NMDPRA Salary Structure 2023 – See Details Here

Last Updated on January 2, 2023

NMDPRA Salary Structure

Are you interested in knowing how much NMDPRA employees earn? Then, you have come to the right place. This article highlights NMDPRA Salary Structure.

What is the work of NMDPRA?

  • Regulate and monitor midstream and downstream operations in Nigeria.
  • Determine appropriate tariff methodology.
  • Set cost benchmarks for midstream and downstream operations.
  • Advise the Government and stakeholders on commercial matters relating tariff and pricing framework.
  • Regulate the bulk storage, distribution, marketing, transportation pipelines of petroleum products.
  • Monitor and enforce compliance with the terms and conditions of licenses, permits, and authorizations issued by the authority.
  • Set, define, and enforce approved standards and regulations for design, construction, fabrication, operation, maintenance of plants, installations, and facilities used or to be used in midstream and downstream petroleum operations.
  • Ensure security of supply, development of the market and competition in the natural gas and petroleum products market.
  • Establish customer protection measures in accordance with the provisions of the enabling Act.
  • Promote competition and private sector participation in midstream and downstream petroleum operations.

NMDPRA Salary Structure 2023

The Department of Petroleum Resources, DPR pays their entry-level staff ₦133,333 as a basic salary every month, adding up to about ₦1.6 million per annum. This data is the most recent available figures on the salary pay of the agency.

However, these employees may have their salary to be even better on the grounds that the Department of Petroleum Resources additionally pays allowances, with the sum contingent upon where you live and other factors. Adding up to everything your per annum pay might ascend to as high as ₦2.5 million. This makes DPR one of the highest-paying agencies in the country.

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