NOA Salary 2022/2023 | Current Salary Structure

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NOA Salary 2022

Have you ever wondered how much the National Orientation Agency (NOA) staffs are earning? This article contains the current salary structure of the National Orientation Agency (NOA).

About NOA

The National Orientation Agency of Nigeria (NOA) is the body tasked with communicating government policy, staying abreast of public opinion, and promoting patriotism, national unity, and development of Nigerian society. The motto on its website states: “Do the right thing: transform Nigeria.” Its specific objectives were set out in Decree 100 of 1993.

Functions of National Orientation Agency

The National Orientation Agency of Nigeria plays a lot of roles in the country. Its functions are listed below:

  • To inform and educate the public about government policies, programmes, and activities.
  • It mobilizes Nigerians to identify and use positive patriotic participation in national affairs. The agency informs and engages the people on to defend themselves against any form of domination of resources that groups or a few individuals will want to take advantage of.
  • It collates, analyses, and offers be feedbacks on issues relating to government b programmes, activities and policies from the public.
  • NOA engenders favorable support and opinion for government activities, policies and programmes from the general public.
  • The Agency exposes the people to the values and norms of democracy by establishing social institutions as well as framework that promotes a progressive, disciplined, united, and virile society.
  • It helps Nigerians have a sense of consciousness. It also fosters the awareness of the people and their legitimate rights, privileges, and obligations as citizens of the nation.
  • The agency re-orientates the people Nigerians power matters, the use of power, and the role of the government in serving the collective interest of Nigerians.
  • NOA instills a sense of responsibility in oder to eschew vices in the public life. Vices like dishonesty, religious bigotry, corruption, and others are addressed.
  • The agency also stimulates and engenders dignity of labour, honesty, and the production and consumption of local services and products.

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National Orientation Agency Act

The National Orientation Agency Act 1993 No. 100 is an act that stipulates the establishment of the agency. This Act gives the NOA the responsibility re-orientate and encourage Nigerians to be freely active the discussions and the decision making process which affects their collective welfare and other relating issues/interests.

NOA Salary 2022

The average salary for new level entry at the National Orientation Agency of Nigeria is N80, 000. The data was collated by some of the agency’s staff.

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