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Last Updated on November 16, 2022

SGR Online Booking

SGR Madaraka Express has one of the best online bus ticket booking rates in Kenya. Whether it is that time when everybody is in rush to travel or just a random plan to travel, hesitate not because with SGR online booking you get to book your SGR Madaraka Express bus ticket anywhere and at any given time.

Rail transport in Kenya consists of metre-gauge network that is in correct condition and a new standard gauge railway. Both railways link Kenya main port city of Mombasa to the interior, running via the national capital of Nairobi. The metre-gauge network runs to the Uganda border, and the Momba-Nairobi Gauge Railway, financed by a Chinese credit, is being extended to the Ugandan border as of June 2017.

SGR Booking

How to buy train tickets in Kenya:

1) Sgr ticket booking Kenya at the sgr Terminus station

Currently Madaraka Express sgr ticket booking Kenya are sold at the sgr Terminus station on the day of travel or for the four days prior to the departure, credit and cash cards are accepted. Kenya train tickets sales cease ten minutes before the train departures. You cannot buy sgr tickets at the old Nairobi Central station of the Mombasa old central station, just at the new sgr Terminus stations. The Kenya Railways Facebook page advises that the trains generally have completely booked in economy class, but the first class seats accessible.

2) Madaraka Express sgr bookings agent

You can cheap train tickets Kenya, Nairobi with a little mark-up through reliable agency. You will need to email them. This may be the top choice for overseas visitors unlikely to be in Kenya for long before needing to take the train.

3) Sgr Madaraka Express online booking

Kenya railways finally started sgr Madaraka Express online booking in January 2018.  Unluckily, they only take payment via the M-Pesa mobile phone system, not by credit card. But you should be capable to buy Madaraka Express sgr train tickets in Kenya if you got a Kenyan SIM cards and open an M-pesa account.

4) Madaraka Express sgr Mpesa booking

To make an sgr Mpesa booking, get a Kenyan SIM card for your mobile for the Safaaricom network when you arrive in Kenya, for as pretty as 200 Shillings. You then need to open an M-Pesa ID with a domestic M-pesa agent, you find these all over the location. M-pesa means Mobile-money in Swahili. You pay the agent cash and he sends it to your mobile phone M-pesa account.

5) To buy train tickets in Kenya

Dial the USDD code *639#. Pick Kenya train sgr bookings option, departing station, travel date, destination, class and number of passengers. You can Book train tickets in Kenya up to a maximum of five passengers in one transaction. Enter passengers details, meaning the complete names and passport numbers. For kids indicate child. Pick payment option.

6) Making payment for Madaraka Express train tickets reservation

You will get the prompts Pay Late, Pay now or Exit. When making payment for Madaraka Express train sgr booking online tickets or book standard-gauge railway (SGR) Madaraka Express train tickets in advance enter your M-pesa account PIN. You will get a payment verification message, followed by a booking confirmation which will verify the status of the transaction by showing the place station, date of travel, departure time, picked class of travel, the coach number and seat number.

7)  Sgr bookings online ticket or print-your-own tickets

You need to print the ticket at the self service machines at the station or get the sgr Madaraka Express online booking ticket from the unique counter for M-pesa transactions. You can get the ticket either on the day of travel or any day beforehand.

How to Cancel SGR Ticket in Kenya:

The train operators permit individual passengers to cancel their journey at least twenty-four hours before the scheduled date of travel while group booking must be cancelled within seventy-two hours prior to the date of travel. Each train has at least 1 or 2 train crew staff that have received certified training on first aid, this comes in handy in case of medical alert. Passengers who are taken ill abroad the train are evacuated to the closet hospitals.

Things to know before catching a Madaraka Express sgr train

If you have not taken a train in Kenya before, read these things before riding a train in Kenya, like how to get to/through the railway station, how passengers are searched at security checkpoints, what the toilets are like and drinks can be purchased on the train.

How to read your Madaraka Express sgr booking online ticket

Go to the correct Madaraka Express SGR departure station

Check the departure station rightly. It is advised that you find out how to get to your station in perfect time before your departure. If you accidently go to the wrong place, you will find that the waiting room does not present your trains schedule at all. When you realize your mistake, you may then miss your train, you cannot make a change at the ticket window.

Madaraka Express SGR Luggage allowance – pack cleverly

If being organized is not a problem, packing is part of the fun of train travel. Separate your belongings into huge luggage and little carry-on items. Vital things, such as tickets, travel documents, valuable items, money should be kept on you at all times. Having a fanny pack or purse is handy. Bear in mind to put your Madaraka Express sgr ticket booking and ID/passport away safety after the ticket checkpoints.

Packing light is the important point. You can find all types of tips about packing light. Anyway, if you have not been capable to, the train stewards will ask you to put any over-big luggage onto the luggage shelves at the ends of the coaches, instead of on the overload shelf at your seat. So, it is vital to have your luggage zipped up or closed security using a mixture lock.

Leave early to catch your Madaraka Express sgr train

The distances between the security check, ticket office, waiting room, and station platform can be pretty long, and it is sometimes necessary to walk from one side of the station to the other. Bear in mind that you are not doing this alone, there will be 100s of people doing the same thing, meaning that you might be standing in waiting lines for a long time.

Firstly, you will have to line up to pick your ticket, then pass via a ticket and ID check followed by a security check, locate and walk to your walking place, then wait again in line at the waiting room ticket gate, and walk may be ten minutes in order to board the train.

Keep in mind that the station will stop the check-in facility five minutes before the train departs. So do not lose yourself in the stores at the train station. You are advised to get to the waiting room at least three minutes before the train departures (mainly if you want a seat to wait on).

Know what is on the Madaraka Express Kenya train tickets reservation – Water, food, and toilets

Different trains provide different facilities and services.

  • Seating: All trains are completely air-conditioned.
  • First class seating: The seats are adjustable, just like on a plane. Additional, there is a 220 AC socket under each seat for your gadgets.
  • Second class seating: The seats are fixed. No charging for your gadgets.
  • Food: High speed trains provides different types of set meals. First class ticket travelers can go to the restaurant car to have a taste meal, where they offer custom meals. Second class travelers buy a set snacks or meal and drinks from the attendants trolley.
  • Water: Cold/free boiled water is accessible between the coaches.
  • Toilets: Western/Chinese style toilets and handicapped restrooms are accessible between the coaches.
  • LED screen: Every coach with an LED display indicates the train speed, time and temperature.

SGR Online Booking

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