Most In Demand Jobs For Foreigners In France 2022

Last Updated on August 31, 2022

Have you considered working in France but you don’t know what jobs are readily available for hire? It’s no doubt that France is among the most beautiful countries around the globe with lots of wonderful opportunities that suits your career and aspirations, both for the self-employed and the employed.

Most In Demand Jobs For Foreigners In France

This list includes some of the most in demand jobs for foreigners in France 2022. Keep reading for more information!

Most In Demand Jobs For Foreigners In France

Below is a list of the top 14 jobs with high pay for foreigners in France.

1. Store clerk

Businesses are now opening after they experienced a shutdown due to the pandemic. Hence, there’s a high demand for store clerks to provide in-store assistance to customers. They are also responsible for stocking up aisles with essential products. Store clerks can earn an annual salary of €20,840.

2. Certified care assistant

Are you passionate about helping out the elderly and little children? Then this job is for you. A care assistant is expected to perform the responsibility of providing care for people with special needs and helping them with their daily life activities. Certified care assistants can earn €37,300 per year.

3. Real estate agent

Real estate agents are among the most in demand jobs for foreigners in France. The immigration of people into France has led to an increase in its population, and the need for real estate agents. They are responsible for providing suitable homes and units for prospective buyers to live in. They earn an average salary of €43,000 per year.

4. Logistics agent

E-commerce and online sales are highly in demand in France. Logistics agents are needed by many courier companies for the delivery of packages. They are responsible for making delivery schedules and also ensuring that parcels get to their destinations in good condition. As a logistics agent in France, you can earn €53,000 per year.

5. Medicals

Doctors, Nurses, Physicians, pharmacists, and other personnel in the medical field recommend rendering services such as diagnosing, treating, caring, counseling, and other relevant roles that ensure and enhance quality human health. Medical professionals in France earn an average salary of €74,000 per year.

6. Professional development coach

Are you a career coach? Then this one is for you. Professional development coaches are also seen as one of the most in demand jobs for foreigners In France. They profer guidance and training that aids the improvement of professionals in their skills, and workplace. As a Professional development coach in France, you can earn €37,000 per year.

7. Business manager

Business managers perform the responsibility of overseeing, motivating, and the general health of staff, providing them with the needed support and guidance that makes businesses thrive. They are expected to have good business rapport and excellent skills. A Business manager in France can earn €40,000 per year.

8. School teacher

Teaching is also one of the best jobs for foreigners in France. Teachers perform the role of molding and preparing students for their future and career with the best and quality education. Schools require qualified teachers who are able to provide students with the right knowledge they need and achieve their ambitions and aspirations in life. Teachers earn €34,800 per year.

9. Insurance agent

Insurance agents are also highly demanded as they give advice to clients, and they are also responsible for assisting clients in getting the appropriate insurance for both their personal and business needs. They earn €55,100 per year.

10. Yoga instructors

Yoga teachers are also highly in demand as people are becoming more conscious about the mental and physical benefits yoga has to their health and well-being. They are responsible in giving instructions that help their students build strength, flexibility, and mental endurance.  Yoga instructor is one of the most in demand jobs for foreigners in France. They can earn up to €37,158 per year.

11. Social media manager

The use of social media is very rampant in the world today. On social media, social media managers create communities for businesses, and engage these communities in conversations.

They are versatile, tech-savvy, and have excellent communication skills which they use in promoting companies brands and products.

Social media managers perform the responsibility of maintaining social media accounts and ensuring that posts are always relevant to brands. They are in charge of making videos and other graphic content for Twitter, Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms. Social media manager earns around €36,957 per year.

12. Data science expert

Data scientists are also highly demanded in France. They are experts who are responsible for analyzing large data sets, providing solutions to problems, and giving advice on how to use these solutions for the benefit and growth of the organization. As a Data scientist in France, you can earn €69,954 per year.

13. Administrative assistant

Also on the list of the most in demand jobs for foreigners in France are Administrative assistants. They perform significant responsibilities one of which is providing administrative support to people who need it the most, particularly CEOs and managers. An Administrative assistant can earn up to €25,500 per year.

14. Salesman

Do you know how to talk and persuade people into buying products? Then you got a shot on this one. They perform responsibilities such as helping companies make sales by finding potential buyers and convincing them to buy their products, traveling around to different parts of the country to source for clients. A salesman can earn an average salary of €31,200 per year.


France is a beautiful country that offers wonderful opportunities for foreigners alongside the most in-demand jobs for foreigners in France 2022. Although, most of these jobs require basic knowledge of the French Language, finding a job in certain industries in France is fairly easy. As long as you meet the qualifications requirements good news awaits you.

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