Top 5 Best Repairable Shoe Brands in the World 2023

Last Updated on February 10, 2023

Repairable Shoe Brands

Repairable Shoe Brands: What do you do when your beloved shoes wear out? If you really like the shoes, then it’s definitely worth it to repair them.  

If they’re not repairable shoes, your options for what to do with old shoes are still numerous, but perhaps not the life-extending solution you were hoping for.

You might have a pair of shoes that you love to wear every day, or perhaps you are a sneakerhead who loves to keep up with trendy shoes and want them in your wardrobe.

But all these wishes and collections of trendy shoes might go in vain. The trendy, colourful sneakers you see nowadays do not come with a life-extending solution, i.e., they are not repairable.

What Are Repairable Shoes?

As the name suggests, repairable shoes are the ones that can be fixed or repaired. Soles and heel replacement is what determine if a shoe is repairable or not. The heels and soles of the shoes wear out faster than the rest of the shoes. So, replacing them is one of the most common shoe repairs. However, apart from this, many different types of shoe repairs can be done to increase their durability.

What Kinds of Shoes Can Be Repaired?

When we talk about the kinds of shoes that can be repaired, we talk about shoes made out of leather, faux leather, apple leather or other plant-based leather. A number of the best vegan shoe brands are available that offer shoes not made from actual leather.

Apart from these, flats, loafers, work boots, sandals, dress boots and high heels are the types of shoes that can be repaired. When you talk about these shoes, the sole and upper parts are attached to a separate strip of leather. This will ensure the sole of the shoe can easily be replaced and make the shoe more water-resistant.

No matter how expensive your sneakers are, you won’t be getting the soles replaced. However, when we talk about sneakers, they do not fall under this category. Typically fused to the shoe, the plastic soles used in sporting footwear are less resilient.

Additionally, the various sneaker styles’ bottoms are very different, making the replacement a lot more difficult. The best thing that can be done with your sneakers is the temporary fix using glue.

Shoe Brands That Make Repairable Shoes

There are some shoe brands that make repairable shoes, and you might consider purchasing a pair of kicks from them. These shoes are handmade and can easily be repaired. So, here are some brands that deal in repairable shoes.


GORAL is a UK-based shoe brand that deals in handmade repairable casual and work shoes. They offer a lifetime repair guarantee for all of their repairable shoes. This brand only deals in repairable men’s shoes and offers a variety of shoe types, including loafers, trainers and boots. GORAL produces every shoe at its Britain-based workshop; all its products are handmade.

2. Nisolo

Nisolo deals in handmade shoes, handbags and other accessories. They offer repairable men’s & women’s shoes for every need and every type. From heels and flats to weather-resistant ones, Nisolo has everything you need. Most of the shoes from Nisolo are made with leather, and some vegan leather options too.

3. Vivobarefoot

Vivobarefoot is another shoe brand that makes shoes out of sustainable materials, including organic cotton and recyclable plastic. Their shoes are designed in such a way that they offer comfort as well as durability. The company also provides repair services for any shoes that wear out.

4. VYN

A Swiss sneaker brand that designs repairable sneakers whose components like heels can be replaced at home. VYN also offers different coloured heel components so you can customise your shoes according to your style.

They have a collection of classic street sneakers that are not ideally made for running purposes but definitely for showing off your style. The shoes are available in leather and suede with a variety of colour options.


ABLE offers repairable women’s shoes, jewellery, clothes and accessories. They offer shoes in a variety of types, including flats, heels, leather boots, loafers and sandals. ABLE’s shoes are made from a variety of materials, including synthetic fabrics, different types of leather and plant fibres. The company focuses on producing environmentally-friendly products.

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