Top 10 Best Paying Jobs In Business Services 2023

Last Updated on December 2, 2022

Are you looking for the best paying jobs in business services? This article is for you.

Best Paying Jobs In Business Services

Most companies require business services which of course are of different sorts depending on what they need. So there are many careers in the sector of business services which we’ll be looking at in this article and not just mere jobs but best paying jobs in various fields of business. For each of the jobs, there are qualifications that will be required to win the job.

Over the years, business services job has transformed lives and has played a good role in building society. Hence we’ve come out with a survey of the best paying jobs for you to make a choice and venture.

Before we proceed to the main agenda, let’s get a glimpse of what business service is all about.

What Are Business Services?

Business services are a general term that refers to any industry that supports the operations, infrastructure, or productivity of a company but does not produce a tangible commodity. Information technology (IT) is an important business service that supports business goals, facilitating the ability of the company to be profitable and many other business services such as procurement, shipping, and finance.

The qualifications for a job in business services depend on the company in which you want to work for which will require a diploma certificate from high school or university, computer skills and excellent working ethic. 

At this juncture, we proceed to the best paying jobs in business services which you should know.

Best Paying Jobs In Business Services

There are many opportunities in the business service sector which we have dug the best for you.

1. Business Architect

This is one of the best paying jobs in business services. A business architect develops a strategic model to make an organization more effective by collaborating with the company management and team to implement strategies that will help the company or organization. As a business architect, your duties are to identify areas for improvement in a company, define roles and align the company structure with the business functions.

The salary range for a business architect is $117,000-$152,000 annually.

2. Digital Marketer

This is one of the best paying jobs in business services. A digital marketer creates and manages promotional campaigns, advertising campaigns, and the company’s overall digital marketing strategy as well as creating brands, improving pre-launch marketing plans, and tracking critical metrics such as audience growth and brand recognition.

The role of a digital marketer is to coordinate marketing activities, oversee marketing teams ensure that the organization has the assets essential for each advertising campaign as well as collaborate with senior personnel from different departments.

In addition, digital marketer negotiates deals and partnerships with other businesses and gives feedback on their company’s philanthropic activities.

The salary range for a digital marketer is $125,000–$162,500 annually.

3. CEO

This is also one of the best paying jobs in business services. So a CEO is in charge of a company’s health and success, ensuring that it follows a set of guidelines or a strategy as well as being aware of rivals and market prospects to successfully lead a company.

 This will help accelerate the company’s growth and to gain an advantage over the competition, the CEO’s executives must also remain up to date on the most recent industry standards, trends, and advances.

CEOs develop and establish a strategic plan that will provide the company with direction and seek advice from advisors, or a board of directors.

Note, a  CEO should be focused on inspiring their team and must possess the ability to recognize patterns and know when and how to emulate or adopt what works for their competitors, or how they can take it to the next level.

The salary range of a CEO is $94,500-$190,000 annually.

4. Bank President

This is also one of the best paying jobs in business services that you should know.

The primary responsibilities of a bank President are to manage all banking operations for a bank. A bank President in charge of other branches or regional managers of a bank. So you oversee all their activities and report directly to the bank CEO.

As a bank president, your duties are to ensure all operations meet client expectations, create effective policies, oversee marketing, and develop new banking services. So you must have a strong background in management, and accounting with excellent business ethics added up with excellent communication and public speaking skills.

The salary range for a bank president is $91,000-$162,500 annually

5. Marketing manager

This is one of the best paying jobs in business services. So a Marketing manager is in charge of analyzing consumer, competitor, and corporate data to plan, estimate, organize, and promote businesses.

Also, a marketing manager analyzes and predicts demand for a company’s products and services, as well as develops strategies for growing earnings, investments, and stock ownership

The salary range for a marketing manager is $80,900 – $151,260 annually

6. Human Resource Personnel

This is also one of the best paying jobs in business services that you

The human resources personnel (HR) is responsible for the organizational initiatives, including recruitment and staffing as well as legal compliance as well as defining job descriptions, pay scales, and benefit schedules, and implementing performance assessment programs.

As a Human Resource Personnel, many firms or organizations rely on you to promote job satisfaction and employee loyalty and retention, therefore it is essential to possess excellent attention to detail, a good attitude, and strong communication skills.

The salary for human resource personnel is $134,500-$180,500 annually.

7. Tax Manager

This is one of the best paying jobs in business services and a tax manager is responsible for ensuring that enterprises and organizations comply with local, state, and federal tax laws.

Subsequently, they accomplish this by creating and enforcing various tax regulations, preparing and filing tax paperwork, and discovering and resolving tax concerns.

 The salary range of a tax manager $83,000 – $160,000 annually.

8. Financial Advisor

This is also one of the best paying jobs in business services.

A Financial advisor, also known as a financial planner, assists people in budgeting their money and managing their debts. They assess salaries and assets to build a long-term strategy for their clients’ requirements. Many financial advisors assist their customers in increasing their assets by conducting market research and selecting sound investments.

So if you are looking for a job in business services, this is an excellent choice.

The salary range for a financial advisor is $65,278 – $181,000 annually.

9. Human Factors Engineer

This is also one of the best paying jobs in business services.

A Human factors engineer designs furniture, facilities, and environments that provide optimal benefits for human beings which include addressing concepts like total systems performance and problems related to those theories. The responsibilities of a human factors engineer are to address issues of ergonomics and create accurate solutions as well as advise management on ways to improve the working environment to ensure good health and safety. A human factors engineer’s sole duties are to design and test new machines for training operators.

If you are interested to be a human factors engineer, this is an opportunity for you with salary rage of  $91,000-$133,500 per year.

10. Business Application Manager

This is also one of the highest paying jobs in business services. A business application manager oversees the use of various software application systems used by a company.

The duties of a business application manager are to ensure that the software is deployed correctly and identifies new system software that could be useful to the organization  as he/she leads a team of software professionals.

Qualifications needed for this job are a degree in software engineering or computer science with strong leadership skills.


Having known these jobs, it is left for you to make a choice of which one to apply for and earn. Working in the sector of business services pays and of course, these jobs are generally safer because you can bank on getting paid on schedule no matter what occurs. All you need do is find one with a good salary income.

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