Why Failure Actually Precedes Success? – Most people think when they win a particular challenge that is the end of the game. Well, most individuals tend to slumber after a win. If you asked me I’d say the sooner the change that ideology the better because nothing good comes easy […]

Learn from The Ants – Ever strode over a moving stream of ants of any species? Did you observe anything about them? Well, I have strolled past a long chain of food hunting ants before and I have observed some special traits in them. Ants don’t have leaders, yet they […]

True Colour of Fear – Colour of fear? Does that exist? Well, yes, literally no colours are attributed to fear, unlike red which signifies energy. It is often said that white colour is the colour of fear because people turn white when they are scared but then, white signifies purity, […]

The thin line between success and failure – Success doesn’t make you the best neither does failure make you a loser, the issue is usually resilience, the ability to keep fighting. A wise man once said “Success is a threat because it seduces smart people into thinking they can’t fail” […]

What makes your opponent so relentless? – The thought of being alone is usually a nuisance especially if you have a contender. There are always two sides to every story, the main character, and the villain. If the protagonist isn’t ready to lose, how much more the villain? In life, […]

What Makes You Indispensable – Indispensable? Now that’s a big word coined from the Medieval Latin word “Indispensabilis” meaning unbendable, that which cannot be set aside or ignored. Indispensable is a state of feeling of being special, unique, and essential. This often emanates from the idea that you are wanted, […]