Minimum Wage in Botswana 2022 | How Much Is Botswana Minimum Wage

Last Updated on April 6, 2022

What is the minimum wage in Botswana 2022? If you are working for a government agency or a private institution in Botswana, you need to know the minimum amount you are expected to earn.

Minimum Wage in Botswana

It is within your right to be paid and nothing less than the minimum wage in Botswana. In fact, the minimum wage is a law that aims to protect Botswanans working in the public and private sectors.

What is a Minimum Wage?

Minimum wages have been defined as “the minimum amount of remuneration that an employer is required to pay wage earners for the work performed during a given period, which cannot be reduced by collective agreement or an individual contract.

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To protect workers, the government of Botswana has set up the minimum wage to protect Botswanans from extortion. By law, all workers are not expected to earn below the stipulated minimum wage.

Minimum Wage in Botswana

The following is the breakdown of Statutory Hourly Wage Rates for various trades and industries:

Manufacturing, Service (Including security guard companies employing security guards) and repair tradesP4.50 per hour
Building, construction, Exploration and Quarrying industriesP4.50 per hour
Hotel, Catering and Entertainment TradesP4.50 per hour
Garage, Motor Trade and Road TransportP4.50 per hour
Wholesale Distribution TradesP4.50 per hour
Retail Distributive TradesP4.00 per hour
Night Watchmen in the above tradesP3.80 per hour
Agricultural SectorP500 per Month

The new rates were payable effective 1st June 2013.

The new minimum wage is aimed at improving productivity in both the public and private sectors of the Botswana economy. It is also aimed to protect workers against unduly low pay.

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