27 Most Profitable Small Business Ideas in Canada To Start 2023

Last Updated on September 2, 2022

This list includes profitable businesses you can start or invest in as a small business in Canada. You can also read about small business ideas in USA, and Germany.

Small Business Ideas in Canada

According to the World Bank Group, Canada ranks 3rd in starting a business under the report of ease of doing business in Canada. In a report released in collaboration with the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank ranked Canada 19th out of 189 countries in its “Ease of Doing Business” survey.

So if you live in Canada or you intend to relocate with the purpose of starting a business in Canada, then it might interest you to go through this article as you will learn about some of the most profitable small business ideas in Canada that you can start.

27 Most Profitable Small Business Ideas in Canada

Like other developed countries, the Canadian economy is dominated by the service industry. We take a look at the 27 most profitable small business ideas in Canada.

1. Tire Store

If you want to start a retail-based business in any city or town in Canada, a tire shop is a lucrative option you can explore. However, you need a strategically correct location for your tire shop.

2. Automobile Service Station

If you have some experience in auto repairing or have a mechanical graduate degree from an institution in Canada, auto repair and service is a good business to start. To make more profit in this business, the location of the repairing shop will play a big role.

3. Driving School

The average Driving Instructor salary in Canada is more than $40,275 per year. There is a good demand for deriving instructors in Canada, especially in cities like Toronto. If you are good at driving or have a good network of driving instructors, starting a driving school can fetch you good returns.

4. Mobile Oil Change

You can provide services like conventional oil, filter, lube, and inspection service for regular cars or light trucks that require maintenance services at certain intervals. There are many companies in Canada making decent money providing oil change services.

5. Mobile Car Wash

You can start a car wash business in Canada with an investment of $25,000. Check around if there is a demand for car wash services from car owners in your nearby locality, a mobile car wash business is worth starting.

6. Spare Parts Distribution

If you have a retail space in a commercial location in a city or a small town in Canada, starting a spare parts selling is a profitable niche in the automotive sector.

7. Tow Trucking Service

If you have considerable money to invest, starting a vehicle towing service has a wide scope of making good money in Canada.

8. Catering Service Business

People look for catering services not only for birthday or wedding parties. Catering services are popular in every small get-together or small party or for a small number of guests. If you have a well-organized kitchen, a passion for cooking, and an attitude of serving people – the business is perfect for you. Local networking is important. Make your business available in local online directories.

9. Cleaning Service Business

You can start any type of cleaning business from home. The startup cost is very less. According to your skill, you can concentrate on the niche segment. You can also start a cleaning agency. Office cleaning, window cleaning, air-duct cleaning are popular cleaning business opportunities to start on a small scale.

10. Advertising Consulting

Do you have good experience in the field of advertising? If yes, an advertising consulting service is worth considering in Canada.

11. Beauty salon

Beauty salons provide a wide range of services from cosmetic treatment and personal care. If you have some experience in makeover service and retail space, opening a beauty salon is worth considering in cities like Toronto, Ontario, etc.

12. Makeup artist

As a makeup artist, you will offer a variety of different makeup services. You may also make money by selling makeup and makeup supplies.

13. Nail Salon

Starting a specialized nail is another beauty-related business you can consider. The demand for manicure and pedicure services is expected to grow in Canada in the coming five years.

14. Mobile Spa

If you are an expert in spa-related service and do have not much money to invest, think of starting a mobile spa can be a good idea. However, in addition to knowing the art, you need networking capability to make the business more profitable.

15. Barber Shop

Barbershop is an inflation-free business. If you have a retail space and haircutting skills, getting customers is not difficult in small towns and cities in Canada.

16. Beauty Blog

If you are good at writing and have experience in a specific field of beauty, sharing your thoughts through a beauty blog can fetch you good money. In addition, you can earn extra income by selling or recommending beauty products and services.

17. eCommerce Business

Much like the rest of the global market, the e-commerce industry in Canada is on the rise. As more consumers shift spending from physical stores to online merchants, e-commerce has dramatically changed the way retailers reach customers, making it faster and easier for consumers to make purchases on the fly while avoiding the hassles of going to the store. Retail e-commerce sales are defined as the purchase or commitment to purchase goods or services over the Internet.

18. Investment in Startups

If you have some extra money, investing in startups is a profitable business in Canada. Canadian investors can also invest in private syndicates which are in plenty here in the country,

19. Forex Trading

Before starting a forex trading business, it is very important to understand how it works. In addition, it is important to choose a proper forex trading platform.

20. Appliances Repair Service

There is a good demand for repairing appliances like a refrigerator, washer, dryer, stove, oven, dishwasher, etc in every city and town in Canada. You can get trained in appliance repairing and start a small venture.

21. CCTV Camera Sales & Installation

The business of CCTV installation is getting momentum here in this part of the world. However, to start this business you need to learn the technical aspects of installing and maintaining these devices.

22. House Painting

House painting is another service that has a good demand for almost all cities and towns in Canada. You can start this business by hiring some people having expertise in this trade.

23. Property Management

Real estate owners and landlords in cities like Toronto, Vancouver are always looking for dependable and professional property managers in selling their properties. As a property manager, you will act as a facilitator between real estate buyers and sellers.

24. Graphics Design Service

Graphic design is a highly paid job online. If you have a passion for creating art, this business can give you good money from home.

25. Interior Designing

Interior design is a highly paid job in Canada. However, to be a professional interior designer, you need to be certified. In addition, you have to have certain years of working experience in the job before offering services as a professional.

26. Security Business in Canada

If you are interested in starting a security-related business in Canada, it is vital to choose your niche. There are multiple niches you can consider like home security, personal security, event security, security for automobiles, etc.

The demand for a professionally managed security company is a reality.

27. Immigration Consultant

People from all across the world come to Canada and take citizenship. However, there is always a demand for professional immigration consultants here in this part of the world. If you have the necessary experience, you can start this business at a low cost.

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