What Is The Price Of A TVS Motorbike In Kenya?

Last Updated on February 14, 2023

Price Of TVS Motorbike In Kenya

In recent years, motorbikes have become increasingly popular among road users of all backgrounds, and they have really brought about a great impact in terms of transportation. The terrains that the other vehicles cannot go through, the motorcycles can be able to maneuver and reach their destination. A lot of youths have earned income with the help of bikes.

What Is The Price Of A TVS Motorbike In Kenya?

The price of a TVS motorbike in Kenya ranges from ksh.70, 000 to ksh.127, 000. TVS motorcycle prices in Kenya vary because of different factors. It could be due to the type of bike or its condition, whether new or used.

Types of TVS Motorbikes In Kenya

The following are the major types of TVS motorbikes in Kenya:

Star Basic 100

Star LX.

HLX 100 Plus ES

HLX 125

HLX 150

HLX 150 X

Apache RTR 160

Apache RTR 180


TVS motorcycle 125cc price in Kenya may begin from ksh.70,000. You can’t regret owning that type of bike since it has its unique power and features.

TVS 150cc motorcycle price in Kenya is ksh.126,000. The TVS 150cc comes with 5 gears. This makes it very powerful and strong. It is also very convenient in carrying luggage.

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