Mr Price Account Application Requirements, Fees, Status Check & FAQs

Last Updated on March 17, 2023

Mr Price Account Application

Mr Price Account Application: Mr. Price is a famous fashion and home store in the country. They offer a wide variety of items such as baby clothes, shoes, and home décor. Customers can now open a Mr Price account to buy on credit. Furthermore, this service offers flexible repayment plans and exclusive offers.

Mr Price Account Overview

  • Affordable monthly installments
  • Flexible budget plans
  • Exclusive offers and promotions
  • Once off admin fee of R50.00
  • Monthly service fee of R25 per month

What are the perks of opening a Mr Price Account Application?

Having a Mr Price account has plenty of perks. Firstly, clients can buy items and pay for them at a later stage. Therefore, customers can keep up with the latest fashion trends without having to worry about money.

Secondly, Mr Price offers its store account holders exclusive deals and promos. Therefore, allowing them to save extra money in the long run. Lastly, having a Mr Price account allows customers to pay monthly installments. Consequently, this makes it ideal for those who are on a tight budget.

Mr Price Online Application Requirements

Applicants must meet the following pre-requisites before applying for a Mr Price account:

  • Applicants need to be over the age of 18
  • Have a valid ID or passport
  • Provide a cellphone number that is contactable
  • Have spousal permission if married in community of property or by way of customary law
  • Provide a residential or postal address
  • Have proof of employment
  • Provide 3 months proof of income/ bank statement
  • Applicants need to have a good credit score

Mr Price Account Fees

Applicants should take note that all fees are determined by the credit facility issued. However, here is a quick breakdown of fees.

  • Monthly service fee of up to R25.00 per month
  • Once off initiation fee of up to R50.00  
  • The monthly service fee may increase as per the credit facility

Mr Price Pre-screening Application

Applicants can visit to complete the pre-screening form. Here, they will provide their details to see if they’re eligible for a Mr Price account.

How to apply

1.  Select the repayment period from the drop-down menu. Applicants can choose from 6 months, 12 months or 24 months.

2.  Enter identity type (foreign, passport, ID or other)

3.  Prove identity number

4.  Select title and gender

5.  Enter personal details (name, surname and mobile number)

6. Provide employment information (gross salary, occupation  and employer name)

7. Click on “Apply” to submit the form

Additionally, applicants can apply in-store.

MR Price Account Application Status

Mr Price money will then review the application and do the necessary credit checks. Thereafter, they will contact the applicant to inform them of the status of the application.  

Additionally, customers can visit and enter their ID number. This will enable them to review the status of the application.

Usually, an account takes around 24-48 hours to get approved.

How to submit proof of income?

Applicants will need to submit proof of income once approved. They can either take these documents to a Mr Price store or forward a photo to:

Applicants out of South Africa

Unfortunately, the credit facility does not apply to neighboring countries. The credit facility can only be used by those residing in the Republic of South Africa.

Other products and services offered to store account holders

Mr Price account holders can also make use of other services offered. This includes insurance and cellular services.

It should be noted that these services have additional terms. Insurance products are only available to 6-12 month credit facility holders. Furthermore, cellular products and services are only available to 6-12 month account holders.

Ways to pay for your Mr Price account

Mr Price has made it extremely easy for account holders to pay for their accounts. They have multiple payment options available. Customers can use any of the following payment methods to settle their accounts.

1.  Visiting a Mr Price store

Account holders can visit their closest Mr Price store to settle their accounts.

2.  Paying via EFT or at an ATM

Enter the following banking details

Beneficiary: Mr Price

Bank: ABSA

Branch: Kingsmead

Branch code: 632005

Account number: 4074766505

Banking Reference: Your Mr Price Money Account Number or ID number

3. Pay with your cellphone

Dial *120*410# and follow the prompts, it’s that simple.

4. Online payment

Simply login to the Mr Price app and click on “Pay my account” if you already have your account linked.

If not, then create an online profile. Next, link the Mr Price money account to your profile. Thereafter, enter your ID number and enter the OTP. Lastly, click on “Pay my account”

5. On the app

Log in to the app and click on the “Profile” tab. Next, click on the red Mr Price money card and click “Pay my account”.

If you do not have the app download it via the Play Store or Apple Store. Next, create a profile and link it to your Mr Price money account. Thereafter, enter the OTP and click on the red Mr Price money card. Lastly, click “Pay my account”.

6. Zapper or Snap to Pay

You can use either of these apps to pay for your account. Simply open your digital statement. Thereafter,  click on the Zapper/Snap Scan tab that says “click to pay”. You will then be redirected to the payment channel.

MR Price Login

You can login to Mr Price Money by:

1.  Visit

2.  Click on the ‘User’ icon which will bring up a login screen

3.  Enter your email and password to login

You can also access Mr Price Money by using the mobile app.

FAQs About Mr Price Account Application

When is payment due on the Mr Price account?

Payment is due on the last day of each month.

Is there a debit order option?

Unfortunately not, all payments need to be made in-store, online or via bank deposits. Additionally, account holders can make payments using the other platforms.

Which stores accept the Mr Price card?

Customers can shop at the following stores:

– Mr Price

– Sheet Steet

– Mr Price Home

– Mr Price Sport

– Miladys

How to buy airtime?

To buy airtime or data dial *140# and select “buy airtime or data bundles”. Additionally, customers can visit a Mr Price store or log in to their Mr Price money account.

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