11 Best Places To Sell Recycle Wood Pallets For Cash

Last Updated on February 15, 2023

Places To Sell Pallets for Cash

Looking for where to sell recycled wood pallets for cash? You’re in the right place. Selling pallets for cash is a great way to generate passive income. In this article, we’ll look at a list of places to sell recycled wood pallets for cash.

Wooden pallets are the most common sustainable and reusable component in the logistics industry. Wooden pallets are very important each year billions of wooden pallets are circulated in the United States and the majority of them are recycled and reused.

Research conducted by the NC State University’s Supply Chain Resource Cooperative research states that out of the 2 billion pallets in circulation over 1.5 billion are remanufactured.

So with these statistics, you can see that recycling pallet for cash is a venture that can generate huge income.

The problem you might encounter with this great passive income idea is where to sell pallets for cash around you. This article would solve this problem.

Before we delve into the list of places to sell pallets for cash, let’s discuss on how much are pallets worth, so you can get an idea of the amount you would be getting while selling different sizes of pallets.

How Much Are Wooden Pallets Worth?

Generally the location you find yourself is the major factor that determines how much wooden pallets are worth. However, there are also some other factors that might determine the worth of your wooden pallets; such factors are,

  • The number of wood pallets recycling factories close to you
  • What pallets buyers are willing to pay
  • Size and conditions of the pallets
  • The size and condition of the pallets would play a major role in determining the amount you receive.

You can get within the range of $0.50 up to $4 for each wood pallet you sell, if the condition of the pallet is good you stand a chance of earning big.

The best chance of earning good money is selling your wooden pallets to local manufacturers, if you have 50-100 pallets per week and you sell to 5 local manufacturers, and each manufacturer is willing to pay $2.5 for each you can earn within the range of $625 weekly.

Who Buys Pallets Near Me?

As stated above who buys pallets near you is depending on your location, if you reside in Manchester, UK you can recycle pallets for cash in “cash for pallets Manchester”

If you reside in London then Abbey services would be your best on where to sell pallets for big money.

For Those in Gateshead UK, JC Pallets Recycle would serve this purpose.

Places To Sell Pallets for Cash

Below are places where you can sell recycled wood pallets for cash

1. The North American Pallet Recycling Network

The North American Pallet Recycling Network is a marketplace where you can sell pallets for cash, it is an online matching platform that directly hooks up buyers and sellers of wooden pallets.

If you want to recycle pallets for cash and you stay around New York, Houston, San Antonio, Virginia, and London you can visit the website of the North America recycling pallets network and find a broker near you.

2. Kamps Pallets

Kamps Pallets is a full-service national pallet company; it has been delivering innovative pallet solutions to customers since 1975. Its headquarters is located in the city of Michigan and has over 100 national facilities that meet the shipping needs of industries from coast to coast.

If you live in the Midwest, this company is where to sell pallets for cash,  if you wish to partner with the biggest pallet brokers around. Whether your wood pallets are broken beyond repair or just need a little TLC, Kamps Pallets are pallet buyers that can help find a new home or use for them. However, you need to have a lot of pallets in order to deal with them.

3. National Wooden Pallet & Container Association

The National Wooden Pallet & Container Association (NWPCA) is the largest organization of wood packaging professionals in the world, It is citied in about 28 countries with over 670 company members, who manufacturing, repair and distribute pallets and wood packaging. They also supply products and services to the logistic industry.

So if you want to find registered companies or woodworking shops that buy pallets for cash just visit the NWPCA’s website and use the search bar to search for companies around your city, you would definitely see organizations around you that recycle pallets for cash.

4 RecycleNet – Wooden Pallet Recycling Exchange Listings

Recycle Net is an online P2P portal that was established on May 1, 1995. There major aim is to promote the trade of scrap waste and by products to help promote recycling.

It has a section dedicated to people and businesses who buy and sell pallets for cash. Here, it acts as a directory of listings. All you need to do is to search for your area and see if you can find anyone interested in buying your pallets.

5. PalletOne

PalletOne is a company that focuses on improving its ability to produce pallets at the lowest price. It buys used pallets from customers and offers them cash in return.

So, if you’re looking to sell your repair-able pallets, the company offers a fair market price. They buy used 48” x 40” 4-way pallets, GMA pallets, EU pallets, and other common pallet sizes in a variety of grades.

6. Gruber Pallets

Gruber Pallets is also another organization that secures pallets to fulfill their commitments for their valued customers. If your pallets ( with sizes 48×40, 48×42, 42×42, 48×48) can be repaired and re-sold then we will purchase them at a fair market price. Also, if you have a large quantity of a size not listed, payment is still possible depending on the total quantity and grade.

Furthermore, they pick up and dispose of your scrap pallets and all your wood waste. Visit their official website below to see how to sell your wooden pallet.

7. Local Manufacturers

Local manufacturers are the closest buyers of pallets near you, they would need wood pallets to continue manufacturing different products.

They are one of the easiest places where you can recycle pallets for cash.

So, if you have any pallets and wish to sell them visit any local manufacturer around you or call them and present your offer.

8. Local Pallet Company

If you are unable to sell all your pallets for cash, you can sell the balance to a local pallet company. You can locate these companies from the local telephone book.

In fact, most wood pallet recyclers usually sell to a pallet company as it is quite convenient. However, your profit may get reduced here.

9. Craigslist

Craigslist’s Buy & Sell section is another option for getting people who are either trying to buy or sell pallets. Try putting up an ad regarding the wood pallets you want to sell. Not to worry, it takes a few minutes to put up an ad, and in most cities it’s free.

10. Local Woodworking & Furniture Schools

This is another place where you will see buyers to sell your wooden pallet to. You can locate these local woodworking and furniture schools in a telephone directory, Search for Woodworkers Directory or google for those closest to You Online.

11. Wood Waste Processing Companies

This is another good option for where to sell pallets for cash if you have inconsistent-sized pallets along with crates and other non-pallet items. Here, a pallet company may help but you will have more luck calling a company that produces boiler fuel or wood chips because they tend to be less picky with the wood waste that they recycle.

Furthermore, Garbage disposal companies have also been known to leave a dumpster on site at low cost if they can guarantee that only wood waste is being thrown in it.

How To Sell Your Wood Pallets for Cash

First of all know the worth of the wood pallet you are about selling and then locate a buyer to sell your wooden pallets.  Then call or visit each company or your potential buyer and let them know you have wood pallets for sale.

After locating a buyer you should also visit their official website if any to know how much they buy, if they match your price. Usually, you can sell your used wood pallets to them for $2.50 to $4.50 each or more depending on their condition and size.

Where Can You Find Wood Pallets?

Getting wooden pallets for recycling is not that difficult. Actually, you can get wood pallets from practically any business that has large quantities of goods and products delivered to them.

For instance, if you find wood pallets lying around, just go and talk to the owner or manager of the establishment and offer to remove the pallets from their property for free.

Here are some places to find wooden pallet you can sell include:

  • Department stores
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Tire shops
  • Flooring/tile stores
  • Any business engaged in manufacturing and selling large quantities of products.

Note that most businesses don’t have enough room to have empty, unused pallets lying around. Some even pay to have pallets removed, especially if they have very large volumes of them. So, they’ll be happy to let you take them away for free.

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