How To Check Your Ration Card Application Status Online

Last Updated on February 12, 2022

Ration Card Status Check

In this article, we have provided detailed information about the Ration Card. For those interesting in applying, and if you have already applied and want to check your ration card application status please take your time to read the information provided below;

What Is Ration Card

Ration Card is a government approved document which helps you in purchasing items such as food, grains, kerosene, etc. at subsidised rates.

Ration card has been extremely helpful to those who are not so financially well off or belong to below poverty line (BPL) group and would find it difficult to purchase food items.

Apart from that, a ration card also acts as a proof of identity and address and can be used for purposes such as applying for a domicile certificate, voter ID, etc.

Now, that you have gotten the full knowledge about Ration Card, what do you think about types? There are two types of Ration Card which you need to know and the type of people that are suitable for such cards.

Types Of Ration Card

There are two types of Ration Card:

  1. White Ration Card: You can apply for a white ration card if you are above the poverty line. The white color indicates that you are a citizen of India who is above the poverty line.
  2. Blue/Red/Green/Yellow Ration Card: These types of ration cards are given to those who are below the poverty line. This ration card helps them in purchasing food items at subsidised rates.

I believe you have a clear understanding of the Ration Card now? So, what next do you want to know? Smiles, I know you are saying the Application Status Checking Guide. Wow! That’s the truth. So, you are following the content gradually? Yes, Okay, you will be given detailed information on How To Check Your Ration Card Application Status.

How To Check Your Ration Card Application Status

  1. You can check the status of your ration card by visiting the official website of Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs Department of the state.
  2. Generally, under E-services on the website, you will find the option of checking the status of your ration card application status.

Either you will be shown a list which will contain the names of the people who have recently applied for a ration card and the status, or you will have to enter your credentials and log in. Once you have logged in, you will be able to check the application status of your ration card.

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