NDA Ranks and Salary Structure 2022 | How Much Is NDA Salary In Nigeria

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Are you looking at the NDA Ranks and Salary Structure 2022? Established in 1964, the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) is responsible for training officers for the Armed Forces of Nigeria. The NDA provides each officer cadet with the necessary knowledge, skills and values needed to meet the requirements of a military officer through military, academic and character development.

NDA Ranks and Salary

The NDA is located in Kaduna and is said to be the only Military University in the country. The typical duration of training in the academy is 5 years which comprises 4 years of academic studies and 1 year of military training.

This course is called the Regular Combatant Course and successful candidates are usually awarded a Bachelors Degree. Initially, the RC used to be exclusive to males until 2011 when females were allowed to enrol.

NDA Admission Requirements

If you intend to apply to the NDA, there are some eligibility requirements that candidates must meet in order to be successful.

Below are the eligibility requirements for entry into the NDA RC

  • Must have a minimum of 5 credit passes including English and Mathematics at the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination conducted by the West Africa Examination Council or National Examination Commission or General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level. This result must have been obtained in not more than 2 sittings. Awaiting result or results that is older than 5 years from the date of application is not acceptable.
  • Must have at least two supporting relevant credits to the compulsory credits in Faculty of Arts, Social Sciences and Faculty of Science. However, only one supporting relevant credit is required in the Faculty of Engineering.
  • Must be at least 17 years old and not more than 21 years old at the time of entry into the Academy. If the candidate intends to enrol in the Nigerian Air Force, s/he must be between 17 and 18 years old at entry.
  • Must not be less than 1.68 metres tall for male and 1.50 metres for female.
  • Must be medically and physically fit and must be of proven good moral character.
  • Must be single with no legal obligation to support any child or other individuals.
  • Must present a certificate of origin obtained from a Local Government. If possible, candidate should provide a certificate indicating state indigeneship from the Office of the State Governor.

The NDA trains officer corps for the Nigerian Army, Navy and Air Force.

NDA Ranks And Salary Structure

We’ve highlighted the NDA ranks below from the entry-level position of private soldier to the highest position of commandant. Their monthly and annual salary have also been included in the overview. However, it is important to note that this salary excludes bonus and allowances.

Private Soldier                           

  • Monthly salary: N49,000
  • Annual salary: N588,000

Lance Corporal

  • Monthly salary: N55, 000
  • Annual salary: N660,000


  • Monthly salary: N58,000
  • Annual salary: N696,000


  • Monthly salary: N63,000
  • Annual salary: N756,000

Staff Sergeant

  • Monthly salary: N68,000
  • Annual salary: N816,000

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Warrant Officer              

  • Monthly salary: N80, 000
  • Annual salary: N960,000

Master Warrant Officer       

  • Monthly salary: N90, 000
  • Annual salary: N1,080,000

Second Lieutenant           

  • Monthly salary: N120,000
  • Annual salary: N1,440,000


  • Monthly salary: N180,000
  • Annual salary: N2,160,000


  • Monthly salary: N220,000
  • Annual salary: N2,640,000


  • Monthly salary: N300,000
  • Annual salary: N3,600,000

Lieutenant Colonel           

  • Monthly salary: N350,000
  • Annual salary: N4,200,000


  • Monthly salary: N550,000
  • Annual salary: N6,600,000

Brigadier General             

  • Monthly salary: N750,000
  • Annual salary: N9,000,000

Major General                

  • Monthly salary: N950,000
  • Annual salary: N11,400,000

Lieutenant General            

  • Monthly salary: N1,000,000
  • Annual salary: N12,000,000


  • Monthly salary: N1,500,000
  • Annual salary: N18,000,000

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