15 Great Non Profit Business Ideas To Start 2023

Last Updated on September 10, 2022

Non Profit Business Ideas

The concept of non profit business is for enhancing and achieving the primary aim of the business, it is established primarily for a charitable course and can either be public, private charity, non-profits created by Government Act, beneficiary charity, and Cooperatives.

Thus, if you have a non profit business idea and you are hoping to start with that, you might want to answer the mission statement of the business before you begin.

There are bountiful non profit business ideas to go around and if you’re on a tightrope right now and you need to know what options you have, relax and scroll throw this list below.

15 Great Non Profit Business Ideas

15. Collect and distribute left over foods

I see this a lot in Western countries and lives are touched by it. A lot of people are going through unspeakable circumstances and food which is the basic needs of man is s luxury to so many, this non profit business idea could be someone’s answered prayer.

14. Fundraising consultant

We have medical consultants, business consultants but fundraising consultants are rare because there aren’t many with the heart like you, if you have the flair for offering advice on fundraising issues then this could be for you. However, to start this nonprofit business idea, you will need to create alliances with local or national charities so that you can represent them on your behalf.

13. Social Functions for Strangers

You might not know, especially in countries where community service isn’t fostered, people might never get to meet those who have social anxiety attacks, depression or autism. This nonprofit business idea can bring strangers together to get to know each other and the problems they share and this community could go a long way to helping people through their pains.

12. Campaigns Against Social Vices

It is undeniable that crime and social vice has become the new normal, domestic violence, abuse, child abuse and trafficking isn’t reducing, this non profit business idea could be the think you need if you are passionate about fighting for the rights of victims in the society. To achieve this, you will need to run campaigns that creates awareness and that tackles this issue headlong.

11. Free Medicines

Most people probably may not have enough food to put on their table not clothes to shield them from the cold, so how they afford medicine? Distributing free medicine to the sick after carrying out test to confirm their ailment is a beautiful non profit business idea you might want to consider.

10. Tree Plantation

Tree plantation is a way of rebuilding out ecosystem, deforestation causes more harm than good, and these days most folks are more interested in industrialization and real estate than in aforestation, this the importance of this non profit business idea.

9. Food banks

Food banks distributes groceries to the less privileged and poor in the community, this is like the easiest non profit business idea anyone could begin in 2023. However, you may need to travel from one community to another to help people so you will need to think about the issue of transportation.

8. Help disabled people

In our society, it isn’t rare to find a disabled people given hell’s hospitality, I mean most of them are treated like they’re not humans. If this is the non profit business idea to in mind, then you could kick start it by empowering these people with key skills and education they need to survive the world.

7. Create a non alcoholic club

This could be the best non profit business idea yet, tons of people are alcoholics and want out but do not know how, you can make that happen, a club that serves non alcoholic drinks is one place people like that would want to hang out at often..

6. Picking out trash

A government organization once started this in my locality but stopped at some point, this non profit business idea doesn’t only rid the streets of toxic waste, it creates room for fresh air and the waste picked could be recycled to save our planet from decay.

5. Charity auction service

This is a less capital demanding non-profit business idea, before you start your non profit business, you could arrange for an exhibition or just an auction service where people donate for charity purpose.

4. Supply first aid kit

Local community health centres always run out of first aid kits, you can have them assembled and delivered to villages, construction sites, schools, countries at war etc.

3. Animal shelter homes

Wildlife is endangered all by he time by the tremendous and endless quest for game, you could build a home for these endangered animals to shield them from hunters with guns and preserve wildlife so they don’t go into extinction..

2. Skill acquisition centre

These days skills pay more then university certificate, you could train the poor on some skills they could survive by. Building a social acquisition centre might be expensive but you could begin by holding classes in schools and studios till you can build your place.

1. Home for the homeless

While we sleep in the warm comfort of our homes, there are those who weather the cold on the streets, this non profit business idea can take alot of people off the streets and give them a place to rest their heads. You may not have enough to start but start with that you have, people are always motivated to take part in anything good, you may find sponsors for your non profit business and grow with it changing lives.

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