SASSA Status Check for R350 Payment Dates 2023

Last Updated on February 25, 2023

Great news for South Africans who live in poverty and seem unable to find work and earn a living. The South African government offers the r350 grant for up to 6 months for people who are currently unemployed and have no other source of income, social grant or UIF payment, etc. The applicant can now do their Sassa status check for application.

SASSA Status Check for R350 Payment Dates

You can apply for the grant on the Sassa official website; after application, you are liable to get information regarding the application process through Sassa Status Check online service. Through this, you can assure yourself whether or not you will be receiving your relief funds.

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EXPECTED RESULTS OF Social Relief of Distress Grant of R350 application status:

When you apply for the Sassa SRD application, you can check the status of your grant application at any time through the above-mentioned ways. After checking, you can be expected the following output, which has the following meaning, as described:

STATUS: Application complete

This means that your application has successfully completed the verification process after reapplication, and you will get the SRD Sassa grant every month.

STATUS: Bank details pending 

 This means that your application has been approved by Sassa, but you did not provide or select any payment gateway to receive the Sassa grant. The payment gateway is cash send, bank, etc. You can read also about banking details submission.

STATUS: Reapplication pending:

After the disaster of Covid 19, Sassa still continues the Sassa r350 grant for their unemployed citizens, but they have to reapply for the grant. The reapplication pending means that you have not been reapplied for the grant or reapplication has been received yet.

Period (e.g., May) Pending

The applicant reapplication was received by the Sassa official, but the verification process is still not completed yet. The applicant can check back the status later in the month for the update.

STATUS: Period (e.g., April) Approved:

The application for your grant has been approved but only for the period mentioned there. The client can check the pay date field to confirm when did applicant can get their grant money. If there was no pay date available there, then Sassa has not processed any payment for you yet.

STATUS: Period (e.g., April) Declined

This means that your Sassa grant has been declined for the period mentioned there. Sassa official also mentioned the specific reason why your Sassa application was declined. According to Sassa, the applicant whose application has been declined can appeal or apply for reconsideration of their application within 30 days from the date they receive the declined announcement about their grant. Among various reasons why the Sassa application will be declined, some of them are:

  • alternative income source Identified,
  • UIF registered,
  • NSFAS registered,
  • Debtor,
  • Referred,
  • Identity verification failed etc.

Except for the debtor, all other applicants can appeal the declined reason.

STATUS Canceled:

This simply means that the grant is canceled. The applicant can reinstate the grant through the Sassa website.

How to do SASSA Status Check for R350 Payment Dates 2023

There are various methods available for the Sassa r350 grant application online 2023 check status. To get information about your grant’s current situation process; Here, we mentioned some methods through which you can check your grant application status:

  • check your Sassa status via SMS through your phone number or on WhatsApp
  • check the status on Sassa’s official website 

SRD Sassa Relief Fund Status Check via SMS through your phone number or on WhatsApp

  • You can also check the Sassa status directly on the toll-free number 0800601011.
  • Before making a call to Sassa official, make sure you have at hand your cell phone number that you register at the time of application and ID number.
  • You also have the choice to communicate with staff in your selected language. But there may also be a case at that time that the language communicator does not present, so you will either have to wait or change your language according to the staff available there and who can communicate with you.
  • It is best if you can understand and speak English because it is believed that beneficiaries who choose the English language get a high response rate.

How do I check the status of my Sassa r350 through the website:

You can check the Sassa status via the SRD SASSA Gov za Login. Here are the steps; you need to follow these steps:

STEP 1: You can check the status of your application through the link given: This is the direct path for Sassa status check through which you can go to the web page, or you can also visit the Sassa SRD r350 website and scroll down the page until you find the tab containing the text” My application status” and press the button: Click here to check online.” The Sassa SRD official website is

STEP 2: In the provided field, type your phone number that is registered on your name and your ID (Identity document).

STEP 3: Now, click on the button “Submit.” Wait until the next page is fully uploaded.

STEP4: On the status dashboard, select the desired month you wished for to check the Sassa unemployment grant status. The drop-down menu will appear that contains the information on whether your application has been approved, declined, pending, rejected, or even canceled by a Sassa official.

STEP 5: If your application status shows the result that you approved for a grant, then check if they mentioned the pay date or not. The pay date is the date on which you receive the payment from Sassa in your selected payment method, either in a bank account, post office, or cash pay.

The beneficiaries who use a bank account will also receive an alert on your phone number through SMS when the bank deposit the grant. While the beneficiaries who use the post office method to withdraw their Sassa grant amount can get their payment at any retail Stores like Shoprite, USave, Pick and Pay or Boxer Stores across the country just by using the last three digits of their ID number. But unfortunately, the post office method nowadays is no longer used for SRD R350 Grant Payments.


What if Sassa’s status check failed?

 When the user-provided detail does not match with the department of home affair database, that means that the applicant may submit the wrong details; therefore, their application status check failed.

 What does the means test mean on Sassa’s status?

 The mean test means to verify the applicant’s data and whether he/she is eligible for the grant or not.

How can we track the Sassa r350 grant application status?

 You can track Sassa’s status through three different means:

Through website:
Go to the website: and check the status.

Through WhatsApp:
You can check the status through the WhatsApp number 082 046 8553 by sending a message to that number.

Through phone number:
You can call on the toll-free number 0800 60 10 11 and follow the prompts to check your grant application status.

 How do I check my Sassa status online for free?

You can check your application status at any time through the website

 When is Sassa Sassa’s status updated?

Sassa’s status is updated after every mean test. Because in the means test, your application reconfirms whether you are still eligible for the grant or not. The status changes or remains the same according to your current financial situation.

Why can’t I check my Sassa SRD r350 status?

 If you receive the message identification verification fails when you check your Sassa status, this means that the details you enter are not match with Department of Home Affairs data. So, you need to enter the correct details to check your status.

What does not select mean on Sassa status?

When you find your Sassa status not selected, that means your application has not been approved by Sassa. So, you need to re-apply for a grant. You can also appeal the decision or make a request to reconsider the application.

What does the post office not selected mean by Sassa’s status?

This means that you do not select any specific post office location for your Sassa grant. When you see “post office not selected,” it means you can collect your grant from any SAPO branch according to your desire and choice.

How to Sassa status check reconsideration application?

Suppose your application for the Sassa grant is declined. You can submit the application for reconsideration when you confirm your reapplication. You can view your reconsideration application status through the Sassa reconsideration portal: You just need to put your South African ID number and phone number to submit the application. Then you have to navigate the next step, which is” send pin.”

 Why haven’t I received my Sassa r350?

Sassa has announced that many times applicant can not get their payment because of the wrong information. For example, applicants sometimes provide wrong bank details or contact numbers unintentionally. While many applicants keep updating their bank details, which may lead to delay in their grant payments”. Sassa also suggested that if the beneficiaries want speedy payment, they have to choose the bank details option instead of the cardless payment option at ATMs or others.

Why is my Sassa r350 status still pending?

Your Sassa r350 status pending means that your application process still needs verification and screening, and it has not been approved by Sassa until now. Once your application has been approved by Sassa, you will automatically get an SMS from the Sassa official about submitting your bank details. 

Note: There is no already set payment detail described by Sassa for covid 19 grant.

How do I check my Sassa SRD status check balance?

You need to dial a number *120*69277# on your phone. Follow the instruction given on the phone call and get an SMS notification about your balance status. After that, the applicant gets an SMS notification about their Sassa balance status.

How do I check my Sassa status on Govchat? 

You can check your status by govchat app;

Here is the link:
Email Addresses are:
Website link:

How do I check my Sassa payment status? 

The R350 Social Relief Grant payment status schedule is announced by the south African Sassa agency every month. This organization is in charge of grant distribution and providing people the special covid 19 benefits.

How long does Sassa take to get paid?

It may take up to three months to complete the application process. Once the grant is approved by Sassa, the beneficiaries will get paid from the date they applied for the grant.

After Sassa’s status approval, how long does it take to pay?

When the applicant grant has been approved, Sassa will pay to beneficiaries as the payment is processed. Once the beneficiaries get grant payment, they can collect their money through banks, cash send, or through any merchant/retail outlets, including Checker, Usave, Shoprite, Pick’n pay, boxer, etc. The beneficiaries can check their grant status at any time through the online portal: 

When the beneficiaries request to retail for grant money, they must have their ID document and cell phone access to the number registered at the time of application. Sassa most,y preferred the bank option to get the money as it is the safest and fastest means of money transferring. The Sassa also advised their beneficiaries who collect their grant through the post office that they should withdraw their funds through retail outlets.

How can I check my SASSA details?

The Sassa beneficiaries can check the details through the Sassa online portal service at any time.

What does grant application status active mean?

After submitting your application, your Sassa grant status shows active, which means that your application has been received to Sassa successfully. You just need to wait until the decision has been announced about your fund approval.

What does it mean when SASSA Status says the application is complete?

Sassa status says application complete, which means your reapplication process has been completed successfully, and your application will go under the verification process each month to check your eligibility for the grant. You need to check your Sassa status every month through the Sassa SRD website.

How long is SRD reconsideration pending status?

The Sassa will inform you about your reconsideration application outcome within the period of 60 to 90 days after you lodge an appeal or reconsider your application.

Sassa status approved but did not receive SMS from SASSA?

If your Sassa status is approved, but you did not get an SMS from Sassa in that case you have to check whether personal information like the phone number you provided is correct or not. You can also contact the nearest Sassa office or dial the Sassa helpline to get instant help.

If your Sassa grant application has been approved by the agency, but no payment date has been announced yet, that means that your payment has not been processed by Sassa. When it is processed, you will get an SMS from Sassa on the phone number you provided during the application about the collection of your grant payment. The phone number must be registered in your name; otherwise, you will face difficulties in the approval of your grant.

What does Sassa’s status reapplication pending means?

This simply means that the Sassa agency did not get any application or reapplication. So, you have to wait until Sassa receives your application or submit your application properly again.

What does Sassa’s application status approval mean?

This means that the Sassa application has been approved for the period of time mentioned there. The applicant now has to check the pay date status. If no payment date is mentioned there, this means the payment has not been processed yet.

What does Sassa’s application status bank detail pending means?

This means that you need to provide your bank detail to Sassa as Sassa application bank detail pending means Sassa did not get any kind of payment method or details from you.

What does Sassa’s status canceled means?

This means that your grant has been canceled because you may have other grants, funds, income resources, or employment, according to the mean test.

Moreover, you can also ask them to check Sassa’s online application status just by providing your ID number and the Mobile number that is assigned to your grant.

How To Reconfirm Your Existing Application through status check?

You can reconfirm your existing application through Sassa status by simple visit the Sassa website. Scroll down until the tab contains the text “Reconfirm your grant application .”Click the yellow bar button and enter the information according to the instruction to complete the process.

What is the check status of the Sassa r350 appeal?

You can check the Sassa r350 appeal status by simply calling on the Sassa toll-free number  0800601011. You need to have your ID number and phone number with you while on a call with Sassa official.

How to check Sassa’s SRD balance status?

 There is no specific method available for checking Sassa SRD balance status unless you check your balance status through your bank account. Sassa beneficiaries who collect their payment through cash send or by the post office can check their Sassa payment status by directly contacting the post office either via phone or visit in person. You only need to have your ID and phone number. This service does not cost any charges.

What is Sassa’s status pin?

The Sassa status pin is the one-time OTP code that the beneficiaries receive in the application process for the Sassa r350 grant. The pin is sent to the phone number you provided.

What does declined to mean on Sassa status check?

 The declined means on Sassa status check means that the personal information you provided during application submission does not match with the database of the department of home affairs, e.g., your surname, your name, ID number, etc.

 What does approve mean by Sassa’s status check?

If your grant is approved, you will be granted your R350 fund to the bank account you may have assigned.

If you have faced the misfortune of your grant being declined, it means there is some form of credential or documentation issue, and you have 30 days in order to make an appeal and rectify the situation.

What does Sassa status check pending mean?

If the status is shown pending, then it means your allowed date either has not been reached, or there is some sort of transactional delay. 

If you have other queries related to Sassa’s online application status?

Queries related to Sassa’s unemployment grant status can be addressed through the Sassa contact details. Sassa’s contact details are as follows:


For any further queries, you can contact SASSA directly:

SASSA Toll-Free Call center details: 0800 60 10 11
SASSA Head Office contact details: 012 400 2322
Email contact details of Sassa Head Office at:
Contact details of SASSA offices across the country:

What is srd grant Sassa?

The R350 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) is a program that offers financial assistance to the citizens of South Africa. The program provides financial support and grants to help the jobless and helpless people to improve their living standards. Sassa has been helping people for over 20 years and has provided financial assistance to over 1000 000 people in its journey. The Sassa grant is for Asylum seekers and special permit holders.

Why is it essential to reapply Sassa grant?

It is important to reapply because you must inform Sassa that you still need the Sassa grant as South Africa National Disaster has ended. So, applicants who consider themselves eligible for the grant will have to reapply for the grant. But there is no need to re-submit the application each month.

As Sassa said, there is no need to apply every month. Just confirm whether you still need the grant or not. For that, the applicant has to visit the Sassa website every three months and respond to a few queries. Additionally, for Sassa R350 grant beneficiaries whose applications are considered under the new regulations (Social Assistance Act), their income should have less than the threshold of R350, meaning individuals are only eligible for the grant if their monthly income is below the R350 threshold.

How can applicant check their Sassa status online for free?

Every Sassa applicant can check Sassa status through Sassa online portal or website. If you are a Sassa member, you can check your eligibility status and apply for a grant through an online website.

On the fixed date, the Sassa beneficiaries can collect their grant payment through a bank, cash send, a retailer, etc., and beneficiaries can get their grant money instantly after Sassa has approved the grant. 

How does the applicant check my Sassa grant status about payments?

The Sassa beneficiaries can check SASSA status using their WhatsApp number, that is – 082 046 8553:

Why delay occur in grant payments?

There is not really a set time frame for processing the South Africa grant payment, but after the application has been approved, the turnaround time is up to 7 days for the process to be completed. But Sassa also advised, “The beneficiaries should have a wait if their delay occurs in payment. The delay in grant payment is also because of various reasons, some of which are:

The applicant should check their bank details must be correct

  •  If applicant change their bank details and payment methods too many times
  •  Sometimes Sassa experiences some error in the system
  • In all these situations, Sassa beneficiaries have to wait until they get a message from Sassa. 

Where can I check my Sassa grant details?

The Sassa beneficiaries can check their Sassa details and status online through the Sassa grant website.

What does this mean when Sassa status says your grant application is completed?

Your grant application is completed means that your process of reapplication submission has been completed, and now you don’t need to apply for the grant again. But all you do is check your application status continuously to remain updated about your application process and payment details.

Sassa status approved but does not receive any message from Social security agency?

If applicant Saassa’s status says that their grant has been approved, but they did not get any message from the Social security agency. This might be a serious problem because the status does not wrong, but there might be something wrong. Some possible reasons are:

  • Incorrect phone number
  •  The submitted Phone number at the time of application is not registered in the applicant’s own name.
  •  Some corruption can also occur at the post office (point of grant collection)
  •  Your payment process is not completed yet; still in processing.

How to reconfirm the existing application of grant through Sassa status?

As Sassa beneficiaries, you can reconfirm existing R350 grant application, whether it is completed, approved, rejected, pending, etc. You can check Sassa’s status. 

How to check the status of your grant appeal?

As an applicant, you can check the status of your grant appeal by visiting the Sassa grant website. Scroll down the page and click on the bar that mentions their ‘click here to lodge an appeal or check appeal status.’ Now Enter your ID number and Enter your cell phone number to check the status through the website. The steps to follow are:

  • Go to Sassa Website
  • Click “here to lodge an
  • appeal.”
  • Enter the ID (Identity) number
  • Enter a telephone number
  • Track appeal status

You can also check the status by contacting the Sassa official through SASSA Call Centre at 0800 601 011.

What is Sassa’s status pin?

A digital pin is generated, which is called a one-time Sassa Pin. Every applicant verifies their ownership of SASSA accounts through this pin. This is done using mobile phone numbers, and e-mail addresses specific to every client.


Don’t worry; if your Sassa Grant Status is either Declined or in a pending state, you can appeal for it within the next 30 days, and their official team will handle and sort out any hurdles that may be preventing you from availing of your grant because Sassa officials are there to help you in your dire situation.

I hope the information we provided is pretty straightforward and free from any confusion; feel free to bookmark it and comment below if you have any queries.

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