10 Most Important Things in Life That Make Life Meaningful

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Last Updated on September 14, 2022

Most Important Things in Life

I saw a clip recently and the narrator mentioned that the most underrated blessing is “leaving your house in the morning and making it back home.” Often times we ignore the basic things in life without knowing they’re actually the most important things we should never forget to be grateful for.

Most Important Things in Life

What is life without family? It’s possible to survive but it would be a little vacuous, or food or a place to lay your head or good friends and most importantly friends. Here are a few things to be grateful for and yes in this article we’ll be listing them so you don’t ignore them ever again.

1. Love

Love is one of the psychological needs of man, aside romantic love; the one we share with our partners, love is just too valuable. People often say, if they’re asked to choose between someone they love and the one who loves them, they would choose the person who loves them. Everyone needs love, animals, trees, paintings, buildings. We can’t protect each other if we do not love them.

2. Water

Sometimes I ponder on the intelligence of God, what would life be without water? Biologically, the body is composed of 75% water and is needed by the cells and tissues for transport and to maintain the fairly internal functions of the body. It’s a necessity that cannot be done without, and just imagine life without water, imagine eating with no water to fill it down, sounds ridiculous.

3. Family

It’s kind of hard to put up with some individuals, the personality difference, the imbalance and issues, it’s actually really difficult but you know what else is much more difficult? It’s waking up to realise you have no family, that they’re all gone.

It’s beautiful and warming to know you have people who have your back and are ready to sail the storm with you despite all odds of life. Family’s love is unconditional, these people were with you when you were born, when you took your first step, they know you more than anyone else and they love you like no one else. Family is one of the most important things in life.

4. Friends

Imagine if you only had family and no friends, you can’t go to school, to work, on vacation with your family all the time, you do most things with friends and there are times when talking to a family member seems hard, friends are who we most likely turn to. Friends may not be blood, but they know how to love you unconditionally.

5. Health

What if you’re alive but always sick, you’re constantly at risk of a particular disease and you can’t be healthy, you could be alive but how happy would you be if you weren’t in good health? Thus, your health is very important and must be prioritized, avoid smoking, drinking, eating foods that have adverse effects on your health, and limit exposure to radioactive elements that could put you at risk.

6. Food

While some people may survive without food for a while, imagine life without food? Try living a day or two without feeding and note the way you feel throughout those days, and then you’ll be grateful that you do have food to eat that supplies your body with the required nutrients needed for your body to function properly. This should help you become grateful for all you have and be ready to share with those who have little to zero.

7. Sleep

Apart from the fact that we need sleep to relieve stress, think about the days and nights you walk around sad and anxious before going to sleep, only waking up the next day feeling all flushed and fresh like you’ve been happy your whole life. Lack of sleep could only cause more health conditions like headache, vertigo, depression etc.

8. Happiness

You can’t be happy all the time, true, but how would you survive in constant depression and sorrow?  There’s something about staying happy, it’s healthy, sets your body functioning properly and it’s something you could actually share.

9. Purpose

Purpose is the driving force that sets us moving. It is possible to go into depression,boredom and anxiety when you have no purpose whatsoever but having a strong sense of purpose helps you stay on your feet till you accomplish it. No successful man has ever mentioned that they started and stayed on their path with unwavering faith if they had no purpose.

10. Memories

Guess Maroon was right when he sang his hit track “memories.” There are just some things that cannot be bought with money, life, family, friends, happiness, purpose but of course memories. They’re just moments we look back at and smile or cry but as long as we have moments to look back at then life is worth living.

While you strive to achieve all the things we hope to achieve in life, there’s a popular saying, do not let go of the moon while chasing after the star. The most important things in our lives should be valued and never forgotten, as long as we have them, we should be constantly grateful that we have them.

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