Most In Demand Jobs For Foreigners In Italy 2022

Last Updated on August 31, 2022

There is no doubt that many people are drawn to Italy for its famous cuisine, beautiful scenery, and quality of life. Also, many expats move to Italy in search of professional and financial opportunities. So, are you an expat looking to start over, advance your career, gain valuable skills and work experience, or are you looking for a new challenge? Italy is the best place for all this because it has so much to offer.

Most In Demand Jobs For Foreigners In Italy

In this article, we shall discuss the most in demand jobs for foreigners in Italy. But before then, we shall briefly consider the requirements for working in Italy. Keep reading for more information!

Legal requirements for working in Italy

It’s essential that we are aware of the legal requirement that guarantees working in Italy. Below are the requirements for both EU citizens and non-EU citizens.

 EU citizens looking for work in Italy are expected to certify the following criteria’s;

  • They must be a permanent resident of an EU country.
  • They must have a valid passport from an EU country.
  • They must be able to prove that you have adequate health insurance.
  • They must have a National Insurance number or get a tax code number for the Italian authorities if they don’t have the national insurance number.

Non EU-citizens looking for work in Italy are expected to certify the following criteria’s;

For non-EU citizens looking for work in Italy there are requirements that guarantees your eligibility. The most important ones include; salaried employment, Long-term seasonal work, Sports activities, Artistic work, Working holiday, scientific research, Self-employment visa, and Seasonal work (agriculture or tourism related). In addition it’s also required that, as a non EU-citizen you should be able to speak the Italian language.

Having being acquainted with the criteria required for both EU and non-EU citizens to work in Italy lets now dive into the list of jobs for foreigners in Italy.

Most In Demand Jobs For Foreigners In Italy

1. Doctors

Are you a practicing surgeon, physician, orthodontist, and the likes and you want to move to Italy to continue your profession? Be rest assured Italy has a place for you. Italy offers some of the best job opportunities in Medical profession. As a doctor in Italy you can earn €75,000 to €113,000 a year. However, surgeons who specialize in surgeon other than a general surgeon can earn even more because such doctors are highly demanded in Italy.

2. Lawyers

 Are you looking for jobs in Italy as a lawyer or you wish to relocate to Italy to continue practicing law? Italy has a unique judiciary system. Lawyers are also one best, highly paid and respected professionals in Italy. As a lawyer in Italy you can earn up to €70,000 per year.

3. Bank managers

Banking career in Italy is quite lucrative. Banks like; Intesa Sanpaolo, Unicredit, Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, the Banco BPM, and Monte dei Paschi di Siena are some of the biggest banks in Italy that offers profitable jobs for banking professionals. Bank managers are also one of the best jobs for foreigners in Italy. They can earn up to €156,000 a year.

4. Marketing directors

Working as a marketing director in a bank or in marketing can never go wrong. Either you are working in Italy or anywhere else in the world, every country requires them.  They are high-level corporate official who are responsible for overseeing all the marketing operations of an organization. If you are passionate about this field and you have the required Italian culture competencies and knowledge, even as a fresher, you should consider exploring this career in Italy. Working as a Marketing director in Italy can earn up to €91,440 a year.

5. University professors

Italy is regarded as a seat of learning and research in Europe. It has a rich culture and academic history which boasts of scholars like Giovanni Pascoli, Ermolao Barbaro, and Thomas Aquinas. A university professor in Italy is responsible for teaching and guiding some of the best minds in Europe. They are also one of the Best jobs for foreigners in Italy and are highly demanded as it’s quite a mental and emotional rewarding career. A university professor can earn €38,200 a year as starting salary but with time and significant teaching experience they can earn around €122,400 per year.

6. Italian language teacher

Several foreigners migrate to Italy either to work or academic purpose, of which they are required to learn the local language. Have you previously studied Italian, or you have an exceptional skill in reading, writing, and speaking the language? This is a golden opportunity for you. Italian language teacher in Italy can earn annual salary of€75,000.

7. Sales representatives

Sales representatives are always in high demand. They are responsible for providing an avenue to meet new people and sell products and services. Do you have the motivation to succeed and you have strong communicating skills, then this one is for you. Sales representatives in Italy can earn €39,000 per year.

8. Engineering professionals

Engineering jobs are one of the best paying jobs in Italy. They are highly demanded. Italy has numerous job opportunities for engineers with experience in construction or restoration. Engineers in Italy can earn an average salary of €36,698 per year.

9. Tour guides

Italy has a beautiful environment and historical landmarks and it’s also a popular tourist destination. They are responsible for guiding and escorting people on sightseeing tours, cruises, or through public buildings, art galleries, or industrial sites.

They also describe points of interest and respond to questions.  As a tour guide with experience in the country, you will have no difficulty finding a job. Tour guides in Italy can earn €25,720 per year.

10. Restaurant workers

Restaurant workers are also ranked as one of the Best jobs for foreigners in Italy. Italy is known to have delicious food, and there are numerous restaurants that need staff to prepare and serve meals. Restaurant workers in Italy can earn €17,536 a year.


Italy is not just a tourist hotspot but it’s also a very lucrative place to base and work. It’s a country with which its national economy is on the rise and as such, more jobs opportunities are being created.  Apart from the above listed jobs, Italy has numerous job vacancies for expats who wish and aspire to work in Italy to have a standard life.

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