication devices as well as banking infrastructure
  • Perform undercover work
  • Write and deliver reports related to investigations or protection services

How To Join the South African Secret Service

Global intelligence agencies are becoming more sophisticated. Applicants must submit an application, pass a background check, and complete a rigorous training program to be considered for a special assignment.

What skills do you need to be a secret agent?

Being a successful secret service agent requires a number of soft skills and hard skills. The most important skills an agent should have include:

  • Investigative skills
  • Keen observation skills
  • Communication skills
  • Research skills
  • Physical endurance skills
  • Decision-making skills

Secret service agents must also have a strong desire to learn and be committed to continuously advancing their training through courses and other training resources.

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