NIS Kenya Salary Structure 2023

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Last Updated on January 6, 2023

NIS Kenya Salary

About National Intelligence Service Kenya (NIS)

National Intelligence Service Kenya which was previously known as the National Security Intelligence Service (NSIS) is both the (national) domestic and foreign intelligence agency of Kenya. It had its origins in the “Special Branch” a department of the national police that was created in 1952 under the British administration. Among other things, it provided intelligence during the Mau Mau uprising.

Functions of the National Intelligence Service In Kenya

1. Detect and identify threats to national security.

2. Advise the president and government of any threat.

3. Safeguard and promote national security within and outside the country.

4. Safeguard information systems and processes within state departments.

5. Make recommendations to the National Security Council on policies concerning security intelligence.

6. Regulate the flow of security intelligence between service and the state departments.

7. Provide confidential security reports for persons seeking to be Kenyan Citizen.

8. Carry out protective and preventive security functions within state departments.

9. Liaise with intelligence or authorities in other countries.

NIS Kenya Salary Structure

N.I.S salary range is based on years of experience as shown in the table below:

NIS StaffSalary Per Month
Graduate TraineeKsh.60,000 to Ksh. 130,000
One to three years’ experience NIS staffKsh.130,000 to Ksh.200,000
Four to six years’ experience NIS staffKsh.200,000 to Ksh.250,000

NIS Allowances

NIS salary is inclusive of allowances to cater to their expenses. Some of the NIS allowances include:

1.  Accommodation and Subsistence allowances.

2. Airtime allowances.

3. Security allowances.

4. Medical Insurance allowances.

5. Retirement benefits.

6. Group life assurance.

7. Work injury benefit.

These allowances are often included in the basic salary in order to get the total payment per month.

NIS Kenya Training Duration

Are you wondering how many months NIS training takes? NIS training program takes 6 months for one to be well equipped with the required skills.

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  1. Kenneth Kipchirchir says:

    I will like to serve my beloved country under NIS because it’s my dream job.

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