Road Signs With Names And Meanings In Nigeria

Last Updated on November 12, 2022

Road Signs With Names And Meanings In Nigeria: Different road signs and symbols pass different information to a driver, how well do you know these signs? Some drivers flag these rules not because they want to, but because they are ignorant of the information it passes, but as you know, ignorance is not an excuse.

Every motorist and even pedestrian is expected to have an understanding of what these signs mean. They communicate specific messages to motorists and pedestrians. Recognizing traffic signs and knowing their meanings can help drivers make safe driving decisions faster and more easily. Road signs have three basic categories – regulatory, warning, and guide signs. They can also be sorted by colour and shape.

It is possible that you’ve seen hundreds of traffic signs but may not be aware of what those colours and shapes mean to the average driver, and why disregarding the standards could jeopardize traffic safety.

Road Signs With Names And Meanings In Nigeria

Regulatory Signs

Road Signs in Nigeria And Their Meaning - Regulatory Signs

Regulatory signs are also known as traffic control signage, these signs are less informational and more directorial. For travellers entering a new town, unfamiliar with unique traffic laws and penalties, regulatory signs are often the most important. They include stop signs, yield signs, turn and lane use signs and traffic signal signs (“No Turn on Red,” for instance). If you’re a driver looking for curbside parking, regulation signs provide the information you need to avoid a citation. Regulatory signs also encompass detour signs, weigh station signage, and railroad crossing signs.

Warning Signs

With the rate of accidents, road projects, and car breakdowns on the roads, the need for warning Given becomes important. This helps other road users to limit speed as they approach such areas. Warning signs include turn and curve warnings, intersection signs, merge and lane transition warnings, bridge clearances, divided highway warnings, hill warnings, and pedestrian crossing notices among others. Almost every warning sign is symbol-based, with little to no text.

Guide Signs

As one drive, guide signs are the holy grail of navigation. It helps motorists navigate interstate highways without taking their eyes off the road. It’s true that GPS navigation can help,  but fumbling with your phone while approaching a confluence of two or three highways can be dangerous. These guide signs come in form of diagrammatic guide signs, roadway junction signs, destination distance signs, and mile makers.


These are some of the most seen traffic signs, Both the shape and colour are important to how a stop sign is recognized and understood. No other sign is of an octagon shape, and no other sign is red in colour. This is done because of the importance a stop sign has on traffic safety. It is used to alert drivers of intersections and other areas where traffic may be travelling in opposite or crossing directions.

Speed Limit

Speed limit signs are designed to communicate a set legal maximum or minimum speed that vehicles must travel. Speed limit signs can vary in the limit depending on the specific state that you are driving through.

Many highways have speed limits set at 55 miles per hour, but this can be changed by the state and will vary. Other common limits on highways are 45 miles per hour and 65 miles per hour. Drivers are not to exceed the limit that the sign designates.

Men At Work

This is a temporary warning sign used to alert drivers of upcoming road work. The colour for this sign is Orange, this is because it is one of the most visible colours to the human eye, and can be noticed above other traffic signs on the road.

 Men at work signs are generally accompanied by other temporary warning signs, such as “road work ahead” signs and “detour” signs.

No Overtaking

This sign is mostly placed on two-way narrow roads or roads that are too risky for vehicles to attempt to overtake vehicles ahead of them. They are also placed at bends, dips in the road, or where there are trees.

Bumps Ahead

This sign is used to warn motorists that there is a bump ahead or an uneven road surface on the road. This warning informs motorists to reduce their speeds at certain points.

No Parking

This sign is used to inform road users that parking activities should not be done in that space.

The numerous road signs in Nigeria help in maintaining safe driving conditions. One can know how fast they are meant to drive or when to stop or enter a junction.

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