10 Music Managers Looking For Talent In Uganda

Last Updated on January 24, 2024

If you are an upcoming artist in Uganda, I have provided a list of music managers looking for talent in Uganda in this article to help you find music managers who will develop your talent and set you up for success in the music industry.

Music managers are necessary for the growth of artists. They will link you up with other top artists and record labels, organize concerts and tours for you across the world, promote you across industries, and give you a brand identity that will sell you, not just in the music industry alone, but across every industry, and take your music career to greater heights. And all these they do behind the scenes.

They do much more than the tasks I just listed above but it is all directed towards one goal: to help take your musical career to the next level. This is why it is necessary to have a music manager as a developing talent who will be looking out for you and paving your pathway to success in the ever-competitive and saturated music industry.

If you are an upcoming musical talent in Uganda or you already have some level of fame as a musician in Uganda but without a manager, this list of music managers looking for talent in Uganda I have compiled in this article will help you find the right manager that will help build your career and take it to the next level.

Music Managers Looking For Talent In Uganda

Here are music managers in Uganda looking for talent with their business names, location, and contact details provided.

1.     MA Music Solutions Uganda

MA Music Solutions Uganda is open every day of the week from 9 am to 5 or 6 pm. They are located at Kawuku Town (along Kampala – Entebbe Road) Kampala. You can also reach out to them on any of the contacts; 0776 096512 or 0759 981036.

2.     DJ Jobmash Music Management and Promotion

DJ Jobmash Music Management and Promotion is one of the music managers looking for talent in Uganda. They are open 24 hours all through a week and are located at Kololo, Kampala, Uganda. To reach them on mobile, you can contact them on 0701 357722.

3.     Sold Talent

Sold Talent is a music management company in Kampala, Uganda looking for artists to manage. They are open every day throughout the week except on Saturdays when they are only open from 12 am to 5 pm. Call Sold Talent on 0787 556419 to book an appointment.

4.     Hirokiss Musik Enterprises

As an upcoming artist in Uganda, Hirokiss Musik Enterprises is looking for young talented artists to manage and bring into the limelight. You can contact Hirokiss Musik Enterprises at +256 706 333653 or email them at hirokissmgt@gmail.com.

5.     UG Heights Studios

UG Heights Studios is a record label, so, of course, they will have music managers ready to guide and develop the talents of young artists. If you think this is a place for you to grow your career then visit the studio at Hoima Road, Kampala, or call them at 0705 742384 to book an appointment.

6.     Royal Filmz & Music Studios

 Royal Filmz & Music Studios is a recording studio in Kampala but you can still reach out to them to link you up with music managers looking for talent in Uganda. You can either visit them at Salama Road, Kulekaana stage, Kampala or call them on 0702 290893.

7.     Ugamusic.Biz

Ugamusic.Biz is an entertainment agency that also provides services of music management. The agency is located in Makindye Division and is open 24/7. You can contact them on 0771 345613.

8.     TAF Music Uganda Limited

This is a music management and promotion agency in Munyonyo Center, Kampala open from 8 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday. Their contact details are 0200 900954, 0703 097003, and 0787 680164.

9.     Jaanai Music Entertainment

Jaanai Music Entertainment is a music management and promotion agency located at Plot 40 Ntinda Martyr’s Way opposite Uganda National Examination Board Kampala Uganda. The agency could be the place where your musical career grows to reach the world. Their contact address is 0789 203643.

10.  Big 5

Big 5, located at 7R38+6WQ Third Street Kampala Uganda, is a music management and promotion agency committed to developing young musical talents and giving them a place in the ever-competitive music industry. Contact Big 5 on 0781 116024 to book an appointment.


These are the 10 music managers and agencies in Uganda I could find on the internet who are looking for talents they can train and develop to become shining stars. Contact them today to know who will create a path for your success in the music industry.


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