Complete List Of Kenya Safaricom Shortcodes

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This article contains a list of all Kenya Safaricom codes. Are you seeking a quick way to buy Safaricom airtime/data, check your balance, or use self-service? The USSD codes will allow you to do everything you want right from your phone’s dial pad. keep reading for more information.

Safaricom Codes Kenya

Safaricom is arguably one of the best network providers in Kenya. The network service provider offers its customers a wide range of services. The Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, or USSD, is one of them. The launch of this service aims to enable many users of the company to perform simple mobile services as desired. We will review all Safaricom Codes in Kenya 2022 and their uses.

What Is Safaricom USSD Code?

This is a communication tool that allows users to send messages between their phone and a network application program. These USSD codes are used to perform tasks and give the user accessibility to a menu with a variety of options.

Safaricom network users can now do a multitude of capabilities on their Safaricom lines thanks to the introduction of the USSD Code. These activities typically involve purchasing airtime, moving airtime or data to other accounts, changing plans, and so on.

However, just a small number of network users are aware of all of the available USSD codes. As a result, we compiled a list of all Safaricom Codes in Kenya that are currently operational, which we are open to sharing with users.

Kenya Safaricom Codes

Are you seeking a quick way to buy Safaricom airtime/data, check your balance, or use self-service? The USSD codes will allow you to do everything you want right from your phone’s dial pad. Take a look at the list of all Safaricom Codes in Kenya and their uses below;

Here is a list of Safaricom Shortcodes.

  • 1. Main menu*100# (prepaid) or *200# (postpaid)
  • 2. Safaricom services*456#
  • 3. MPESA services*234#
  • 4. Blaze Menu*555#
  • 5. Airtime top up*141*PIN#
  • 6. Airtime balance*144#
  • 7. Topping up data*544*PIN#
  • 8. Sambaza*100*1*4#
  • 9. Data menu*544#
  • 10. Data balance*450#
  • 11. Internet Settings*445#
  • 12. SMS bundles*188#
  • 13. Bonga Points*456*3# or *126#
  • 14. Please Call Me*130* phone number#
  • 15. SIM registration*232#
  • 16. Skiza Tunes*811#
  • 17. Safaricom Home Fiber*400#
  • 18. Stop Safaricom Promotion SMS*100*5*5#
  • 19. Classifieds and Alerts*411#
  • 20. Safaricom Business*485#
  • 21. Activate voicemail*222#
  • 22. Deactivate voicemail##002#
  • 23. Activate missed call alert service*62*0722199199#
  • 24. Deactivate missed call alert service##62#
  • 25. Activate call barring (outgoing)*33*0000#
  • 26. Deactivate call barring (outgoing)#33*0000#
  • 27. Activate call barring (incoming)*35*0000#
  • 28. Deactivate call barring (incoming)#35*0000#
  • 29. Bar all incoming calls (except form home country)*332*0000#
  • 30. Deactivate all incoming calls (except home calls)#332*0000#
  • 31. Bar all international calls*331*0000#
  • 32. Deactivate barring all international calls#331*0000#
  • 33. Bar all incoming SMS*35*0000*16#
  • 34. Deactivate barring all incoming SMS#35*0000*16#
  • 35. Deactivate all types of barring#330*0000#
  • Which services can I access under *456#?-
  • • Get Deals – Access all Safaricom deals and promotions in a single view *456*0#
  • • BUY – Purchase different Safaricom services (Data, SMS, Minutes, Skiza among others) *456*1#
  • • Okoa/Sambaza – Request for Okoa Jahazi or Share/Sambaza your friends and family *456*2#
  • • Bonga –Get rewarded with fabulous offers for using your line, redeem and share. *456*3#
  • • Balances/Top Up – Access all your balances and carry out top up *456*4#
  • • M-PESA – Unlock your M-PESA, check tariff, search paybill numbers and more. *456*5#
  • • Safaricom Home– Sign up for Safaricom Home Fibre and manage your account here. *456*6#
  • • Activate –Activate Data manager, Blaze and other services. *456*7#
  • • Get PUK – PIN locked? No worry. Option 8 helps you get the PUK. Help a friend to get the PUK through your line. *456*8#
  • • Stop – Stop active subscriptions that keeps on renewing (Data, SMS, Games and more) *456*9#
  • • Find– Locate the nearest Safaricom shop or care desk, find other interesting services here. *456*10#

That’s all there is to know about Safaricom codes. We’ll keep the list updated when we discover more of these codes. We recommend bookmarking this page and returning whenever you require an Safaricom code to perform network set procedures.

Furthermore, please keep in mind that because most network providers are constantly introducing new data plans or discontinuing old ones, some of the codes may no longer function. Even though we do checks to ensure that codes are operating, it’s possible that we’ll overlook those that have been inactive. So, if you come across any such codes, please let us know and we’ll fix them as soon as possible.


Safaricom is one of the most reliable network providers in Kenya. As a result of their good rating, a large number of people use their network. The network is also one of the few that boasts a super-fast internet browsing.

Safaricom launched the Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, or USSD, in an effort to make its subscribers’ lives easier. The purpose of introducing this service is to allow them to do simple mobile services directly from their phone’s dial pad. Safaricom Codes are the result of this.

Safaricom Code is a code that the network operator gives to its clients to do various tasks over their line. Buying airtime, changing plans, and the like are examples of such operations. In this article, we’ve highlighted all of these codes.

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