Call for Applications: Sound Connects Fund in Southern Africa 2022

Last Updated on February 23, 2022

Sound Connects Fund in Southern Africa

Applications are open for the Sound Connects Fund in Southern Africa 2022. The Music In Africa Foundation (MIAF), in partnership with Goethe-Institut, invites organisations operating in Southern Africa’s creative and cultural industries to apply for grants from the Sound Connects Fund (SCF).

Made possible with funding from the ACP-EU Culture Program, the fund is aimed at accelerating development in Southern Africa while increasing the capacities of practitioners in the region. For the first time, practitioners from Mozambique and Angola (only) can submit applications written in Portuguese.

The Sound Connects Fund is a multifaceted initiative that aims to accelerate development and increase the capacity of the cultural and creative sectors in Southern Africa. It offers financial support in the form of grants and a comprehensive capacity-building program aimed at beneficiaries. The supports projects across a wide range of disciplines including, but not limited to, performing arts, visual arts, animation, film, gaming, photography and videography.


Similar to the first call in 2021, applicants will be expected to speak to the theme of Sound Connects Us. Music and sound exist as the universal language that has connected people and communities globally for centuries. It is clear that in Southern Africa’s vibrant cultural sector, sound is a significant force that connects and coexists within a wide range of art forms – in some instances playing a central role in fields such as dance, theatre, video, gaming, film, fashion and related industries.


Category A (€35,000 – €60,000)

  • Project length – Up to 8 Months
  • Project budget is between €35,000 and €60,000
  • Project implementation and final reporting must take place between June 2022 and end of January 2023.

Category B (€61,000 – €100,000)

  • Project length – Up to 12 Months
  • Project budget is between €61,000 and €100,000
  • Project implementation and final reporting must take place between June 2022 and end of June 2023.

Category C (€101,000 – €180,000)

  • Project length – Up to 18 Months
  • Project budget is between €101,000 and €180,000
  • Project implementation and final reporting must take place between June 2022 and end of December 2023.


  • To be eligible for financial support, applicants must be formally registered in the local country,  for example as an NGO /NPO, association, close corporation, private company, etc.
  • For clarity, the basis is that the applicant must be an official/ legally registered entity in its local country. Organisations is used as a broader term to refer to any business entity such as a company, an institution, association, etc. The list may include (non-exhaustive); arts organisations, arts venues, festivals, creative hubs and incubators, media houses, mobility circuits, recording studios, theatres, arts markets, fairs and conferences, creative sector businesses, etc.
  • The organisation must have a proven history of operating in the creative sector in Southern Africa.
  • The organisation must have been in operation for at least three years on the day of application.
  • The organisation must be registered and operating in any of the eligible countries.

Eligible Projects

The fund ­­­will strategically seek to support projects and activities in the cultural and creative sector that:

  • Facilitate the rapid production and distribution of high-quality goods within and outside the Southern African region.
  • Increase capacities among professionals.
  • Support rapid mobility and exchange among creators.
  • Enhance access to new markets.
  • Develop visual literacy (especially among underrepresented groups).
  • Promote advocacy aimed at protecting the interests of creators.
  • Support the existence of sustainable financing structures.

Eligible Countries

Angola, Botswana, eSwatini, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe


The compulsory application documents that must be filled out by applicants are:

  • SCF Grant Application Form
  • SCF Grant Budget Template
  • SCF Legal Identity Form
  • SCF Financial Identification Form
  • Declaration of Honour Form

Additional compulsory documents that must be supplied by the applicant with the application are:

  • Proof of company/organisation registration 
  • Tax clearance (This refers to official documentation which confirms that the applicant’s tax status is in good standing. The documentation must be issued by the relevant local tax authority.)
  • Latest Stamped or audited Financial Statements (not older than previous two years)
  • Company Profile with HR Structure
  • Document with examples of a project/s delivered by the organisation in the creative and cultural sector in the last 2 years. (i.e., project reports, links to project websites, etc.)
  • Two (2) reference letters from previous funders or clients.
  • Proof of previous grants (such as project reports, award letter, etc) that the applicant has directly implemented, at least one project in the cultural and creative sector, for at least 50% of the amount of the grant requested.

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For more information, visit Sound Connects Fund.

Deadline: April 15, 2022

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