Nedbank Universal Branch Code in South Africa

Last Updated on November 15, 2022

This guide is for those who want to know the Nedbank Universal Branch Code. Read on for more information.

List of Nedbank Universal Branch Code

The Nedbank universal branch code will help you understand where the exact location of the bank is in addition to safeguarding your online transactions. This makes it easy for you to access and transact fast as you enter the specific number needed. This special symbol is unique to every outlet of the bank and ensures that your transactions are safe.

Nedbank is a major bank in South Africa which means that it has many outlets. The universal branch code is a generic symbol that is user-friendly and offers great service for all of the bank’s outlets. This is the number that you can use for any transaction with the bank regardless of your account type or specific outlet.

What is Nedbank Universal Branch Code?

Now that you know what the universal code is about and why it is crucial, you must be asking how do I find Nedbank branch code? The Nedbank universal code is – 198 765. This user-friendly number will come in handy especially if you want to transact all your banking business online. Like all other major banks with outlet numbers, this is a crucial symbol for both the bank and users. This Nedbank branch code internet banking makes it safe and convenient.

It is now easier for you to transact safely. You do not have to master the different special numbers of different outlets that you have an account with to transact. You can now utilize a single outlet number if you want to make payments into, and also make collections for, Nedbank Current and Savings accounts. Make use of the outlet code 198765. Apart from understanding the Nedbank branch code for EFT and mastering the single special number that allows you to transact regardless of your outlet, the following are specific branch codes for the different outlets of the bank. These numbers will help customers to transact accurately without having to worry about their money going to the wrong recipient. The bank has numerous sublets which is why the following list includes a few of the most popular outlets only.

List of Nedbank Universal Branch Code

1. Port Elizabeth branch

  • Code – 121317
  • Physical location: 329 Cape Road Newton Park, Port Elizabeth 6045.

2. Southern Peninsula

  • Number – 123209
  • Physical location: 8th floor, 57 Heerengracht, Foreshore

3. Stellenbosch

  • Number – 119210
  • Physical location: Lower ground, Langenhoven Student Centre, De Beer Street, Stellenbosch.

4. Sandown

  • Symbol – 119210
  • Physical location – Shop LO5 CNR 135 Rivonia road &, Maude street, Sandown

5. Gateway

  • Number – 189905
  • Physical location: Shop f244 Gateway Theatre of Shopping No1 Palm, Boulevard Umhlanga Ridge New Town Cente.

6. Irene Village Mall

  • Number – 148345
  • Physical location: Irene Village Mall, Shop 95 Cnr Nellmapius &, Pierre Van Ryneveldt Roads, Irene.

7. East London

  • Number – 125421
  • Physical location: 71 Oxford Street, East London

8. Umzimkulu

  • Symbol – 114405
  • Physical location: 228 Courthouse Road, Umzimkulu.

9. Booysens

  • Number – 198005
  • Physical location: Shop 12 – 14, Southdale Shopping Centre, Alamein Road, Southdale.

10. Barberton

  • Symbol – 101004
  • Physical location: Shop 2 Ground Floor, 77 Crown Street, Barberton.

With Nedbank universal branch code at hand and all the specific outlet symbols in your know-how, it is easier to transact with Nedbank safely. You do not have to worry about not finding the right symbol for a branch in that you have an account. In the case that you do, make use of the universal code to safeguard your online banking transactions.

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