How To Get Scholarship For High School 2023

Last Updated on October 10, 2022

Are you a student, and you want to get scholarship in high school? You are at the right place. In details, we’ll guide you on how you can get scholarship to study in high school.

There are several scholarship opportunities for high school students to get themselves involved. Most at times some students do not have enough finances to Carter for their educational careers especially high school student or student willing to attend high school. That’s why the society or some parastatals have made it possible and opened for students with low finances to access this medium and enroll themselves in high school as others.

 Getting a scholarship is not a big deal but the places you visit to apply, that is, online sites and how you apply for the program, is what matters.  Therefore in this article we’ll literally guide you even as you’ll follow the steps but before then, let’s give you an understanding of what scholarship is, the best scholarship programs and how to apply for these programs in other to win a scholarship.

What is a Scholarship?

A scholarship is a grant-in-aid to a student’s education, awarded on the basis of academic or other achievement on a higher level. Providers award the funds to applicants who best fulfill the selection requirements.

This program is available for high school students, college students, and even graduate school students who want to further their education with criteria which include – academic performance or merit, diversity and inclusion, athletic skill and financial need.

Best High School Scholarship Programs

It is very pertinent to know the scholarship program on which you are applying because there are some fake programs or scholarship sites too leading you to spending the little you have and ending up going nowhere, there by defrauding you of your money.

 So here are some of the best scholarship programs to sign in for where you can find awards given by organizations, companies, and even the government to help pay for your tuition in high school.

  1. Coca-Cola Scholars Program
  2. Burger King Scholars Program
  3. Gates Millennium Scholars Program
  4. Google Lime Scholarship
  5. National Merit Scholarship Program
  6. QuestBridge National College Match Program
  7. Ron Brown Scholar Program
  8. Tall Clubs International Scholarship Program
  9. United Negro College Fund Scholarships
  10. Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc./Frederick Douglass

Having known these scholarship programs, it is then high time you applied.

Perhaps you don’t know, scholarships are a great way to fund your education. So, apply as soon as possible even as deadlines can range one year before the commencement of school. Meanwhile, you can further search for scholarship programs during summer break or after every semester. 

How Do Scholarship Work?

To get a scholarship, you have to apply for the award, pass the selection process and eligibility requirements as stated. Some scholarship programs require students to have a certain GPA and submit a personal essay.

Having known how scholarship works, we’ll proceed to knowing the possible steps to get scholarship for high school students.

How To Get Scholarship For High School

It might be difficult to get scholarship for high school students but however, there are a few tips that you can follow to help you find the best scholarships.

  1. Start early

Like the common saying that says the early birds catches the warm, it is necessary to start early to look for a scholarship Program that meets up your need because every scholarship has their deadline.

Many programs allow early applications, so you don’t have to wait because the sooner you start looking for scholarships, the more chances you have of getting one.

  •  Look online

There are many available scholarship programs to look for online. Look for the one you need by searching on scholarship websites. A quick scholarship search on the internet will show you countless opportunities with minimal selection criteria. Some are as simple as making a free account on a website.

  • Consult your guidance or counselor

Your guidance or counselor may be able to help you find scholarships that are specifically for high school students because you might not know which one to apply for since you are just new in the system of wanting to get scholarship and haven’t done it before.

Having a counselor is very necessary. Aside the fact that they will help you find scholarships, during the process of documentations, they can as well guide you on what to do for an effective result.

  • Ask for the necessary help

If you’re having trouble finding scholarships, don’t be afraid to ask for help from your parents, teachers, or your friends. That is the more reason you need a counselor to give you a perfect guide. 

It is important to understand the eligibility requirements and deadlines once you’ve found some scholarships to apply for. After then, your application that includes your best academic work, extracurricular activities, and personal statement follows.

Don’t forget to apply for the FAFSA because they could help you qualify for the federal and state aid based on financial need.

Documents Needed To Apply For High School Scholarship Program

When applying for a scholarship program, there are some documents you’ll be asked to submit along with a complete scholarship application form. The following documents are needed when applying for high school scholarships;

  1. Official high school transcripts; this document contains your cumulative GPA and classes you’ve taken. 
  2. Standardized test scores. If you have them but many colleges are now test optional. 
  3. Recommendation letters; This is necessary because this helps a scholarship committee get to know you more as a person. Recommendation letters are usually from a coach or teacher and not your family member.
  4. A Resume is needed which outline list of work experience, awards, honors and extracurricular activities.
  5. An essay is needed even as some applications ask for a personal essay. You could write an easy on why you need to accomplish your goals. So you must be equiped.
  6. Means of identification; This is so that providers may see your photos and get a prove of you and your residence. That is, where you come from.
  7. College plans. This states your plans as a student. What kind of degree program you plan to enroll in as a full time undergraduate student.

Things To Avoid When Applying For A Scholarship Program For High School

Most persons make some mistake when applying for scholarship program leading them to lose the  scholarship. So there are some things you need to avoid when applying for a scholarship program which are as follows;

  1. Applying for too many scholarships;

This can actually break your chances of winning any of scholarship program. So, stick to the ones you are interested in and that you have a good chance of winning rather than applying in many places and get nothing at the end.

  •  Not meeting eligibility requirements:

Most people just go online and start applying without getting to know the requirements needed for the scholarship program. Endeavour you understand the eligibility requirements for each scholarship you apply for else your application will be forfeited. 

  •  Waiting until the deadline:

This is one of the mistakes applicant do. There are every tendencies that you will rush on your application leading you to make some mistakes. To avoid such, you have to work on your scholarship applications early so that you can take your time and do your work. 

  • No proofreading:

Always proofread or read over your essays and other materials again incase there are errors for correction before submitting them. Errors can make your work look dirty and can hinder your chances of winning a scholarship.

  •  Applying for scholarships you don’t qualify for:

 Why apply for some thing that doesn’t concern your level and apply for what suits you. Apply for  what you are qualified for to win a scholarship.

Following these will guide your mind for a better chance of winning a scholarship.


Having known that there are opportunities for scholarship for high school students, start now to apply if you want to win a chance. Get your application form and the necessary documents ready, and never forget to seek advice if you have some misunderstanding so that you’ll be properly guided. I assure you that following these steps we’ve given you, there’s a big tendency that you’ll win a scholarship program.

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