2022 Peace Scholarship Award For African Nova Scotian High School Students ($1,500 award)

Last Updated on August 9, 2022

Peace Scholarship Award

The 2022 PEACE Scholarship Award is presented to African Nova Scotian students who are contributing to a peaceful society and are committed to enhancing their communities.

The Peace Tournament partnered with The PREP Academy to make this award possible. The PREP Academy is a community based non-profit organization that inspires and prepares African Nova Scotian students for college and university.


  • The Peace Scholarship Award will select and award two youth with a $1,500 scholarship.
  • The scholarship can be used for tuition, registration fees, books, school supplies and other fees to help you be successful in college or university.


  • Applicant should be a grade 12 students entering college or university in September 2022;
  • This scholarship is open to any program in any field of study;
  • Student must identify as African Nova Scotian and have family ties to historic African Nova Scotian communities;
  • Students must contribute to a peaceful society and be committed to enhancing our communities.


For more information, visit Peace Scholarship Award

Deadline: August 14, 2022

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