10 Work From Home Online Jobs In Kenya That Pay Well In 2023

Last Updated on February 13, 2023

Work From Home Online Jobs In Kenya

Looking for ways to earn extra income this year? There are online jobs in Kenya that pay well and you can work from home.

You will be interested to know that most of these online businesses in Kenya can be started with little capital and you do not need to quit your regular salary job.

If you are a student and you are probably thinking about how to make money online in Kenya, keep reading.

Work From Home Online Jobs In Kenya

  1. Social media Jobs
  2. Online Tutoring Jobs
  3. Web developing Job
  4. Blogging Job
  5. Selling Goods Online
  6. Virtual Assistant Job
  7. Affiliate Marketing
  8. Become an online influencer
  9. Freelancing Job
  10. Translator Job

1. Social Media Jobs

A lot of people are making huge money from social media today.

The world is now a global village and with just a single post you can reach millions of people.

Starting up a social media job is not that hard, you just need a device and internet.

You can start by managing accounts for brands, though this might require expertise and experience.

If you are a social media guru, chances are that you have seen some big firms posting regularly on social media. Now, what you don’t know is that the owners of these companies are not the ones posting on the platforms.

There are people like you; Social Media enthusiasts who take up such jobs as Social Media Managers for various companies. Their role is to create engaging content for the brand and manage the accounts in terms of comments, page growth, messaging, and lead generation.

This is mostly a remote job and can be done from anywhere. There are a few companies who would want an account manager to work from the office though. Also, you only need a laptop or phone, an internet connection, and good knowledge of social media for this job. You don’t need to have any cash at all. You can apply for such jobs via online opportunities or write proposals to prospective clients.

2. Online Tutoring Job

You can easily turn your skills, knowledge, and hubby into a lucrative paying job online.

If you are good at a particular subject or skill, Then it’s time to turn that knowledge into a good paying job.

You can make money online while teaching other people via platform like YouTube.

The internet is full of people from all over the world who want to learn something new.

So if you can solve their Query with your content then you’re on the right path.

You can teach a language, how to speak fluently, how to play football, how to play instrument, how to cook a particular dish, and so on.

There are many things you can teach: Business, science, make up, web design, money skills, anything at all that is worth learning.

There are many ways that you can teach, You can create an online course.

Where you outline everything and sell to people online.

Another way you can teach online is to create your own website.

Outline what you teach and why people should learn from you.

Once you have students, you can bill them and teach them via live sessions on Skype.

3. Web Development Jobs

Do you have some understanding of coding and web design?

Then you can easily work from home as a website developer.

Even if you are a novice who is interested in the job, you can find dozens of easy online tutorials that can help you get started.

Web development is usually outsourced by companies and businesses in Kenya and it’s therefore an area where finding work should be easy.

Keep in mind that there are plenty of freelance web developers out there who can give you a run for your money.

It’s important to find your niche, build a good reputation and keep your pricing reasonable.

4. Blogging Job

Blogging is one of the online jobs in Kenya you can start from Home in 2022.

If writing is one of your hobbies or talent then you can leverage it to make money online.

Think about a niche you love and have good knowledge about.

Design a website and start updating your blog, be it Health, Tech, Fashion or Entertainment blog.

On the Internet, numerous paths can tell you how to make money online, but they can be filled with many pitfalls.

Blogging takes a while before it start paying you, thus, this is not a get rich quick scheme.

However, you can make reasonable income from advertisements with your blog.

Google and other Ad networks will pay you for advertising on your site.

5. Selling Goods Online

All of us have something that we can do without, but something that could very well be someone else’s beloved item.

Make some profit from what you own on e-commerce sites such as Jumia, Jiji, and Konga.

These three sites are some of the most visited e-commerce websites in Kenya and they allow individuals and small businesses to sell their products.

Good thing about this is you can have another job and still run an online store.

Just visit either as Jumia, Jiji or Konga and create a publisher or seller account.

6. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant provides administrative support to an individual or company remotely.

It is like being an office assistant but this time, it is online not in a regular office.

The job of a virtual assistant may include: Writing emails, replying emails, typing, receiving calls and more.

But all is done at the comfort of your home.

You get paid per hour, weekly or monthly depending on agreement.

How much you will be paid depends on your profile and who you work for.

There are many website you can search for Virtual Assistant jobs, they include: Upwork, Remote, Freelancer, LinkedIn and more.

7. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is also one of the top online jobs in Kenya you can start from Home in 2022 which pays well.

Affiliate marketing is all about referring products or services to people for a commission; It is as easy as that.

You get online and refer products to people, if they buy you get a commission.

You will be given a unique link to share and once people use that link and buys, it can be traced to you.

Assuming you refer people to buy a product worth 150k and your commission is 10%.

You get online and work very hard from Facebook, to Instagram, blogs and forum to promote this product.

At the end a month, 1000 people bought through your link.

That will be 150,000 X 1000 = 150 million.

Your commission which is 10% will be 15 million! If you negotiated a better deal of 20% commission that means 30 million for you in a month.

The key is to identify a product you want to promote then build a niche blog or social media channels around it.

8. Become An Online Influencer

 Do you have a hobby, a passion, or an interesting life? Are you knowledgeable about something many people struggle with?

If so, you might want to start a blog, a podcast, a vlog, or be active on one of the major social media networks.

Sometimes it could take years to build a big enough, engaged enough, audience, but if you’re already used to sharing with people online, and have an audience that trusts you, it might be worth treating it as a business.

As your audience grows, you’ll be able to sell them services (like coaching or consulting) and products, but you’ll also be able to make a living by recommending other people’s products – and getting a sponsorship or commission in return.

9. Freelancing Job

This is the best online jobs for students in Kenya, because it gives the flexibility to practice their skills, make money and focus on studies.

Freelancing job is all about working part time online for people or companies on a particular project.

You are not really committed full time and can work with as many people or company as you can.

If you are skilled in any way, you can find freelancing jobs online and make money from home.

Whatever skill(s) you have, it could be: writing, graphic design, programming, video editing, social media skills, translation skills. 

People are looking for you on the internet

All you have to do is join a freelancing platform, register your skills, bid for jobs and make money.

10. Translator Job

If you speak and write many languages, you can become a translator online and make money online from home.

You will have opportunities to work for big brands around the world from your home.

As a translator, you will be required to translate documents, audios, videos and more.

Most individuals are known to fluently speak and write in second languages asides from English. Some of the more popular languages are; Chinese, French, German, Japanese, and Portuguese.

Companies are in favor of applicants who know one or two of these languages. If you’re more proficient as a linguist and know more than three languages that have high demands for translation jobs, you can really earn a decent payout for this translating job.

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