10 Best Marketable Courses In Tanzania 2023

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Last Updated on December 19, 2022

University degree courses are categorized and classified in different ways. Today, we will look at the best Marketable Courses In Tanzania in 2022.

Marketable Courses In Tanzania

Medicine remains the number one best course to study in Tanzania only because of the general belief that jobs are readily available for medical graduates. But this opinion is beginning to change especially with how things are currently going on in the country.

10 Best Marketable Courses In Tanzania

Based on the current job market in Tanzania, the following are the best marketable courses to study.

1. Accounting and Finance

Accounting is one of the best courses to study in Tanzania. Accountants are needed in all professional fields.

They can work in different places and companies such as airports, banks, churches, hospitals, schools, hotels, supermarkets, etc. The can work in all government establishments as well.

With a degree in accounting, there is a great career ahead of you. You can work in different financial positions in any establishment.

After getting your Bachelor’s degree in accounting, you should plan to do a professional certification examination, Masters, and a doctorate in different sub-fields of Accounting.

Career opportunities for accounting graduates

A career in accounting means you will have the opportunity to work within almost any industry imaginable. The compensation varies according to the level of education, certification, and specializations, but in general, accountants are well paid. With the field experiencing rapid growth, now is an excellent time to beginning planning for your career in accounting.

  • Accounting Officer: It is an accounts officer’s responsibility to take care of a particular firm or company’s finances.
  • Auditor: An auditor is an official whose job it is to carefully check the accuracy of business records.
  • Procurement Officer / Manager: They perform market research to identify supplier best practices and capabilities, develop evaluation plans, and look after complex contracts.
  • Chief Financial Officer: Responsible for keeping an organization financially healthy. This means analyzing data, presenting reports and creating strategies for success
  • Forensic Accountant: The detectives of the finance world. They track and analyze data to find missing funds, trace illegal business activities, and identify fraud.
  • Counter-Terrorism Financial Investigator: Works with the police on financial matters relating to persons of interest in ongoing investigations.
  • Environmental Accountant: Takes a ‘green’ approach to making money and finds ways to ensure a company is environmentally responsible and profitable.
  • International accounting specialist: Part of a network of professionals helping manage cross-border transactions, global trade agreements, and overseas investments.
  • Accounting risk analyst: Risk analysts identify any strategic and operational risks.
  • Accounting Clerk: An accounting clerk produces and maintains financial records for a company.
  • Controller: A controller (sometimes called a “comptroller”) is responsible for accounting activities for a particular company. He or she might prepare financial statements and budgets, process data, and prepare taxes.
  • Financial Analyst: A financial analyst evaluates businesses and projects to see if an entity is a good candidate to invest in.

2. Medicine

Medicine is the most coveted health science course in the country because it is the most marketable course in Tanzania. This is because there is almost a 100 percent possibility of getting a job.

Admission into medicine is the most competitive in Tanzania, and it requires getting very high marks in the NECTA exams. The respect and prestige that comes with the title of a doctor is another reason why it is the top best course studied in Tanzanian universities.

3. Architecture

Architecture is one of the top courses studied in Tanzania today. One thing studying architecture guarantees is that you can work for a building firm and work privately at the same time.

Architects will always be needed for the designing and construction of buildings and other structures.

4. Biochemistry

There isn’t much explanation for this course, but among the science courses in Tanzania, Biochemistry is becoming quite popular.

Biochemistry is the study of the chemical process about living organisms. It is an interdisciplinary course of both biology and chemistry, and it is divided into three broad fields which are molecular genetics, protein science, and metabolism.

5. Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

Chemical and Petroleum Engineering is among the top courses in Tanzania. And you don’t need to think too far to know why it is so.

Petroleum is the bedrock of the Tanzanian economy currently. And petroleum companies are among the best-paying companies in Tanzania. So, regarding career options and financial rewards, this course ranks among the top in the country.

6. Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is one of the top engineering courses in Tanzanian universities. It is a professional engineering course that deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the natural and physically built environment and constructions such as airports, bridges, canals, dams, pipelines, sewerage systems, roads, and railways.

7. Marketing

After Accounting, Marketing is probably the next top social science course to study in Tanzania. This is because graduates of this course are needed by almost any firm, company, organization, etc. that is looking to make progress and stay relevant in a competitive market.

And only professionals in this field have the necessary marketing skills to help every company/firm establish its brand and keep making profits.

8. Computer Engineering and Information Technology

Computer Engineering and Information Technology are the top courses studied in Tanzania and all over the world. We are in the computer age and the information technology sector is one of the fastest-growing sectors today.

Professionals in this field are in high demand everywhere in the world, especially ones who have special IT skills. And there are many wonderful career prospects with this course.

The downside is that you can learn special IT skills without going to the university. But the course still ranks among the top courses studied in Tanzanian universities.

9. Estate Management

Estate Management is one of the popular environmental courses in Tanzania. It is a course that deals with the appraisal, evaluation, acquisition, development, and marketing of building a property.

Primarily, estate managers deal with the valuation and management of buildings and land in both the private and public sector.

In the most developed countries, this course has many unbelievable opportunities already. Career opportunities in Tanzania might not be as they are in developed countries, but there are growing opportunities for Estate managers in Tanzania.

Estate managers can easily get self-employed in the country. The good thing is that there is not much competition to study this course, so opportunities are easy to come by for most graduates.

10. Law

Law is among the top best courses in Tanzania. Law students even have their special black and white dress code that makes them unique on campus. Even though the economic value of Law in Tanzania has declined in recent years, there is still the prestige of being a lawyer that makes Law one of the top best courses in the country.

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