PTE Exam Dates 2022 And Registration Details

Last Updated on February 11, 2022

Are you preparing to write the PTE exam 2022? Then, you probably want to know how to register for PTE, eligibility, requirements, PTE exam date, and more.

PTE Exam Dates

We will provide this information by answering some questions you might have on this subject.

  • What is PTE?
  • Why Take the PTE Exam?
  • PTE Online Application
  • PTE Exam Dates 2022
  • What are the Eligibility Criteria for the PTE Exam?
  • How Much is the PTE Exam Fee?
  • What are the PTE Identification Requirements?
  • PTE 2022 Test Centre Guidelines

What Is PTE?

Pearson Test of English (PTE) is a computer based test aimed at assessing competence in the English Language.

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PTE is widely accepted by Institutional and professional bodies and serve as a prerequisite for examining aspirants or candidates fluency in the English Language.

Why You Should Take PTE

You should take PTE because of the following reasons

  1. Timely availability of result.
  2. Easy availability of exam date.
  3. Could serve as a yardstick in measuring your logical and analytical reasoning skills.
  4. It is purely a computer based test therefore, it is devoid of errors.

Types Of PTE Exams

There are two types of PTE: PTE General and PTE Academic.

  • PTE General is not an English proficiency test; it is only used to recognize outstanding achievements in English language skill.
  • PTE Academic is mainly for the purpose of assessing English Language proficiency.

Who Is Eligible To Take PTE

Candidates should be 18 years and above. But if candidates are below the age of 18, they’re advised to download the parental consent form from PTE official website.

PTE Exam Fee

PTE exam fee is INR 13,300. For Indian candidates it is INR 14,700 inclusive of taxes.

PTE Cancellation Fee

A 50% refund is made if candidates cancel their test in less than 14 days to their exams date. A full refund is made if candidates cancel their test 14 days to their exams date. No refund is made if the candidates cancel their test 7 days or less before their exams date.

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PTE Rescheduling Fee

Candidates who wish to reschedule their PTE test with less than 14 calendar days but at least seven full calendar days before their scheduled test date must pay 50% of the PTE test cost. There will be no reimbursements if the exam is rescheduled less than seven calendar days before the exam.

How To Register For PTE

  1. Visit the PTE website
  2. Enter your correct personal details
  3. Select test date, slot and test centre
  4. Proceed to pay the exam fee and complete registration.

Your login details will be sent to your email address within 48 hours.

PTE Exam Date

Candidates can access their exam date and exam centre by visiting the official website of PTE.

PTE Exam Pattern

PTE consists of 20 different questions type ranging from reading, listening, speaking and writing It is advisable for candidates to review previous past questions just to be on the safe side.

How Long Is The PTE Test

  • The duration for speaking and writing is 54-67 minutes
  • The duration for listening is 30-43 minutes
  • The duration for reading is 29-30 minutes.

How Is PTE Score Calculated

PTE score is calculated based on two main factors: The communicative skills score and the Enabling skills score.

The communicative skills consist of speaking and writing, listening, and reading.

The Enabling skills consist of how well the candidate performed based on oral fluency, written discourse, pronunciation, spelling, and vocabulary.

The PTE academic score calculator makes it simple to figure out your PTE score. Alternatively, to determine the PTE score, combine all of the enabling skills scores together, then divide the total by 6. (here, 6 is the number of items in enabling skills). This is the average of the enabling skills, and this score, along with the other four communicative skills, becomes the fifth contributing component (listening, reading, speaking, and writing). The overall PTE score is obtained by taking the average of these five elements.

How To Access Your PTE Score Report

PTE will send you an email as soon as your results are ready. Then, to view your PTE score report, simply log in to your ‘myPTE account’, the same account you used to register your test.

PTE Score Validity

The scores of the PTE Academic exam is valid for a period of two years while the score for PTE General is valid for a lifetime.

When To Collect Your PTE Result

PTE results are available within 48 hours to 5 working days of the week.

List Of Colleges Accepting PTE Score

PTE score is accepted in over 70 countries and over 3,000 institutions.

Some of these institutions are:

  1. University of Alberta
  2. University of Manchester
  3. University of Nottingham
  4. University of Brighton
  5. University of Essex
  6. University of Bristol
  7. Bournemouth University
  8. University of Leeds
  9. Western University
  10. University of Waterloo


Taking PTE can be a bit challenging especially for those who haven’t had the experience. I strongly advise you grab some past questions or take some practice test just to be familiar with the exam pattern and also aim higher, you’ll do just great.

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