NBA Floor Cleaner Salary Scale 2023

Last Updated on March 21, 2023

NBA Floor Cleaner Salary

This guide provides details about NBA Floor Cleaner Salary. You will also learn about the history of NBA games, available NBA job positions, how to become an NBA floor cleaner, how much NBA floor cleaners make, and more.

History Of NBA Games

The National Basketball Association is a basketball league that came into existence in June 1946 in New York. Previously, it was called the Basketball Association of America (BBA). This well-known North American basketball league comprises 29 teams from the U.S and one team from Canada. Considered as one of the premier leagues of the world, NBA basketballers are one of the highest-paid athletes in the world.

What Are The Available NBA Job Positions?

Aside the players, other employees working for the NBA earn a good annual salary. At NBA there is versatility in jobs; you will find waterboys, towel boys, ball boys and a person employed as floor cleaners as well. The job of the floor mopper is to clean the court. Like other employees, the NBA floor cleaner salary depends on the status. But, if you want to know how much NBA court cleaners make in a year, read further.

Before we proceed to elaborate on the NBA cleaner salary, it is good to know the procedures involved to become an NBA floor cleaner.

How To Become an NBA Floor Cleaner?

To secure a job as an NBA floor cleaner, it is essential to have the required set of skills and education. Hence, the procedure to apply could be different. To hire the janitorial staff such as mop boys or floor cleaners, they have different methods which vary from team to team. However, your desired team won’t accept your application without relevant experience and education in this field. A basketball court cleaner might be an ordinary job but its annual salary is quite good. For this reason, there are many applicants for this job and one needs to stand out to create a good impression. It will also be one of the reasons to determine an NBA floor cleaner salary.

What are the Steps to Become an NBA Court Cleaner?

Below are a few steps that might be helpful to become a court cleaner at NBA:

  • You can visit and look for all the job vacancies posted there
  • NBA also posts on From there you can also get a rough idea about how much a NBA floor cleaner gets paid.
  • Job postings are also visible on LinkedIn. By adding filters like HR or Talent acquisition you will get your desired results. You may also find an NBA cleaner salary as well.
  • Find their email address on Google and email them with your query regarding NBA floor mopper salary and how to become one.

If you have strong connections with the NBA or can contact the HR managers or associates they will probably help with the application process and might give you an idea about how much do floor cleaners in NBA make

How Much Do NBA Floor Cleaners Make?

Before drooling over the salaries of the players and coaches, people had no idea that an NBA floor cleaner salary can be massive. As the job of a mop boy is physically demanding and requires a lot of energy, the income is justified as well.

On average, a basketball court cleaner salary in the NBA is $80,000 per annum. This figure can rise up to $100,000 as the NBA janitor salary depends mainly on education and experience.

How Much Do NBA Mop Boy Make?

According to some research an NBA mop boy’s salary rarely exceeds $70,000. Skills and experience are the basic criteria to judge, but most of the teams at NBA hardly pay more than the average. Some times give bonuses and additional funds if their team qualifies further.

An NBA floor cleaner salary is more likely to increase if they are part of a good team and the particular players give them tips.

What are the Duties of an NBA Floor Cleaner?

Now that you are aware of an NBA floor cleaner salary, you must know what work should be done to perform this job. A mop boy, sweeper, and floor cleaner are all similar roles and their main job is to keep the court clean. They must keep the basketball court dry from sweat and water at all times.

The players constantly run around and dive, hence the cour needs constant mopping, so the mop boy does the job. Similarly, helping in setting up the benches, loading and unloading gears are also some work that an NBA janitor may perform. All this work requires plenty of physical strength and that’s why we believe the NBA floor sweeper salary is worth it!

What are the Salaries of Players and Employees at the NBA?

The NBA athletes are one of the reasons people wait for the seasons eagerly. The players at NBA are one of the well-paid sportsmen in the world and earn around $7.4 million dollars in a year. Apart from floor cleaners at NBA, waterboys, towel boys and ball boys are of equal importance as well. Just like NBA court sweeper salary, the pay of NBA waterboy also varies according to experience and they earn around $53,000 to $58,000 a year. The NBA towel boy salary ranges between $55,000 – $60,000. Ball Boys also have a tough time running around the court, they earn $52,000 a year.

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