2023 Best Online Thrift Stores In South Africa

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Last Updated on February 9, 2023

Thrift Stores In South Africa

Online Thrift Stores In South Africa: Now you don’t have to worry about going to a flea market to look for an item because the online business has made everything so simple and manageable. You could make your purchase from an online second-hand shop and receive the best service that will make you swear by the online thrift store. Settling for this type of store is not an easy thing for most people. As a result, coming up with a list of some of the best stores will play a very important role in building one’s faith in them. How about trying out these shops?

Top 10 Best Online Thrift Stores In South Africa

Are you in South Africa and looking for recommendations on some of the best thrift shops in South Africa? This list has some of the top stores that will give you value for your money. Check them out below;

1. Babette Clothing

Website: Shopbabetteclothing.com

Babette Clothing is quite a popular name in South Africa as far as thrift clothing stores is concerned. The thing about Babette clothing is that it is a kind of upscale place for thrift store patrons. This is because the clothes are usually of good quality, and there is enough diversity in the goods. Babette Clothing stocks both vintage clothing and classy modern ones.

Babette Clothing has a website, as well as a very active Instagram page. The store’s physical shop is situated on 41 Church Street, Cape Town, although you can also make your inquiries on phone by calling: 021 424 4457.

2. Afraid Of Mice

Instagram: @afraidofmicect

The name of this store could make you giggle, but wait till you see the glamorous clothes this store packs. We are not sure of where to place Afraid of Mice on the list of thrift stores in Cape Town South Africa. One thing is quite sure, this is another exciting shop that stocks both vintage and new clothes, and offers you the chance to look great without spending a fortune.

The physical location of the store is 86 Corner of Longmarket Street and Long Street, Cape Town, you can visit the shop’s website, and then there is the Instagram page which is very actively courted by fashionistas and shoppers even people who just want to look at pretty clothes. You can call them up on 021 423 7353.

3. Second Time Around

That is a very crafty name indeed: it suggests second-hand clothing, without sounding too obvious. But Second Time Around does not only stock clothes: this is a great place to get vintage bags and jewellery from as far as 1920. If you do not understand the difference between old clothes and vintage clothes, then perhaps you should not bother checking out this thrift store because you could find yourself mistaking the vintage clothes for ordinary pieces of junk.

Long story short; this is a great place to get your hands on collectible clothing items that were made several years ago. The physical location is 196 Long Street, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, South Africa. You can call them on +27214231674.

4. Second Hand Rose

Website: Mysecondhandrose.com

Okay, this is too apparent; the store sells second-hand clothes. But that is not necessarily a bad thing; you will be impressed to find out that the clothes on offer at this store are mostly of good quality. These are clothes that one could wear, and still, make a statement wherever he goes. This store does not only stock clothes; you can get almost any kind of fashion item including clothes, shoes, bags, and hats, all at Second Hand Rose.

This is the oldest thrift store in its city; it opened in 1971. You can find this thrift store at 8, Grove on the Square, Warwick St, Claremont, Cape Town, 7708, South Africa. you can visit their website, or call them on +27 21 674 4270.

5. Dreamland Vintage

Website: https://www.dreamlandclothing.co.uk

Dreamland Vintage makes it clear from their name that they are a vintage thrift store. The good thing about vintage is that they are made strong. You can hardly find clothes shoes and bags made these days that are made with such durability in mind. At Dreamland Vintage you will find vintage fashion items that were made as far back as ’70s fashion to the early ’90s.

Some of these clothing items are real bargains because while they can be bought for cheap prices, the value they bring far exceeds the money. Dreamland Vintage ensures that the items they stock are of very high quality, good for real occasions. You can visit the shop’s physical location at 7 Beckham Street, Gardens, Cape Town. You can also go to their website, or check out their Instagram page.

6. Glitterati

Instagram: @glitterati_vintage

Glitterati is another great place to buy good quality wears at low prices. This store stocks not only vintage items from many years ago; but also ‘recent vintage,’ which was made a season or two ago. Many people go to their website, or Instagram page not just to shop, but also to see the trends in fashion, and what they can get with less money.

You too can visit the store’s website or find them on Instagram. You can also go to the physical shop on Antique Arcade, 127 Long Street, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, South Africa. if you would like to call; please do so on: +27828195247.

7. Vintiqueen

Instagram – @vintiqueenvintagestor

Vintiqueen is located in Johannesburg, South Africa. This is a big thrift store that sells some of the most unique pieces of ladies’ clothes at very affordable prices. Here you will find dresses, gowns, tops, skirts, and other pieces of clothing- particularly for the fashion needs of women. Vintiqueen has a very active Instagram page; women old and young flock there for fashion tips and also for cheap fashion deals.

You can find the physical shop at 300 Commissioner St, Jeppestown, Johannesburg. You can call them on 011 021 2328, or you can check out their Instagram presence.

8. Patou Boutique

Website – patou.com

Patou Boutique gives you low-price options when it comes to great fashion items. The thrift store is a great place to look at used clothes from the recent past, or the recent season, and if you know your fashion, you will stun turn heads. The best part is that the pieces of clothing and bags look so new that you would have to convince people that these clothes are used items.

You can check out the store at 360 Jan Smuts Ave, Craighall Park, Sandton. You can also reach them on 0117876011, or check out the shop’s Instagram page. 

9. Rags and Lace

Despite the name, rags and lace is another shop where you can get nice clothes (not rags) that you can wear casually or for corporate events. You will find that some of these clothes are classy designer wears. Rags and Lace majorly stock women’s outfits, and are aimed at proving that fashion is not necessarily expensive.

You can find them at 358 Jan Smuts Ave, Craighall Park, Randburg, and you can call them at 011 787 2130.

10. Never New

Instagram: @nevernewstore

Never New is a Thrift Store that deals in some of the best second-hand clothes you can find anywhere. Never New offers clothes for all genders and ages, and the clothes are quite very fashionable. The shop is located at 15 Lower Main Road, Observatory, Cape Town.

The store has a very good social media presence as you will find on the Instagram page. You can also reach them on 0798456926.


Get the most out of your online shopping by putting this list of Online Thrift Stores In South Africa to use. Just remember to be safe during your online shopping adventure by keeping your hard-earned money secure from unscrupulous websites.

Happy shopping!

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