Road Signs in Ghana And Their Meaning 2022 (Complete List)

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Road Signs in Ghana And Their Meaning: The relevance of road signs is pretty self-explanatory. They restrict motorists from hitting one another, warn of impending hazards, and inform drivers and even pedestrians of the local regulation and laws.

Whenever, an accident occurs all fingers come pointing at the primary road user, the driver. Well to some extent they are mostly to blame for accidents due to careless driving, ignorance, or negligence. According to the Accra Metropolitan Authority, hawkers, vendors, and pedestrians for not use the sidewalks and lanes right, and therefore this is also a major cause of accidents. However, the reality is they occur within a twinkle of an eye, and nothing much can be done if it happens. The best measure to curtail such unprecedented outcomes is to understand the road signs and their meanings in Ghana.

A driver in Ghana needs to have a valid driving license and successfully been through the driving school. This regulation is to enable them first have the know-how about road usage, respect for other road users and road signs. This will help them observe the traffic rules and as a result, solve the road accident scourge.

Road Signs in Ghana And Their Meaning

You may have come across a sign and you probably did not interpret what it means or maybe you need a recap. Here is a reminder of the road signs and their meanings that help one navigate roads smoothly. Road signs in Ghana can be classified as warning, regulatory and informative/directional signs.

Regulatory signs are a mandatory provision as guided by the Accra Metropolitan Authority. As a matter of fact, they are a state enforcement, for example, the traffic signals; red, yellow and green lights for stop, get ready and drive. Another regulatory road sign is the police roadblock, vehicles are expected to stop and be thoroughly checked before proceeding with the drive.

Road Signs in Ghana And Their Meaning

Warning signs in Ghana are the most common ones, they are enacted in order to prevent possible hazards or accidents from happening. The signpost is majorly in a triangle, with bold red edges and the road sign with names or symbols. Two children in a triangle mean that there are children crossing nearby and so the driver should slow down. A black white striped with a person walking is a pedestrian crossing so halt to make way for them. A steep hill either upwards or downwards means that ahead is a steep edge that needs the driver to be cautious.

Informative road signs can also be referred to as being directional. They guide road users on the safety measures. Such can be a right or left bend, a sharp reverse curve to the right or left, slippery road, roadworks, dual carriageway ends, low flying aircrafts, bumps or uneven road ahead, open drains or river, and so on. These road signs in Ghana are enacted in order to help the driver cautiously use the road. If these road signs and meanings are well understood and applied the number of road accidents or frustration would go down significantly.

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